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Top Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is a very simple idea, but I certainly never thought of it. Attach a folder inside a notebook and you can store documents in it. This one is a travel notebook for storing copies of insurance paperwork, memorabilia, ticket stubs, and so on.

It would be great for more than just travel, however. Imagine bringing it with you to the craft store and using it to store samples of fabric, ribbon, and so on that you are thinking of purchasing for future projects, and then taking notes about the projects inside. There are really a thousand ways this could be useful! But with these clever storage ideas, you can help your kids to keep neat and tidy. But you have to see how great it works for storing plush animals! Each animal gets its own compartment.

You could also store several small ones in a single compartment—great for keeping them from getting misplaced. They look so cute and happy in those compartments too! This is a cute DIY storage project with a clever theme. Once again, these look like happy stuffed animals. Here is another tiered solution to plush animal storage. Old ladders like this one are great for use all around the house.

They have a lovely rustic look, and there are so many ways you can convert hem into shelving. I like how the upper rungs are being used on the other side to hang clothing, so the ladder is actually filling dual purposes. Another way you can do it is to get one of those step ladders which you can fold and unfold.

Unfold it, and then fit wood planks through the rungs to create flat shelves. That actually provides you with even more storage space. They take up a lot less space this way than they would in a box, and they are all actually much easier to reach, making this a more convenient solution.

Here at The Giggle Gardenyou can view a detailed tutorial for how you can create a similar bungee solution for storing plush animals. Tired of bath toys being strewn all over the bathtub, countertops, and cabinets? One easy way to corral them and keep them out of the way but still easy to reach is with a hanging fruit basket.

I also like this as an all-purpose shower storage solution. Note the cups in the top basket—you could also use this to store soap, shampoo, etc. Instead of a fruit basket, use a plant hangar. Just skip putting a pot in it, and it turns out to be perfect for holding stuffed animals. Solutions like these free up wall space and floor space.

If you hang it over a bed, it should still be easy for your child to reach. This particular plant hangar has been painted and embellished with beads and butterflies. Definitely be sure to check out the post over on DIY Inspired to see the original and how it was transformed. Board games are a lot of fun, but keeping track of all the little cards and pieces that come with them?

Not so fun, and not so easy either, especially when they start winding up in the wrong boxes or scattered across the floor.

This is definitely the easiest solution I have seen yet. Simply store all those pieces in a plastic bag and then affix the bag to the back of the game board. These boards are a lot stronger than they were originally and should stay in excellent shape over the years.

This is a wonderful way to preserve vintage games. You know those bean bag chairs that kids love? They are great for storing stuffed animals! You just stuff them all inside, and then close the bag so they are contained. It looks nice and neat, and you no longer have to worry about stuffed animals being strewn underfoot. Accessing them is easy; just open the bag.

What a great idea, and so easy to do! Out Of The Factory (Into The Wood) - Ideal Husbands - Ideal Husbands (Cassette children tend to be visual and are more likely to understand images than words. One great way to help your kids figure out where their toys are supposed to go is to label the plastic bins you use in the toy room with colorful print-outs. This blogger just went with Google images for this project. It would be even better if you also included words. That way children could learn where toys go from the pictures, but also start learning the words by pairing the words with the images.

Just as pairing words with images in the solution above would help children learn about reading, this is another great idea for the same! Road trips can be fun, but they can also be stressful and messy! Keep your next road trip with the kids less stressful and messy with this simple solution. You know those shower cubbies with suction cups? If you have a child going through an artistic phase, he or she will often present you with a new picture every day.

Garages and tool sheds are notorious for being messy! Between auto equipment, sports equipment, bicycles, skateboards, tools, and parts, it can feel next to impossible to keep them in order. Here are some clever storage hacks that will help you clean up and turn your garage or tool shed back into a usable space!

The Family Handyman has a lot of awesome ideas for storage in the garage. You do it by gluing foam onto a piece of plywood and then hanging it on the wall. Punch in holes that are the right sizes for your tools. Mount it on the wall and you are good to go. Another great variation on this idea is to store foam inside a plastic tote with a lid.

Punch holes in it the same way you did for the project above, and you can use it to store your rotary bits. This solution of course has the advantage of being portable. Paint swatches are wonderful things. How can you keep them all organized and neat? Just mount a hook for them somewhere in your garage or tool shed. Another idea from the same blog that I like is using old Out Of The Factory (Into The Wood) - Ideal Husbands - Ideal Husbands (Cassette cans to Out Of The Factory (Into The Wood) - Ideal Husbands - Ideal Husbands (Cassette supplies.

As you can see, it is easy to mount them to a pegboard right next to your other tools. The Family Handyman has another great trick here—use a belt rack or tie rack! Just hang it on the wall, and you can hang your wrenches the same way you would your belts. The tennis balls can hold keys, cash, mail, and other items. You can leave them lying on a desk or you can tack them to a wall.

This would be especially adorable for leaving reminders and things for your kids on their way out the door to school. So I would think of putting it not only in a garage, but also in a mudroom or family command center. We hope that you enjoyed all these clever storage hacks for storing small items throughout your house! Have any favorite storage solutions we missed for the kitchen, the playroom, the garage, the craft room, or any other area in the house?

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During the Great DepressionMencken did not support the New Dealwhich cost him popularity, as did his strong reservations regarding U. He ceased writing for The Baltimore Sun for several years, focusing on his memoirs and other projects as editor while he served as an adviser for the paper that had been his home for nearly his entire career. Inhe briefly returned to the political scene to cover the presidential election in which President Harry S.

Wallace of the Progressive Party. His later work consisted of humorous, anecdotal, and nostalgic essays that were first published in The New Yorker and then collected in the books Happy DaysNewspaper Daysand Heathen Days.

On November 23,Mencken suffered a strokewhich left him aware and fully conscious but nearly unable to read or write and able to speak only with difficulty. After his stroke, Mencken enjoyed listening to classical music and, after some recovery of his ability to speak, talking with friends, but he sometimes referred to himself in the past tense, as if he were already dead.

During the last year of his life, his friend and biographer William Manchester read to him daily. Mencken died in his sleep on January 29, Though it does not appear on his tombstone, Mencken, during his Smart Set days, wrote a joking epitaph for himself:. If, after I depart this vale, you ever remember me and have thought to please my ghost, forgive some sinner and wink your eye at some homely girl.

A very small, short, and private service was held, in accordance with Mencken's wishes. Mencken was preoccupied with his legacy and kept his papers, letters, newspaper clippings, columns, and even grade school report cards. After his death, those materials were made available to scholars in stages in, and and include hundreds of thousands of letters sent and received.

The only omissions were strictly personal letters received from women. In his capacity as editor, Mencken became close friends with the leading literary figures of his time, including Theodore DreiserF. He also championed artists whose works he considered worthy.

For example, he asserted that books such as Caught Short! He also mentored John Fante. Hirshberghe wrote a series of articles and, inmost of a book about the care of babies. Mencken admired the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche he was the first writer to provide a scholarly analysis in English of Nietzsche's views and writings and Joseph Conrad. His humor and satire owed much to Ambrose Bierce and Mark Twain.

He did much to defend Dreiser despite freely admitting his faults, including stating forthrightly that Dreiser often wrote badly and was a gullible man. Mencken also expressed his appreciation for William Graham Sumner in a collection of Sumner's essays and regretted never having known Sumner personally.

In contrast, Mencken was scathing in his criticism of the German philosopher Hans Vaihingerwhom he described as "an extremely dull author" and whose famous book Philosophy of 'As If' he dismissed as an unimportant "foot-note to all existing systems.

Mencken recommended for publication philosopher and author Ayn Rand 's first novel, We the Living and called it "a really excellent piece of work. He particularly relished Mark Twain 's depiction of a succession of gullible and ignorant townspeople, "boobs," as Mencken referred to them, who are repeatedly gulled by a pair of colorful con men : the deliberately pathetic "Duke" and "Dauphin ," with whom Huck and Jim travel down the Mississippi River.

For Mencken, the depiction epitomizes the hilarious dark side of America, where democracy, as defined by Mencken, is "the worship of jackals by jackasses. Such turns of phrase evoked the erudite cynicism and rapier sharpness of language displayed by Ambrose Bierce in his darkly-satiric The Devil's Dictionary. A noted curmudgeon, [27] democratic in subjects attacked, Mencken savaged politics, [28] hypocrisy, and social convention.

A master of English, he was given to bombast and once disdained the lowly hot dog bun's descent into "the soggy rolls prevailing today, of ground acorns, plaster of Paris, flecks of bath sponge and atmospheric air all compact.

As a nationally- syndicated columnist and book author, he commented widely on the social scene, literature, music, prominent politicians and contemporary movements, such as the temperance movement. He also debunked the idea of objective news reporting since "truth is a commodity that the masses of undifferentiated men cannot be induced to buy" and added a humorous description of how "Homo Boobus," like "higher mammalia," is moved by "whatever gratifies his prevailing yearnings.

As a frank admirer of Nietzsche, Mencken was a detractor of representative democracywhich he believed was a system in which inferior men dominated their superiors.

The play Inherit the Wind is a fictionalized version of the trial, and as noted above the cynical reporter E. Hornbeck is based on Mencken. Inhe deliberately had himself arrested for selling an issue of The American Mercurywhich was banned in Boston by the Comstock laws.

She was accused of faking her reported kidnapping and the case attracted national attention. There was every expectation that Mencken would continue his previous pattern of anti-fundamentalist articles, this time with a searing critique of McPherson.

Unexpectedly, he came to her defense by identifying various local religious and civic groups that were using the case as an opportunity to pursue their respective ideological agendas against the embattled Pentecostal minister. After all charges had been dropped against McPherson, Mencken revisited the case in with a sarcastic and observant article. He wrote that since many of that town's residents had acquired their ideas "of the true, the good and the beautiful" from the movies and newspapers, " Los Angeles will remember the testimony against her long after it forgets the testimony that cleared her.

Inthe Arkansas legislature passed a motion to pray for Mencken's soul after he had called the state the "apex of moronia. In the mids, Mencken feared Roosevelt and his New Deal liberalism as a powerful force. Mencken, says Charles A. Fecher, was, "deeply conservative, resentful of change, looking back upon the 'happy days' of a bygone time, wanted no part of the world that the New Deal promised to bring in.

In addition to his identification of races with castes, Mencken had views about the superior individual within communities. He believed that every community produced a few people of clear superiority. He considered groupings on a par with hierarchies, which led to a kind of natural elitism and natural aristocracy. Inper his instructions, Alfred A.

Knopf published Mencken's "secret diary" as The Diary of H. According to an Associated Press story, Mencken's views shocked even the "sympathetic scholar who edited it," Charles A. Fecher of Baltimore. Mencken said, "There is no other Jew in Baltimore who seems suitable," according to the article. The diary also quoted him as saying of blacks, in Septemberthat "it is impossible to talk anything resembling discretion or judgment to a colored woman.

They are all essentially child-like, and even hard experience does not teach them anything. Mencken opposed lynching. For example, he had this to say about a Maryland incident:. Not a single bigwig came forward in the emergency, though the whole town knew what was afoot. Any one of a score of such bigwigs might have halted the crime, if only by threatening to denounce its perpetrators, but none spoke.

So Williams was duly hanged, burned and mutilated. Scripps Companyit was an immediate success. Within three years Abner's circulation climbed to newspapers, reaching over 15, readers.

Before long he was in hundreds more, with a total readership exceeding 60, During the extended peak of the strip, the workload grew to include advertising, merchandising, promotional work, comic book adaptations, public service material and other specialty work — in addition to the regular six dailies and one Sunday strip per week.

Capp had a platoon of assistants in later years, who worked under his direct supervision. They included Andy Amato, Harvey Curtis, Walter Johnson and, notably, a young Frank Frazettawho penciled the Sunday continuity from studio roughs from to the end of — before his fame as a fantasy artist.

Sensitive to his own experience working on Joe PalookaCapp frequently drew attention to his assistants in interviews and publicity pieces. A cover story in Time even included photos of two of his employees, whose roles in the production were detailed by Capp. Ironically, this highly irregular policy has led to the misconception that his strip was "ghosted" by other hands. The production of Li'l Abner has been well documented, however. In point of fact, Capp maintained creative control over every stage of production for virtually the entire run of the strip.

Capp himself originated the stories, wrote the dialogue, designed the major characters, rough penciled the preliminary staging and action of each panel, oversaw the finished pencils, and drew and inked the Album) and hands of the characters.

I'll never knock his talent. Many have commented on the shift in Capp's political viewpoint, from as liberal as Pogo in his early years to as conservative as Little Orphan Annie when he reached middle age. At one extreme, he displayed consistently devastating humor, while at the other, his mean-spiritedness came to the fore — but which was which seems to depend on the commentator's own point of view.

From beginning to end, Capp was acid-tongued toward the targets of his wit, intolerant of hypocrisy, and always wickedly funny. After about 40 years, however, Capp's interest in Abner waned, and this showed in the strip itself Li'l Abner lasted until November 13,when Capp retired with an apology to his fans for the recently declining quality of the strip, which he said had been the best he could manage due to advancing illness.

Oh hell, it's like a fighter retiring. I stayed on longer than I should have," he admitted. People magazine ran a substantial feature, and even the comics-free New York Times devoted nearly a full page to the event," according to publisher Denis Kitchen.

Capp, a lifelong chain smoker, died from emphysema two years later at age 70, at his home in South Hampton, New Hampshireon November 5, In and many newspapers ran reruns of Li'l Abner episodes, mostly from the s run, distributed by Newspaper Enterprise Association and Capp Enterprises. Following the revival of the Pogo comic strip, a revival of Li'l Abner was also planned in Drawn by cartoonist Steve Stiles[56] the new Abner was approved by Capp's widow and brother, Elliott Caplinbut Al Capp's daughter, Julie Capp, objected at the last minute and permission was withdrawn.

Durward Kirby was the announcer. The radio show was not written by Al Capp — but by Charles Gussman. However, Gussman consulted closely with Capp on the storylines. He also briefly filled-in for radio journalist Drew Pearsonparticipated in a March 2, America's Town Meeting of the Air debate on ABC, and hosted his own syndicated, station radio show.

Over the years, Li'l Abner characters have inspired diverse compositions in popjazzcountry and even rock 'n' roll :. No comprehensive reprint of the series had been attempted until Kitchen Sink Press began publishing the Li'l Abner Dailies in hardcover and paperback, one year per volume, in The demise of KSP in stopped the reprint series at Volume 27 They also released an archive hardcover reprint of the complete Shmoo Comics infollowed by a second Shmoo volume of compete newspaper strips in Capp provided specialty artwork for civic groups, government agencies and charitable or non-profit organizations, spanning several decades.

In addition, Dogpatch characters were used in national campaigns for the U. Al Capp was reportedly not pleased with the results, and the series was discontinued after five shorts. Evil-Eye Fleegle and his "whammy" make an animated cameo appearance in the U. InFearless Fosdick proved popular enough to be incorporated into a short-lived TV series. Among the original TV characters were "Mr. Shmoos were originally meant to be included in the Broadway Li'l Abner musical, employing stage puppetry.

The idea was reportedly abandoned in the development stage by the producers, however, for reasons of practicality. Although it lacks the political satire and Broadway polish of the version, this film gives a fairly accurate portrayal of the various Dogpatch characters up until that time.

Since this movie predates their comic strip marriage, Abner makes a last-minute escape natcherly! A much more successful musical comedy adaptation of the strip, also entitled Li'l Abneropened on Broadway at the St. James Theater on November 15,and had a long run of performances, [65] followed by a nationwide tour.

Among the actors originally considered for the title role were Dick Shawn and Andy Griffith. The stage musicalwith music and lyrics by Gene de Paul and Johnny Mercerwas adapted into a Technicolor motion picture at Paramount in by producer Norman Panama and director Melvin Frankwith an original score by Nelson Riddle.

JohnJoe E. Three members of the original Broadway cast did not appear in the film version: Charlotte Rae who was replaced by Billie Hayes early in the stage productionEdie Adams who was pregnant during the filming and Tina Louise. The musical has since become a Out Of The Factory (Into The Wood) - Ideal Husbands - Ideal Husbands (Cassette favorite of high school and amateur productions, due to its popular appeal and modest production requirements.

Li'l Abner never sold as a TV series despite several attempts including an unsold pilot that aired once on NBC on September 5,[68] but Al Capp was a familiar face on television for twenty years.

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