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Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks, Ray! Oh well. I am grateful for what we do have. Like Like. Like this: Like Loading Drop a note in the comments below about some of your favorite live versions of these Elvis classics. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.

Memories Of Christmas is a perfectly named album for me, because it indeed fills me with nostalgia for many special Christmases growing up in the s. When my brother gave me the album, along with the rest of his Elvis recordsit marked the first time I had played Memories Of Christmas on vinyl in Mystery Train - Elvis!* - Elvis!

His Greatest Hits (Cassette) 20 years. Elvis recorded less than 25 Christmas songs during his entire career. The virgin will conceive a child! One of the reasons I prefer the Summer engagement is the expanded setlist. Another reason I prefer the Summer engagement over the previous year is the amount of talking by Elvis in Way too much.

Here are a couple of examples, using the shortest and the longest shows on the set:. Maybe tomorrow night. It is just hearing the same ones over and over that gets old. Of course, Elvis never intended or envisioned that someone like me would be listening to a complete collection of these shows over 50 years after the fact.

Yet, here I am, blessed to hear them all, so I might as well comment on them. I suspect if he performed a laughing version night after night, it would have lost much Mystery Train - Elvis!* - Elvis! His Greatest Hits (Cassette) its appeal. I recorded a radio special with a little cassette tape player my older sister gave me a Christmas or two before that, so Mom and I must have listened to that tape times in the car before I finally found and bought a proper version of the song in Collectors Gold.

It was one of the cheapest tape brands you could buy, yet it has survived all these years. I even played it several years ago so I could write down the song titles of course, I have lost that list.

I still feel her with me sometimes, and I turn this one up for her. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy, that I might sing praises to you and not be silent. As a Labor Day Special, here is the first such bonus post. I am starting with this one because I want to begin adding new posts in the Vinyl Elvis series soon.

For some modern fans, enjoying the music of Elvis Presley is a family experience. This has certainly been the case with me. Mom became a fan in Some of my best memories involve listening to Elvis music with my family. By the time I was in middle school, my brother allowed me to borrow his Elvis records.

Like Like. Fine list. Does a great job in Rapid City 77 also. Thank you. Thanks, rayburn. While he treats the song with respect throughout the s, nothing compares to his and versions.

I remember seeing it from Mystery Train - Elvis!* - Elvis! His Greatest Hits (Cassette) first time in in the movie This Is Elvis, and Mystery Train - Elvis!* - Elvis! His Greatest Hits (Cassette) what an uproar it made.

Of course, the version from his final performance at the Louisiana Hayride six months later is really something, that one I heard for the first time in on the LP The First Live Recordings, and it blew me away!

Still does! A good friend om mine in high school heard it back in I think it was and thought it really rocked. So he ordered a greatest hits compilation without telling me, I could have warned him and was very disappointed when it was the original version from Not that it can compete in any way with the version which is outstanding, but it goes to show that even in Elvis could touch people with his music.

And finally some words about the Comeback Special: I had the good fortune to see it when it was shown on certain cinemas back inand although I have it on DVD, seeing it on the big screen was amazing. Thank you, Thomas. That's Alright. Elvis: The Early Recordings. Rock 'N' Roll Heroes [3 Discs]. Boy from Tupelo. The Rock 'n Roll [Box Set]. The Roots of U2. Absolutely Rockabilly.

Freight Train. It's Country [Play ]. Elvis Presley Rock 'n Roll. Elvis Presley 40 Greatest Hits [Arcade]. Arcade Music. Elvis Presley Mystery Train - Elvis!* - Elvis! His Greatest Hits (Cassette) Sun Collection.

Elvis Presley The Sun Sessions. BMG International. Elvis Presley At His Best. Elvis Presley Classic Elvis. RCA Camden. Elvis Presley A Touch of Platinum. Elvis Presley Sunrise. Elvis Presley Artist of the Century. Elvis Presley Elvis Elvis Presley Elvis Rockabilly. Elvis Presley The 50 Greatest Hits. Elvis Presley L' Essentiel [German] []. Sony Music Distribution. Elvis Presley Elvis at Sun. BMG Heritage.

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