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The band's use of the Oberheim DMX drum machine is distinctive. Patrick Duffy was recruited as a new drummer, but recordings of this lineup were not released until Kinetic Ideals disbanded in after the vocalist Mikal Rulman left the band. The others continued as First Man Over. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. They have been digitized from the original master tapes by Peter J. As mentioned, Patrick Duffy plays the drums here but has also designed the whole artwork for the release, which is presented in gorgeous clear vinyl, housed in a heavy matt finish sleeve with printed inner sleeve.

This Face A2. Without Nets B2. Give And Take The Alternative shared their practice pad, instruments and social life with the Actives, indeed the original Actives guitarist, Dougie, joined the Alternative in mid ' A number of support gigs with the Alternative followed but it soon became apparent both bands were playing to different sections of the punk audience. Difference of opinions, especially over lyrical content, saw the Actives being asked to leave the shared practice pad in late ' A record deal followed in early ' Two months later the single Riot E.

An unmissable piece of the UK punk history in a limited US import edition of copies! Y conviene extenderse en ello dado que constituye en la actualidad uno de los mayores alicientes de Akatz. Biff Bang Pow! Perhaps it could do with more of the same today? This is where the legend began. Remastered beautifully by original producer and band member Joe Foster. Her music has influenced the likes of Janis Joplin and Elvis, who would later cover songs originally recorded by Big Mama.

She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in In she joined up with the Muddy Waters Blues band to cut a classic album of down home shoutin' blues for Arhoolie Records. Limited edition of on translucent gold vinyl. Boys Say Go morphed out of a garage punk band called Slow Children. They had put out a 7" onto which a string synth they had found in the studio had crept. While sitting in Logan Airport waiting for a plane to take them to Germany inAnthony put the headphones of his walkman on Joe's head and he heard Depeche Mode for the first time.

Then he knew the record they were carrying to a record company in Berlin was already over. So that year they started cranking out simple synth pop tunes with primitive analog equipment and no ability whatsoever to play keyboards. The result of the following five years' work was a fantastic array of new wave songs, of which only six were actually released. Joe thought this was what they should have been listening to. Well, 'Sorry' didn't even actually pass its demo state, never finished, the only copy of it being salvaged on a battered cassette.

Cheap drum machine, plastic Casio keyboard. Dave Stempko played everything on it but the bass. Only copies pressed. Meant to be included on Harvard's various artists compilation cassette entitled 'Buy American', the project was shelved and only a handful of cassette copies were given to friends. So we can consider it as unreleased. And that was it. Fortunately, the recordings by Boys Say Go have been well preserved by Mr.

Better late to the party than not at all! Love Is Dangerous A2. Rain In The Dark A3. Sorry A4. Easy To Move A5. Joey And Maria B2. Berliner Kindl Wesse B3. Nu Song B4. Humanity POVO First and only self-titled, originally released in on Flamingo. Her elusive and infectious music joins the dots and loops between other Italian female electronic composers such as Giulia De Mutiis later Giulia AlessandroniDoris Norton and Suzanne Ciani while retaining one of the most individualistic and diverse composing styles.

A truly classic 70s UK punk album available again on vinyl format. Includes printed innersleeve replica of the original press. Limited to copies. The Basque record label Ayo Silver! A delirious trip of bizarre melodies. Successfully melding progressive musicianship, hardcore fervor, and vital social awareness into one constantly evolving artistic vision. New album "Anxiety's Kiss" is a hook-laden maturation of the Coliseum sound. Nods to their early D-Beat leanings are there, but it is their willingness to embrace Post-Punk melody and explore the space between notes that make "Anxiety's Kiss" so alluring.

Confidently growing within the punk world, without ever leaving it behind. Also included on this set are 's "Up ainst the Wall" and the classic of the album, 's "After the Rain.

Hartman was in prime form on the six ballads, and his versions of "Lush Life" and "My One and Only Love" have never been topped. Coltrane's playing throughout the session is beautiful, sympathetic, and still exploratory; he sticks exclusively to tenor on the date. At only half an hour, one wishes there were twice as much music, but what is here is classic, essential for all jazz collections.

Numbered first press of copies. Vinilo de gramos. All of it presented in a gatefold jacket with revamped artwork and packaging. This is the second in a series of singular represses of the entire Cursed full length catalog from Deathwish "One" is now available.

A final limited box set of all three albums and a book of Cursed related material by Chris Colohan will be released later. The band also featured former Ire and Black Hand members. Originally released in"Two" was the intense second album from Cursed. Distinctly their own animal, Cursed took the most powerful qualities of the aggressive sub-genres and turned them into something raw and explosive. Ultimately influencing and shaping the heavy music world as we know it today.

Finally, inthis album is released on vinyl for the first time! Dio at this time still kept a top rhythm section with Vinny Appice on drums Sabbath etc. Limited edition of copies on black vinyl with lyric insert. Raised in Miami an unknown incubator for future synthesists Bruce carved the image of a teen prodigy playing jazz drums at the most exclusive Miami Beach hotels.

After being whisked off to New York by none other that July Garland he became immersed in free music, recording compositions by Annette Peacock and Carla Bley before setting up house with vocal artist Joan La Barbara later Mrs. Morton Subotnick inwho, via her own label, encouraged Bruce Animalistic - Kinetic Ideals - Reason (Vinyl) pursue his very specific experiments in heavy electronic rhythms.

This LP is compiled from the solo Moog Drum compositions from his only two albums both released in using a Animalistic - Kinetic Ideals - Reason (Vinyl) donated by Gil "Hendrix" Evansan Arp and a wide range of treated percussive instruments that littered this enfant terrible's bedroom floor throughout the s. A later pillar of the Enja and ECM community, Bruces later work in TV, film, sound sculpture and free music stillrenders truly unique recording to this very day. Meet your new favourite drummer, and the best Moog Drum record in your whole collection.

Lipstick RED vinyl. Gorgeous gatefold sleeve! As PoppyDisc proudly present their sexy lipstick red coloured vinyl and wonderfully packaged Action Stereo issue of this classic Animalistic - Kinetic Ideals - Reason (Vinyl) album by THE beloved Brit sex symbol!

Diana Dors proves herself to be a hell of a singer on this Wally Stott arranged period classic. Recorded in February at the Kosmodrom in Heidelberg, germany, this release yet again captivates with its excellent live sound, which perfectly renders the relaxed mood of the concert.

The music itself is very powerful, cool and trancy psychedelic acidrock at its best. The double-LP comes in a rough inside-out cover and is pressed on black high quality vinyl, limited to 1.

The beautiful, magic painting and design is from Lulu Artwork. Mixed by Sula Bassana, mastered by Krautrock legend Eroc. While the pairing might have portended a dynamic clash of the musical generations, instead we got a casual, respectful, and musically generous meeting of like-minded souls. Ellington and Coltrane play a handful of well-known Ellington Animalistic - Kinetic Ideals - Reason (Vinyl) numbers, including a supremely lyrical "In a Sentimental Mood" Animalistic - Kinetic Ideals - Reason (Vinyl) a soulful, half-lidded version of Billy Strayhorn's "My Little Brown Book.

At the turn of the s Bob Stohl and Kat Animalistic - Kinetic Ideals - Reason (Vinyl) embarked on a ten-year spir- itual journey playing at planetariums and laser shows above the same Californian silicon city that devised the early computer music software, unify- ing their state of the art modular synth soundscapes and organic compositions of flutes, bells and field recordings and furnishing a self-pressed cassette tapeography of inimitable Emerald Web music for their self-funded Stargate label.

Having first communicated via the medium of music as flute players at a South Florida jam session the future space music luminaries would be instru- mental in assisting synthesiser companies via feedback and consultancy in developing instruments such as the Lyricon wind synth favoured by Suzanne Ciani and Bruno Spoerri and various sponsored machines for Arp, Buchla, EML, Computone and Orchestron.

Named after a laser show formation and combining influences from science fiction films, fantasy novels and a broad musical spectrum including Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, It's A Beautiful Day and Goro Yamaguchi, Bob and Kat would balance day jobs as synth program- mers as well as TV and film soundtrackers under the moniker BobKat Productions counting microscope nature documentarian Carl Sagan amongst their clients with evening synthesiser shows at galleries, spiritual centres and even punk clubs.

This compilation album comprises early tracks from Emerald Web's debut vinyl release and the following four rare cassette only albums on Stargate Records from before the band recorded their bestselling and Grammy nominated albums for labels affiliated with Germany's Kuckuck and Larry Fast before Bob Stohl's sad and untimely death in Taken from original master tapes and recorded using revolutionary and proto- typal music technology many of these tracks have never been on vinyl or CD until now.

The LP has been repressed after many years of being out of print! They emulated the distorted guitar of Dinosaur Jr. Rick White described their sound as "sappy melodic pop music on top of thick distortion. It was released only in CD format in Japan. After the first two shows in Tokyo, the day for the E. Kaidan come. I confess: I was nervous because E. However, my concern was entirely blown away as they kick-started the show.

Overlapping with the material chosen from E. The two ensembles, through a brief initial phase as if they were feeling their ways each other, fused their sounds together and assaulted the audience with overpowering force. The vocal interchange between Arturo Lanz and Junko, getting the audience involved, drove the whole house into frenzy.

The show ended in triumph - I filed away the atmosphere at the venue right after the performance, their air filled with a mixture of excitement and stunned euphoria" Kaoru Koyanagi Suezan Studio.

The result has much emotional intensity, compelling vocals, and much of the darkness that keyboard-fueled bands like The Doors wrought from rock music. This is the group's debut full-length on black vinyl, presented in a gatefold sleeve with a free download.

Classic celtic punk. Fucked Up are one of the most prolific hardcore punk bands of our generation. Since their inception, they've challenged listeners with thoughtful artful chaos and a seemingly limitless drive for musical experimentation. Fucked Up "Year of the Hare" is the latest installment of their Zodiac themed releases. While B-Side "California Cold" slowly builds and deconstructs over an 8 and a half minute stretch. Organically shifting from jangly melodic-punk anthem into a fuzzed out psychedelic jam session.

Eclectically blending musical styles and voices in the most, well, Fucked Up way possible. New Jersey punk band. Limited to Europe Only! Pressed on Translucent Blue Vinyl! Gatefold jacket! Download card included! New Jersey punk rock. He completed his usical education at the Royal Academy of Music in where he was awarded the highest accolades for advanced organ, history of music and theoretic notions, after which he eventually pursued his studies of seriated music technique and electronic composition with G.

He was awarded further awards for composition in both his own country as well as abroad, and was a member of the renowned Spectra work group. From he taught musical analysis at the Music Academy of Ghent. Goethals was an exponent of the stricter direction in the aesthetics of contemporary music. His work is still recognised as a valuable contribution, on a global scale, to the fields of seriated and trans-aleatoric music of the past half century.

Outside of the electronic field Goethals was also recognised for his chamber music, symphonic orchestration, cantata and lied compositions. This compendium focuses on Lucien's magnetophonic work recorded during, and prior. Gatefold jacket is different than original pressing, the colors have been reversed!

SALLY Papa Bears Medicine Show Jacket back. What Would It Be Like? Business Man Mr. Oil Man Mr. Live at the Explorer Skarecrow Hey Mr. Man Blues Centennial Spots B. Centennial Song Cut No.

Centennial Song B. Eustache Arthur S. To Live Comments Robert Williston ok. I'll get those posted in the next little while Once Upon a Hundred Years. The Whole World's Going Crazy test pressing. San Skoteiniazei. The Montreal Scene. Awake in th Red Desert. Master of Disaster EP. British North American Act. In the Beginning. Three Faces North.

Makin' It Happen. Don't Cry Little Tree.

Parade (Version A) - Rising Sun (7) - The Lamentations Of Rising Sun (Vinyl, Album), Made For Life - Esperi - In A Moment, Emotion, Sentiment (CD, Album), Epoch 1 (The Obsolete Age) - Peter Andersson - Music For Film And Exhibition 3 (CD, Album), Little Star Of Bethlehem, No Caminho Do Bem - Paul Nice - Brazil Vol. 1 (CD), Be My Lady - Jefferson Starship - Winds Of Change (Cassette, Album), Lullaby - Alain Presencer - The Singing Bowls Of Tibet (Vinyl, LP, Album), Enter The Darkness - Various - Hardcore Generation 97 - Top 100 (CD), Sail (Witness45 Remix) - A.L.A.M.I & Allam* - Sail (File, MP3), Insects, Money Talks (Rough Mix Backing Track) - The Alan Parsons Project - Gaudi (CD, Album), Before The Eyes Of The World - Gary John Barden* - Eleventh Hour (CD), Here Comes The Big Parade - Harry Connick, Jr. - She (CD), Hurricane - MS MR - Secondhand Rapture (CDr, Album), Better Days - Neal A. Topliff - Hopes And Wishes (CD)