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It is with this view He has consented to bind Himself by covenant, as if He could not be trusted. Blessed is the man who truly knows God as his Covenant God; who knows what the Covenant promises him; what unwavering confidence of expectation it secures, that all its terms will be fulfilled to him; what a claim and hold it gives him on the Covenant-keeping God Himself. To many a man, who has never thought much of the Covenant, a true and living faith in it would mean the transformation of his whole life.

The full knowledge of LP God wants to do for him; the assurance that it will be done by an Almighty Power; the being drawn to God Himself in personal surrender, and dependence, and waiting to have it done; all this would make the Covenant the very gate of heaven. May the Holy Spirit give us some vision of its glory. When God created man in His image and likeness, it was that he might have a life as like His own as it was possible for a creature to live.

This was to be by God Himself living and working all in man. For this man was to yield himself in loving dependence to the wonderful glory of being the recipient, the bearer, the manifestation of a Divine life.

The one secret of man's happiness was to be a trustful surrender of his whole being to the willing and the working of God. When sin entered, this relation to God was destroyed; when man had disobeyed, he feared God and fled from Him. He no longer knew, or loved, or trusted God. Man could not save himself from the power of sin.

If his redemption was to be effected, God must do it all. And if God was to do it in harmony with the law of man's nature, man must be brought to desire it, to yield his willing consent, and entrust himself to God. All that God wanted man to do was, to believe in Him. What a man believes, moves and rules his whole being, enters into him, and becomes part of his very life. Salvation could only be by faith: God restoring the life man had lost; man in faith yielding himself to God's work and will.

The first great work of God with man was to get him to believe. This work cost God more care and time and Album) than we can easily conceive. All the dealings with indi vidual men, and with the people of Israel, had just this one object, to teach men to trust Him. Where He found faith He could do anything. Nothing dishonoured and grieved Him so much as unbelief. Unbelief was the root of disobedience and every sin; it made it impossible for God to do His work.

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Archivist's Codex. How to Unlock Flying. Mor'geth World Boss. Shadowlands Season 2. PvP Starter. Top PvP Addons. The movie is relentlessly silly and over the top, however, which is one reason it still has a cult following.

Several cast members like Stan and Taylor Kitsch John Carter have since gone on to become bigger names also. The Covenant ends with the suggestion Chase survived the final showdown and may seek revenge, but while the movie performed respectably, there has been little sign of a follow-up in the years since. Steven Strait The Expanse suggested in an interview prior to the movie's release The Covenant 2 was a possibility, but it's likely the studio was waiting to see how LP performed first.

Many compared it unfavorably to The Lost Boys and the performances of the main cast came in for criticism too. While the film performed well despite the poor reviews the studio probably decided they would be pushing their luck with The Covenant 2. Stan would stoke nostalgia for the movie in by posting a reunion picture with himself and co-stars Kitsch, Toby Hemingway and Chace Crawford Gossip Girl and joked a sequel was coming in

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