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Compact cassettes though - starting with the C60 2x 30 minutes upto the C 2x 60 minutescould hold far more songs and took up much less room in the car's glovebox. More space for string back driving gloves, clip-on sunglasses and sideburn trimmers then. The downside to the Philips N, and other players similar to it, was that they'd need mounting somewhere in, or underneath, the dashboard, in addition to the radio. By the late s, radios including cassette players were becoming the norm, but earlier in the decade cassette players were usually standalone units.

The controls on the N were not too demanding. Three roller buttons controlled the tone, stereo balance and the volume, while two more took care of fast rewind and fast forward. Ejecting Album) tape required the user to push both buttons at once. Radio Accessories.

You can see the bents that support the layout behind the levels. The Lower level is also 16" wide, but is only 12" below the middle level. From the larger of the two island tables there is access to both the lower level and the upper level, one helix up and one helix down. With a 20' long by 6' wide table they run straight out and around and are mostly masked by the level in front of the helix.

In the photo the transition level is just behind the featured level. You could reach into that space if you had to rescue a train. The level above the featured level the 42nd Street Station is on the helix to the upper level. There is no way I can reach the center of this table. Who cares, there is nothing there and you cannot see in there anyway. I have two 2' wide tables joined together by a 2' void which happens to be part of the table structure. Here is a picture of the open end of that table giving a suggestion to the levels of track hidden in there.

Now picture the addition of the upper level: It departs from the four track station on the left heading up towards us, then around and directly under that upper level on the right. There is a new level above and to the right of the station on the left, and that comes around again in front of us to connect with that level on the upper right. The helix under reconstruction now is a conventional round helix but this is a subway layout, the tracks to the front and left are underground.

The ground level for this part of the layout with streets and buildings will be above this helix, on the level with the top of that white bit of wall on the upper left of this photo. The helix tracks visible from the end of the table will be decorated to look like a subway tunnel. At least in my minds eye it looks great.

You will have to decide that for yourself once I built it and post the pictures. Here there be cats. Another interesting idea that is too unusual for some, but can work well, is to leave the two or more tiers without a physical interconnection.

Instead, the connection is suggested through staging and traffic patterns. Works great, offers complete freedom in choosing deck heights, doesn't limit train lengths as can cassettes, requires no extra floor space for a helix, and no exotic engineering for an elevator. I've done this on a couple of layouts for clients and it's Album) in the right situation. Train arrives, terminates, switching may or may not be required. I get good conductivity with a multimeter. So when that didn't work, I bought some copper self-adhesive tape to line the edges of the angles so that the loco wheels rest on it.

Again, good conductivity but locos don't run. Do you have any sound equipped locos? I'd be interested in knowing if the sound starts up without their being able to move. Also - could you do a quick sketch of what the cassette looks like? I'm having visualization issues. Modeling a fictional GWI shortline combining three separate areas into one freelance-ish railroad.

I suspect these are something like the units Scott is talking about, albeit using actual flextrack on the casettes instead of the L-channels as the "rails" There are some good reasons why this was done, but they are for another time and thread Does it's wheels spin? Press 9V battery against the aluminium L channels.

Does the loco move along the cassette? Speaks to basic connection issues? I don't have any analog locos, but all that I do have are DCC sound equipped and are proven runners. All are hard-wired and all have been tested and run-in on rollers set on a test track.

So, I know all locos are in good operating condition. I planned to use the same binder clips you show, for alignment and power transfer between the layout and the cassette. Intended for the serious collector, Trainz Premium Memberships earn more points per dollar spent, and unlock special benefits like Exclusive Preview access, no-questions-asked returns, and more. Learn More. Unlock Exclusive Preview Items.

See More. What benefits do I get? Learn More! How much does it cost? I was overwhite with the result, but happy inside of me. We went with Dr. Itua, I thank him but I explain that I do not have enough to show him my appreciation, that he understands my situation, but I promise that he will testify about his good work.

And many thanks to Dr. Itua Herbal Center. He gave me his calendar that I put on my wall in my house. Appendix cancer. Kidney Cancer,Prostate Cancer,Glaucoma. Bile duct cancer,Bone cancer. Cardiovascular disease,Lung disease. Enlarged prostate,OsteoporosisAlzheimer's disease,Brain cancer. You can contact him by email or drituaherbalcenter gmail. He is a good doctor, talk to him kindly. I'm sure he will also listen to you.

Hello views, I am so excited to share this wonderful story here. I was diagnosed with herpes virus and I was told there was no cure except medication that can control it, I totally lost hope, all I could think was losing my life because I was so depressed and confused about the whole situationfew weeks ago I read about Dr Oso online how he cured someone from cancer which was guaranteed, but i never still believe on it but i decided to give a try on him so I ordered the medicine after using it for few days i started experiencing changes all over me so i waited until i finish using the medication, so after everything I went for blood test to confirm if i am really healed from this virus to my greatest surprise it came out negative i jump up and shattered oh my goodness what a 26hz - cars & trains - Dust (Cassette miracle i never believed in.

I am so excited to share my testimony. Thank you so 26hz - cars & trains - Dust (Cassette Dr Oso.

You are a great man. I must tell everyone I know who has any kind of disease or virus. Sunday, May 12, A new gene therapy technique could prove to be a powerful weapon in the war against influenza, according to a new study. Microbes mine treasure from waste.

Hard-working microbes are turning wastes into things people need. Differences in cutaneous structure and function can result in skin conditions with distinct presentations and varying prevalence that require unique treatment. Skin cancers have different presentations in these populations. The ability to recognize and diagnose skin cancer in a timely manner is important for reducing morbidity and mortality. Basal cell carcinoma often is pigmented, squamous cell carcinoma occurs in areas of chronic scarring and inflammation, and melanoma presents in non—sun-exposed areas, such as the soles and nail beds.

Diagnosis requires biopsy, with the technique depending on size and location of the lesion. Treatment options range from topical to surgical. Acne commonly results in postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and keloids. Combination therapy with topical antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide is generally more effective than monotherapy for treating acne. Use of retinoids at lower concentrations and at less frequent dosing can help prevent postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Typical characteristics include a solitary pearly papule with a rolled border and telangiectasias; may be difficult to recognize in skin of color. In Asians, lesions are reported as brown to glossy black with a pearly appearance. Physicians should encourage sun protection, including use of sunscreen and avoidance of tanning booths. In skin of color, lesions commonly occur in non—sun-exposed sites, such as the lower extremities, anogenital area, and scalp.

Lesions are typically erythematous patches, plaques, or nodules and 26hz - cars & trains - Dust (Cassette have a varied appearance. Skin examinations should include evaluation of the mucous membranes, hands, feet, and nails. Increased potential for postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, scarring, and keloids among persons with darkly pigmented skin. Skin and hair care products may be comedogenic or contribute to irritation, leading to postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Start retinoids at lower concentrations with infrequent dosing; cream formulations are better tolerated than gels. Use lower concentrations of benzoyl peroxide to limit postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. Topical retinoids and chemical peels also may be useful in the treatment of acne and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.

As some arthropods show decreased sensitivity to moxidectin relative to ivermectin, it was important to assess this for Sarcoptes scabiei. This finding provides further support for moxidectin as a candidate for the treatment of human scabies. Coccidioidomycosis also known as San Joaquin Valley fever is an occupational disease.

Workers exposed to outdoor dust which contains spores of the soil-inhabiting fungus have a significantly increased risk of respiratory infection. In addition, people with compromised T-cell immunity, the elderly, and certain racial groups, particularly African-Americans and Filipinos, who live in regions of endemicity in the southwestern United States have an elevated incidence of symptomatic infection caused by inhalation of spores of Coccidioides posadasii or Coccidioides immitis.

Recurring epidemics and escalation of medical costs have helped to motivate production of a vaccine against valley fever. The major focus has been the development of a defined, T-cell-reactive, recombinant protein vaccine.

Two chitinase genes CTS2 and CTS3 were disrupted to yield the attenuated strain, which was unable to endosporulate and was no longer infectious.

Vaccinated survivors mounted an immune response characterized by production of both T-helper and T-helpertype cytokines. Histology revealed well-formed granulomas and markedly diminished inflammation. Significantly fewer organisms were observed in the lungs of survivors than in those of nonvaccinated mice.

Additional investigations are required to further define the nature of the live, attenuated 26hz - cars & trains - Dust (Cassette immunity against Coccidioides infection.

You can clearly see this in the video. They plant their soles flat against the trunk, allowing them to hold their bodies closer to the trees and reducing the energy it takes to climb. For comparison, most people can only bend their feet by 15 to 20 degrees. The team found the same differences in the Philippines. The tree-climbing Agta hunter-gatherers have far longer gastrocnemius fibres than the non-climbing Manobo farmers.

Instead, their fibres lengthen with practice. Regular tree-climbing does the opposite for the Twa. And equally, the fact that A. With the right calves, Lucy could have scampered up a trunk as well as striding across a savannah.

The export of these items is restricted by national export controls www. Crimean—Congo haemorrhagic fever virus 2. Eastern equine encephalitis virus 3. Ebola virus 4. Sin Nombre virus 5. Junin virus 6. Lassa fever virus 7. Machupo virus 8. Marburg virus 9. Rift Valley fever virus Tick-borne encephalitis virus Variola major virus smallpox virus Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus Western equine encephalitis virus Yellow fever virus Monkeypox virus. Bacillus anthracis 2.

Brucella melitensis 3. Brucella suis 4. Burkholderia mallei 5. Burkholderia pseudomallei 6. Francisella tularensis 7.

Yersinia pestis 8. Coxiella burnetii 9. Rickettsia prowazekii Rickettsia rickettsii. African swine fever virus 2. African horse sickness virus 3. Bluetongue virus 4. Foot-and-mouth disease virus 5. Newcastle disease virus 6. Rinderpest virus.

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