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Double handmade sleeve. Rouna Control! Millions vs. The album was recorded and released by dr. Feitnathoroth in penal colony during his service of sentence in right before his release! It starts with rough ragged noise based on a batch of overwound effects of looped samples, which grows like an avalanche raving and then comes down to the valleys of more spacious structures, after all degrading to monotonous noise jelly hanging like an impenetrable fog. Persistent schizophrenic collages of mind-corroding voices, a short break and then again millstones start their work, grinding the common sense.

Future Dark Industrial. Anaesthesia Dolorosa Psychica is an exorcism dive into the depths of sorrowful heartlessness, which fetters the will to live. It is a proven attempt to find a way out of the maze of closed benumbed consciousness by sound magical opportunity. Child Of Decay - Folkstorm - Archive Series 5 - The Culturecide Campaigns (CD) drone ambient transmits the chaotic flow of neurons and dark thought forms.

The abyss calls to abyss. The abyss swallows up the abyss. Envelope from craft-parer with fullcolour print. Angel W. Black features giving her own enchanting touch with her astonishing voice either when lamenting as a queen that passed to silence or when invoking Hecate from Hades! Finally, as in every album the artwork is an inseparable part of the concept of iNsCissorS. The main such source of inspiration for 'Future Chaos' is today's ever - changing world. Wars, poverty, global economy in crisis, fossil fuels depleting more rapidly every year could put an end to the world as we know it in a snap.

A sudden catastrophe could drive human kind away from its technological progress straight into dark and really volatile enviroment of the dark future and into the chaos Child Of Decay - Folkstorm - Archive Series 5 - The Culturecide Campaigns (CD) within it.

Some years past the critical moment on planet earth humans begin to leave their isolated and scatterred enclaves to reconquer the desolate postapocalyptic landscapes.

A world where ancient rituals and neoprimitivism spread over ruined remains of a reckless past. My work is an illustration of a world after a sudden collapse of humanity and its civilisation in during 21 st century. Strup - minimal raw noise turning into harsh power electronics. Special artwork made with the use of "Glikodin" cough syrup and a pipette.

The recording features a fragment of predawn hour, an hour of visions and dreams. Brilliant archival live recordings from this Russian ritualistic pagan droning ambient act, here presenting recordings from live performances and sessions made during Wonderfully evolving soundscapes of sonorous drones and echoes blending together with ritualistic rhythms and voices as well as some more industrial elements. During a post-graduate course at the same academy he decided to dedicate his work to sound and music.

The working method of THU20 included many discussions about how to compose and why. This period was crucial in forming his ideas and concepts about sound and how to organise it, but it was not until Child Of Decay - Folkstorm - Archive Series 5 - The Culturecide Campaigns (CD) mid nineties that he was able to fully realise these ideas. The purchase of a sampler and later a computer radically changed his possibilities of working with sound, offering infinitely more control and freedom.

Since then he has worked steadily on a body of work, most of which was recieved enthusiastically in the small but dedicated world of sound art. Aside from releases, Meelkop also creates site-specific sound installations and performance pieces in collaboration with other artists. When on March 11th of an earthquake was noticed in Japan, nobody could anticipate the destruction that would ensue in a large part of the country. The city of Fukushima had to endure te worst of all: it was first hit by an earthquake and then a tsunami.

But with the breakdown of a nuclear plant in direct vicinity of the city, a nightmare came true. Not only did many people lose their homes, now the fear of contamination was as real as it could get. Up until now it is still unclear how many people will suffer the consequences of nuclear radiation.

It is for the city of Fukushima and its inhabitants that this CD was concieved and produced, as a memorial to their struggle and a token of respect to their endurance. An optimistic isolationist album, performed on a variety of electric and electronic machines, some specially built for the task, some corralled for a humming role, even some actual musical instruments More ambient depths and wavetips in this new album, further twisting mutations of music, more specially found or made sound objects, and an exercise in extreme editing will end in a darkly yearning and beautiful soundtrack to your thoughts and hopes.

Avantgarde Power Noise. Special cardboard sleeve with a photo and info. This continued progressively until completion. The style of music ranges from neoclassical ambient orchestral multi-instrumental corroborations and layered electronic experimentations to simple primal ritual corroborees with sticks and bells and harmonious voices around a fire by the Hekate Tree. Dedicated to John Balance and Peter Christopherson with gratitude and inspiration Limited edition containing an additional disc with more than 70 minutes of music k.

Together with the 1st disc it's more than minutes of pure ritual sounds. These recordings are the second release in the series and continue as sound based pieces using David Jone's image processing system. ETC expanded operations in with the first Jones Colorizer and in with a set of keyers, a multi-input syncable sequencer and a bank of oscillators, all designed and constructed by David Jones.

Ben Owen, November In terms of sound it is rather minimalistic canvas of the length of 72 minutes. The first two tracks let us see what we are concerned with.

This is super-strict and absolutely unmusical matter. The listener can picture to himself something from CM von Hausswolff, but based on two patches subtly guiding the original pure signal.

Obs, November Neo-folk typical sound becomes recognizable from the very first guitar accords and songs through the whole album, all its 10 compositions The album is inspired, influenced and I would say even derives from Sol Invictus and there is its own specific charm in this thing.

It is not about mindless copying Sol Child Of Decay - Folkstorm - Archive Series 5 - The Culturecide Campaigns (CD) style, it is about Arnaud's view of Sol Invictus music that is converting into his own unique musical world which is called Pale Roses. Almost all maybe all were recorded as commisions for Dutch radio. People Like Us plunders her way through the wastelands of vinyl nobody buys, collages them into mostly strange, and at times funny pieces of music.

Extensive spoken words are usually hilarious, but after repeated listening don't hold up. People Like Us use them as a supplementary part of music. There is an amount of easy listening stuff which may be dated now the records come from and respectivelybut it bears still the skills People Like Us have.

Witty, to the point collages, a DJ that holds attention beyond the club setting, so one that indeed deserved to be re-issued. Both are composers whose primary Child Of Decay - Folkstorm - Archive Series 5 - The Culturecide Campaigns (CD) is the guitar, both have close ties to the Wandelweiser collective Pisaro is a longtime memberand both have pursued their unique paths without much concern as to how the rest of the world will perceive them.

Yuko Zama's intuitively empathetic design is a perfect symbiotic fit for the music contained within. Snapshots of ambient sound inspired by a Victorian Himalayan trekking diary, arranged into a series of music pieces. The result is a vivid imagined evocation of soaring peaks, oxygen-thin high passes, tense, rickety metal footbridges and vast plains. Themes of his songs are amazingly similar to the panopticum of "collapsing new people" in Britain in early s: antisex, tiredness, decay, death.

The definition "collapsing new people" was used by Fad Gadget in regards to one of the favourite groups of Moscow intelligentsia in s - Einstuerzende Neubauten; and although Selivanov is often compared to EN, comparing to Fad Gadget, Gary Numan or Child Of Decay - Folkstorm - Archive Series 5 - The Culturecide Campaigns (CD), and especially to the Leer-Rental duet with their album "The Bridge" Industrial Records would be more adequate.

Monotonous guitar riffs, dark repetitive synths, lyrics about vanity and disgusting meaninglessness if the existence - a kind of trademark of electronic post punk. But these outstanding songs have way too much depth to be dismissed as mere pop music.

A work of art of extreme sincerity, Masse Mensch Material revolves around the themes of love, faith and endurance. ROME has created a fascinating world of contradictions which each song lays out with clarity and with all the cruelty and kindness intact.

Within a very short period of time and at a terrifying pace, workaholic mastermind Jerome Reuter has carved his own path and created and established a dominion of his own, with its own codes and values. Through its bitter sweet melodies of exquisite sadness and rebellion, its haunting lyrics, mesmerizing vocals and recordings of unmatched production and sound, ROME has become the new face of dark romanticism. Let yourself be buried in the shade of this masterpiece, in the beauty of desperation!

Come out under the stars! ROME is the light! The discs are designed to simulate a concert experience, each in the same template design using two colors chosen by the musicians involved, with a photo of the concert on the back cover This was the first set they'd ever played together.

The initial recordings of Majdanek Waltz were interpreted by Sal Solaris, and then again brought to a common denominator. From our point of view, a stop on a road sometimes is worth the final goal. We found the intermediate resulf of Sal Solaris work so original that we decided to release it on a separate disc in the end of We think these sketches for "Tenebrae" not only have a completeness of form, but they also give the listener an opportunity to feel what illusiveness means - an idea, so important for the 21st century.

There are elements of gothic, etherial, folk genres in but all these definitions hardly can impress in true way Mastered by F. Chaplain from Prikosnovenie label. Bleakscapes full-length is an incredible dark journey, it consists in 77 minutes of drones, minimal dark ambient sound pleasures for the ear and mind.

Bleakscapes was conceived and recorded in winter and spring mbira v. Seetyca plays e-maschinen, samplers, bells, flutes. Artin Mucht plays synth. Additional artwork and final mastering by C. Noise as a key to understand one's own personality, unstable, fluid, transient, woven from countless voices, not belonging to itself, but still in its extreme manifestations able to reach the level of asking the timeless Handmade 2-panel sleeve of white, silver and golden design paper with a poem and fragments of old photographs, CDr with prints.

Slowly starting "Unique death to unique life" evolves on a bridge of ritual drone and infernal crackles of tape field recordings, sharp metallic explosions and voice samples.

Handmade sleeve of glossy dark red cardboard painted in oil. Insert with info. Mini CDr with acrylic fingerprints of the author. This time with a twenty eight minute diatribe against those who choose the path of least resistance, and suggest not only that they face their demons but embrace them. Are they questioning the listener or holding up a mirror and not liking what they see? A collage at turns ambient, experimental and explosive, they leave the listener thinking where next and more importantly - who is next in the line of fire Satori arises with its first official release after 12 years of silence.

Inspired by the Ringu trilogy, these tracks probe the hidden world of dead channel transmissions and unseen realms of the ether. Original artwork by Abby Hellasdottir. The ideology of this project is clearly shown in a phrase on the back cover: "When in dark catacombs you piss yourself of fear and folly - you'll find out how great, magnificent, beautiful and mighty is the black asbestine Satan's dick!!!

Satanic Evil Electronics. You haven't seen anything like this! The most evil album of the year! An unicum! Full colour 6 page booklet with visuals for compositions.

Totally Provocative style! As usual in recent years, States got Saddam, and nobody helped him. Probably if USSR still existed such things could find some resistance This is partly why the album has some nostalgia for the Soviet Union, both in lyrics and music.

First track of the album is a remake of one famous pioneer's song. I used to sing it in a pioneer camp some day, this is a kind of masterpiece of Soviet era.

This song embodied that culture and that system which were opposite to the country, that is, I believe, the Evil itself. Second and third tracks tell that "seven deaths can't happen, but one can't be avoided", as Russians say, and those who are not with us - are against us.

So this is the developing of the album's idea following the intro cover of "Orlyonok". Anyway, even the greatest empires don't live long, they die too. And who knows, sometimes this day will come for the States as well. Then I think the world will be divided. Hence the title. The last track is the most programme track from the album, it contains quite a big text.

The composition is built on the concept idea of diverging and converging harmonics. Ideologically this reflects the meaning of the album: the one who is not with us is against us. In technical terms, the structure of the track is built on psychoacoustical principles: sound components are separated for right and left channels.

They mix in space during playback and affect the listener bringing him to a certain state as they create special resonances, so if you listen to the track in headphones, the sound will be different than in space. Two excellent live performances played in May captured on silver and black discs.

The Torun gig is a very dynamic percussive adventure, whereas Gdansk concert concentrates on building slow-moving images. It is composed of 20 exclusive tracks prepared especially for this compilation: S. Each of the participating projects presents a slightly different character and style, and, at the same time, shows a different aspect of the cosmic theme, its strong relation to the Earth cycle and human life Sirius - the canine planete - the brightest star of the northern sky, placed in the Canis Major constellation.

Known since the ancient times, it has left an imprint on forming outlooks, beliefs, religious centres in many cultures. Even the ancient Egyptians worshipped Sirius as a deity, built their calendar on Sirius' cycle closely connected to the Nile tides before the summer solstice.

Moreover, they were building their temples so that the light from the star was visible from the altar. In the 20th century the interest in the magical aspect of Sirius did not die out. Thanks to the Discordian groups with R. Wilson and T. Leary at the head it is still being revived The 'From Earth to Sirius' compilation, dedicated to R.

Wilson - one of the greatest philosophers of the turn of the centuries - a wise, insightful, witty, optimistic man, is a trial at reinterpreting the myth known to the man for the thousands of years The music on the album oscillates between psychedelic drone, dark ambient, tribal and downtempo. Track 1 recorded at home April on a 4 track. Remastered from original analogue tapes July by Nordvargr at Villa Bohult Sleeve note from Nordvargr states: "Special thanks to Robert Blackwell who made me look for old recordings in my archives.

The cover image of the reissue of Folkstorm's album "Sweden" original release has been modified from the original release's artwork in two noticeable areas: 1.

The artistic heraldry has been improved from the original release's 2-D depiction of the lions, crown, and heraldic scroll to a more 3-D version as shown above on the reissue by Cold Spring Records. Track XI is not credited on the release. Produced 1. These more than ten years old recordings has now finally been restored, redesigned and remastered and features two bonus tracks.

This album was recorded back to back with "Victory or death" and carries the same menacing feeling, but with a bit more structure and empahsis on pounding rythmic industrial noise. This album was recorded back to back with "Victory or death" and carries the same menacing feeling, but with a bit more structure and empahsis on pounding rythmic industrial noise.

This album was recorded back to back with Victory or death and carries the same menacing feeling, but with a bit more structure and empahsis on pounding rythmic industrial noise. The Hour Of Liberation. Campaign 2: Noisemaker. The Culturecide Campaigns. Industrial Metal. Tracks 2 to 9 recorded at Nar Mattaru October, November direct to tape. Remastered from original analogue tapes July by Nordvargr at Villa Bohult.

Sleeve note from Nordvargr states: Special thanks to Robert Blackwell who made me look for old recordings in my archives. Old Europa Cafe. On this page you can download Folkstorm albums and mp3 songs compilations for free without registration.

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Golden Earrings - Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra* - Hugo Winterhalter Goes Gypsy (Vinyl, LP, Al, Tchaikovsky* - Chicago Symphony Orchestra* / Sir Georg Solti* - 1812 Overture / Romeo & Juliet /, Gotta Be This Or That I / II - Various - Jazz In The Charts 80/100 (Dream 1945 (2)) (CD), Insomnia - Drink Me - Sleep (CD, Album), Double Je - Les Enfoirés - Le Meilleur Des Enfoirés 20 Ans (CD), Yo Que Se - Juan Pardo - Caballo De Batalla (Vinyl, LP, Album), Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Cassette, Album), Roxette - Avril Lavigne (CD), The Game - Disturbed - The Sickness (CD, Album), The Fatima Mansions / Spectral - The Loyaliser (Juno Reactor Instrumental Remix) / Bizarre Planet (V