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The nearest airport is Split Airport, 5. Total CDR label effluvia but the Kitty Play art is almost always cool and the music on the actual discs strewn throughout the junkyard is almost always even better.

After all, this is the label that brought us perhaps the most wholly appropriate 21st Century noise release so far, P. And anything Kitty Play or anybody releases by is good. The half of the Cherry Point split here is in fact very good, an intense single-high-tone-in-quiet-quiet-room staredown.

Everything does is completely in awe of its own potential for silence, and so am I when I listen to it. People think it's noise, but it might in fact be the real private-press synth of today. Cherry Point is just as awesome as it is every other time with the expected and delivered psychedelically preposterous wall of noise, a perfect setup for 's psychedelically preposterous wall of silence. I vaguely knew of her, that she toured with Jessica Rylan and Twodeadsluts, but I was not ready for this.

As far as noise-scene stripper-mannequin terrible-amazing performance-art mindfuckery goes, I would say she has nailed ahem what Misty Martinez went for and overshot cough, sputter earlier in the decade Misty was better.

Also compare the subtlety of Can't with Naomi Elizabeth at the same venue I love YouTube vortexes, I even somehow just watched this video This looks great, how could I leave this sitting in a stack for two years?? Not that I'm complaining too much because these tracks are great and I'm glad to hear 'em regardless. The comics are all Provoked By The Nocturnal Aspect - 2673 + Unicorn (8) - 2673 + Unicorn (CD) Finnish but English translations appear at the bottom of each Also the editor's note is inspiring, in which Austen talks about how "as many of you know, the small press world is in pretty brutal shape these days" but concludes with "Basically, we have decided that we want to publish forever, and we're just going to have to figure out how to do that.

Your subscriptions help, as does your love, so keep them both coming, tell your friends, and most importantly, enjoy the magazine! Posted by Larry at AM 3 comments:. Tuesday, January 29, Have you heard this song? I hadn't, and I didn't even know it was on my iPod, I think I downloaded it months ago from some mix on some blog by some guy. It's sassy hip-hop street-funk sung by ladies, sisters it would seem.

Winley was also the first label to record female rappers, you guessed it, his daughters Paulette and Tanya, who recorded "Rhymin' and Rappin'" in and "Vicious Rap" in by Tanya recording as Sweet Tee.

I realize this is old news to some of you, but hey it's new to me. Back to the hip-hop of the present, this is the first time I've ever listened to Devin the Dude and I'm underwhelmed. Sounds real g-funky and I'd rather just listen to The Chronic for the th time. Plenty of nice grooves but it seems like he hardly ever raps.

Big Pink sounded as great as ever "Chest Fever" still 1 and the funky horn-rock soul by Scaggs, recorded at Muscle Shoals with the house band, sounded almost as good. Not quite the memorable tune-power that Big Pink has but a very good pairing by Mr. Loved this album ever since a co-worker played it a few years ago and burned me a CDR. A dollar well spent although this minute "extra c.

Posted by Larry at PM 3 comments:. Friday, January 25, It immediately made me picture four or five ancient old wizards perched on top of mountains in the blackest night, calling to each other across canyons and valleys, conjuring up a sonic spell that clearly had the power to move the world.

When someone told me that this feature-length documentary film not only existed but had footage of them playing music outside by the ocean, I just assumed it was my vision, common sense be damned - that they were perched high on sea cliffs, plugged in and droning deep while waves crashed on the rocks below.

I didn't realize how fully I believed this until watching the first 10 minutes of the actual film and seeing the reality - different, but not at all disappointing, because this is a cool-ass movie. Actually I haven't watched the whole thing yet, maybe there is some kind of bad-ass finale at the sea with huge amps and a gas-powered generator Posted by Larry at PM No comments:.

Thursday, January 24, Departure time: 2PM. Arrival time: 1AM this morning. I'm not too crazy about the Grateful Dead Movie itself, and the general word from the various band histories seems to be that the performances were lethargic and marred by overbearing camera crews, but I love the 5-disc soundtrack box on Rhino anyway. The lethargy is there but it somehow ends up being a plus, giving these jams a dolorous and sleepy weight in which something like "Playing in the Band" can zone out for an absurd ly sweet 31 minutes of fuzoid wandering, as it does here on disc 1.

This box is definitely a road-trip tradition, I once listened to all 5 discs in a row on a drive from Omaha to Chicago. The Doo Wop disc also from a box set on Rhino! Another fun road-trip doo-wop pastime is to read all the group names in rapid succession. The Silhouettes!

The Monotones! The Chantels! The Danleers! The Shields! The Students! The Elegants! The Imperials! The Videos! Say what? The Moonglows! The Crests! The Fiestas!

The Flamingos! The Skyliners! The Impalas! The Genies! The Mystics! The Eternals! They love this thing. I thought it was the dorkiest thing ever, but now I'm a believer, this guy is definitely the Dylan of children's folk. Have you heard the bootleg when he went electric? Some kids booed. One shouted "Judas! He showed up in the credits on Cyborgs Revisited by Simply Saucer too, before he became a super-producer he was like the Canadian underground Zelig.

Next you're gonna tell me he used to sit in with the Nihilist Spasm Band. It was perfect, but everything else about this stop was bad - we learned that the wind chill outside was well below zero, that I had left my wallet at home, I couldn't find my wedding ring, and when we went to leave learned we had a flat tire.

Sure I could've changed it myself but I had also forgotten to bring gloves, so we called up Triple A. Dude popped right over from nearby Brooklyn, IA and changed it in like 4 minutes.

He said we could get it patched at the Bosselman's Truck Stop hour mechanic, about 50 miles down the road, and that we should be fine on the spare if we kept it at mph, but then he saw the kids in back and had a change of heart, saying we could just follow him 7 miles to his shop and he'd open it up and fix it for us while we waited even though it was 9PM.

Gotta love the good people in the small towns of America! He fixed that shit right up, told us all kinds of stories about his three kids and the crazy people he encounters being a Triple A mechanic located right off a major cross-country interstate, all to a backdrop of "Soul to Squeeze" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Reminds me I've gotta get Scar Tissue from the library. Anyway, back in the car roaring along at 75 mph, only two hours behind schedule, we put in this Puss in Boots story time disc to signal "bedtime" for the kids. Sure enough they went out like a light and I asked Angeline to pull some grown-up music out of the bag.

She went right for the Provoked By The Nocturnal Aspect - 2673 + Unicorn (8) - 2673 + Unicorn (CD) - nah, just kidding, first disc she grabbed was this brand-new D.

It sounded real good, but whenever I tried to turn it up the kids would stir. I could still tell that Speer's croak is in fine form and a real singular fusion of psychedelic and country is achieved by The Helix, with particular props going to one Hans Chew on the rollicking piano and funky organ. Oh yeah, and it has both of the songs from their great debut 7-inch "Past or Beyond" and "Canaanite Builder".

Can't wait to play this again under proper conditions. May or may not happen here at Grandma's house. Tuesday, January 22, I even broke my "no downloads from Russian sites" rule.

The bootleg is revered because it has a few songs from the about-to-be-released On The Beach album that were rarely performed live. It's a so-so audience recording but it was clearly a special night - you can tell Neil felt good, the crowd was stoked, and the songs cut like you wouldn't believe.

The silence of the crowd during "Revolution Blues" is deafening, especially when he takes the song down as quiet as possible right after the line "I hate them worse than lepers and I'll kill them in their cars.

Still sounding like it did when it came out and I listened to it three times a night, i. Monday, January 21, This new one is from Norwegian label Interregnumit looks nice digipak but it doesn't sound a whole lot different from the other two Robedoor things I've listed here in the last couple months - fine for first-timers but I don't know how essential it is otherwise - the last track had something special about though, so that'll pull me in for at least one more listen Okay, I'm fully on board with this Colossal Yes album.

The songs may sound a little samey at first, but pay just a little bit of attention and you'll hear constant subtle and slight melodic twists that unassumingly shade the songs into nice varied directions. Lovely singing too, and a great recording job - the horn arrangements, for example, are done full justice. Full-blown addiction may be just around the corner It was the first time I'd heard it after downloading it on a whim from some blog a couple months ago damn you, Totally Fuzzy!

Man, I wish it was the Dead For one, it's got a lot of that " Music Hall " sound. What's that, you ask? Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Bandit's that goddamn honkytonk section in "Something In The Air" by Thunderclap Newman, it's something pervasive that sinks a lot of British rock for me, and I'm getting it on about half of this album. I definitely like the "ballads" like the sweet and lovely "Don't You Cry For Me" better than the "rockers," but either way as far as Faces spinoffs go you're still better off with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Rod Stewart albums.

Hell the first one too, probably, I haven't heard it. Ah, Phallus Dei God's Cock That's right punk, better than Yeti. Of course it's not true, but this has still gotta be one of the greatest debut albums in history. Especially forthis is such a fully formed out-of-nowhere burner I mean we've got two drummers and assorted percussionists driving it all like it was Sun Ra's Arkestra and then on the frontline some very adept synthesizer intertwining with the guitars and violin So many chill-inducing vocal events on here Here I've kinda been on a Neil kick anyway and then one of the greatest of all unofficial Neil albums okay bootlegs comes on the player.

This is a compilation of solo acoustic performances from various venues on a November US tour. Everything sounds loose, ragged, and, despite all the downer songs, somehow sparkling and sun-dappled. I just got an e-mail from an associate who described Neil's music as "pure narcotics," and hell yeah, but what's surprising is how true it still is when it's just Neil and a guitar and a stage.

The Bernstein Tapes is so good that when I finally heard that Live at Massey Hall album, I was kinda disappointed because great as it is, it just didn't quite compare Also from the Fox comes an amusing rap in which Young enters into a bleary discussion of showbiz with the ghost of Judy Garland.

Posted by Larry at AM No comments:. Sunday, January 20, Waaaaay back circawith just guitar, bass, drums, and auxiliary electronics, Ash Ra Tempel had really already gone far beyond where even Emeralds are at. The "Amboss" template is basically an utterly still and silent inner landscape, Provoked By The Nocturnal Aspect - 2673 + Unicorn (8) - 2673 + Unicorn (CD) with fog and what Julian Cope calls "heat-haze harmonics," that is eventually set upon by a thundering army of galloping demonic superwarriors or maybe a biker gang.

The "Traummaschine" template returns us to the original landscape - the warriors are gone, the dust has settled, the fog and haze reign again. You stare and stare and eventually you notice the angels that have been descending and ascending within the stillness, creating a shimmering ephemeral pattern not unlike a bejewelled mandala. Ash Ra Tempel is the shit. Posted Provoked By The Nocturnal Aspect - 2673 + Unicorn (8) - 2673 + Unicorn (CD) Larry at PM 1 comment:.

Drummer rules. These guys really do bring the noise - Flaherty has always struck me as a real grinder, nuance and airiness and melody are not his strong suits.

I think for this reason, I've never really gotten into the recordings - the style is just too physical to be disembodied - but Provoked By The Nocturnal Aspect - 2673 + Unicorn (8) - 2673 + Unicorn (CD) love the idea of them touring and bringing this stuff to the bars and clubs and galleries Maybe it's just because I'm going through a bunch of old neglected stacks but it's really starting to feel like and was a peak for this decade's underground music activity.

I'm not totally serious, just putting the idea out there for discussion, real or theoretical. This Richard Pinhas album is great! I was always kinda indifferent to his post-Heldon work, not because it wasn't good, but because Heldon was so fantastic and monumental who needed anything else? I remember listening to this album briefly when it came out in and thinking it sounded like music from The Weather Channel. And I could still see that being true, but it would be the trippiest, dreamiest viewing of The Weather Channel in your entire life.

These are big thick sinuous drone fields built up by violin must be treatedlaptop, and Pinhas's "guitar and electronics" And the drummer on the session, Antoine Paganotti, is terrific, coming in at just the right time to move everything along like some kind of calm and invisible but utterly forceful global jet stream. And who is that overlaid voice that appears on track two, "Moumoune girl a song for "? Why it's an old tape of Phillip K. Dick speaking - completely uncredited - let the Pinhas sci-fi delirium reign!

Saturday, January 19, These have been sitting here buried in the HQ stacks for at least two years, all Provoked By The Nocturnal Aspect - 2673 + Unicorn (8) - 2673 + Unicorn (CD) the same way in cardboard sleeves, I think spraypainted its subtle but they feel grainy and smell funnywith the cover art xeroxed on big-ass wraparound stickers that seal the sleeve shut.

Total CDR label effluvia but the Kitty Play art is almost always cool and the music on the actual discs strewn throughout the junkyard is almost always even better. After all, this is the label that brought us perhaps the most wholly appropriate 21st Century noise release so far, P.

And anything Kitty Play or anybody releases by is good. The half of the Cherry Point split here is in fact very good, an intense single-high-tone-in-quiet-quiet-room staredown. Everything does is completely in awe of its own potential for silence, and so am I when I listen to it.

DVA (2) - Madness / Polyphonic Dreams (CDr), Live - Natalino Nunes - On My Way EP (File, MP3), Obliged - Retic - Brunoise (File, Album), Gem Star - Star Struck (CDr, Album), Forbidden Love - Donald Byrd & 125th Street, N.Y.C. - Words, Sounds, Colors And Shapes (Vinyl, L, La Bamba - Marisol - Vol. 2 (Cine, Flamenco Y Canciones) (1963 - 1964) (CD), Poisonous Drug - Jay Smith (12) - Jay Smith (CD, Album), La Locumba - Don Miquel And His Cuban Music - La Locumba / The Cubalero (Shellac), Heart Of A Child, Where I Fell In Love - The Capris - Where I Fell In Love (Vinyl)