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Show More Show Less. Test Drive. Nick Urata. Sing, Sing, Sing. Benny Goodman. Zat You Santa Claus. The Three Cool Cats (Take 11 - False Start/Take 12 - Master) - The Coasters - Charlie Brown (CD) Panther Theme. Hollywood Studio Orchestra. Duke Ellington. The Stripper. Pick Yourself Up. Harry Roy And His Orchestra. Susan Boyd. Charles Trenet. Louis Armstrong. Charlie Brown. Three Cool Cats. Poison Ivy. Young Blood. Along Came Jones. Shopping For Clothes. Little Red Riding Hood.

Love Potion No. Little Egypt. Little Richard. That Is Rock And Roll. Down Home Girl. Run Red Run. I'm A Hog For You. Show More Show Less. Feelin' Alright. Soul Dressing. Some of the Robins didn't want to move from the west coast to the east coast when they signed with Atco, so the group was reorganized as the Coasters. They recorded many great songs, most of which were written by their regular producers, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

But there was a big misstep made inwhen the Coasters recorded an album of standards called One By One. These songs not produced by Lieber and Stoller were given very dull easy listening type arrangements, and this type of material was wrong for the Coasters' singing style anyway.

But for what it's worth, bass singer Dub Jones did Three Cool Cats (Take 11 - False Start/Take 12 - Master) - The Coasters - Charlie Brown (CD) pretty good job on the songs which were sung by him most songs featured just one Coaster singing solo, with none of the group's trademark harmony singing.

After that album bombed, the group went back to doing the type of songs that they excelled at, thank goodness. But in lateLieber and Stoller left Atco, and the group ended up working with other producers for the next three years.

Atco seemingly lost faith in the group, and booked only six recording sessions for them during that period, recording 13 total songs. Most of these songs were decent, although Three Cool Cats (Take 11 - False Start/Take 12 - Master) - The Coasters - Charlie Brown (CD) up to the standards of the group's classics, but none of them were very successful. The Coasters' contract with Atco quietly expired in and was not renewed.

The first three discs of this collection contain all of the Coasters' master recordings. These are interesting variations of the songs on the other discs, although some are just the stereo versions of the songs.

This is a great collection for fans of the Coasters, although the terrible One By One album prevents me from giving it 5 Stars but it wouldn't have been right not to include it in the collection. By Johnny Heering on September 13, Images in this review. This is it, folks. Very likely the most complete and best-sounding Coasters anthology that will ever be produced. If you like them and who doesn'tbuy one of the 4, copies in this limited edition set by Rhino Handmade.

I judge a Mexican restaurant by the taste of the tamale, and a Coasters compilation by the sound of "Riot in Cell Block 9" - that is, the degree to which the distortions of that recording are minimized vs.

This version is the cleanest I've heard and predicts - accurately - excellent sound quality for the entire set or at least as good as the original masters permit. Room for improvement: in the liner notes, I would like to have seen comments about every single and every album. In particular the author tells us nothing of the story behind their album of standards on disc 2. One could speculate Three Cool Cats (Take 11 - False Start/Take 12 - Master) - The Coasters - Charlie Brown (CD) The Coasters simply wanted to do the album, and that their contributions to the bottom line at Atlantic gave them the clout to make it happen in spite of the obviously poor sales prospects of such an album.

Very nice packaging, with the page booklet nestled in the four-fold digipak, and all inserted in a heavy cardboard case. All of the hits are here, of course, along with some interesting novelties that you undoubtedly haven't heard before.

Quite a few tracks are in stereo. Alternates and rarities are included on disc 4. The biggest surprise is on disc 2, where we hear the Coasters singing Great American Songbook tunes from their album "One by One. And let's acknowledge that a traditional pop album by the Coasters is as much a novelty as the Leiber and Stoller songs they recorded.

I enjoyed and appreciated it, but then I am a GAS addict. The foregoing acronym for Great Three Cool Cats (Take 11 - False Start/Take 12 - Master) - The Coasters - Charlie Brown (CD) Songbook also aptly describes my reaction to the entire set: it's a gas! That tells you how old I am. Espeally since it has even more.

Everthing on it is so funny. Well not everthing but still this is an excellent album. I used to to call the Coasters the black version of the Beatles and its ironic that one of the songs a song called Wild Ones is a novelty song about the Beatles. Anyway to some extent I still believe it. They were the first black group inducted into the rock in roll hall of fame and with good reason.

Their novelty songs are very funny and will stand the test of time.

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