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Shop Contact Album) Policy. Toggle navigation. Go to the shop. Gone To Earth re-issue. Release date:. May 29, EMI 3 2 9. Share this. Related Articles. Secrets Of The Beehive re-issue AlbumsRecording0 6 panel Digipak on art board, using duo tone type 4 colours and 5th colours.

Manafon Japanese version AlbumsSpecialsRecording0 Japanese release featuring a bonus track and booklet! Log In Username:. Keep me signed in. Log in with Facebook. Sylvian's record company were not particularly interested in his instrumental compositions, and funded the recording only of the songs on Disc 1 of the set, with Sylvan funding and recording the instrumentals on Disc 2 in his own time.

Sylvian, as on his earlier solo albums, continued to reference artists, writers and thinkers who were influencing him, though here he utilised the technique of using, within certain songs, snippets of the voices of particular figures.

These include J. BennettRobert Graves and Joseph Beuys. The song "Laughter and Forgetting" was partly inspired by Milan Kundera 's novel The Book of Laughter and Forgettingthough only via the lyrics, and not via the 'voice snippet' technique. The original cover art by Russell Mills was largely inspired by Sylvian's then-current interest in Rosicrucianism and Gnosticismparticularly the writings of Robert Fludd.

Later Japanese CD editions and the Weatherbox set both included the complete album on two discs. Inthe album was re-released in a double-disc format that mirrors the original vinyl release, and included three bonus remixes, while shortening the intro to "Before the Bullfight".

No new mastering was done for this; the remaster was used. Sylvian said in an interview about the album: [16]. I started on a variety of different musical projects but I hadn't one specific direction. I had the soundtrack to the film Steel Cathedrals, I had Words With The Shaman on the go, and added to that was a body of work that didn't necessarily sit well together. So I ended up with this kind of — what do you call it — an incohesive collection of material, that I somehow had to make sense of.

So what I did was persuade Virgin to put out the Words With The Shaman EP, put Steel Cathedrals to one side for the time being — I think it was released as a video only at the time — and then take the songs that I'd been working on and sort of develop them further and flesh that out into a full album. But I'd also been writing these little instrumental pieces which I really loved, and I wanted to pursue them as well. And the deal was that the budget for the album would not cater for the instrumental work, and if I wanted to produce it then I had to produce it in the off hours, like the end of a session or the very first thing in the morning before sessions got underway, and therefore produce it in my own time and at my own costs.

So that's what I did. But for me it was a body of work, the instrumentals and the songs belonged together, and Virgin did allow me to release the album Gone To Earth (Remix) - David Sylvian - Gone To Earth (CD a double ultimately.

I'm not sure that they were that enthusiastic about it at the time, but they didn't put up too much of a fight on Album) creative issues. Gone to Earth was well received by the contemporary British music press. Sounds ' Chris Roberts praised the album: "it's the perfect realisation of artist converting image to mood, subverting fantasy to super-reality. Delicate, but with the strength of legions, it's an Eighties masterpiece and conceivably his finest approximation of distilled beauty ever From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Thank you for all the adventures in sound. One person found this helpful. One of THE best albums I've ever heard. A sonic float down an autumnal creek. Get it on vinyl and relax in the fall sun. Another amazing collaboration between Sylvian and Fripp. Great artists in their own right this album is indeed the sum of its parts. This is one of a handfull of albums that changed my life and my perception of music.

I knew music like this had to exist before I found this and this was like a sonic Holy Grail. See all reviews.

Top reviews from other countries. This he did, and so Gone to Earth has a disc of songs and a disc of music. However, more than they are given credit for, I find frequently that actually record companies do make astute and worthy judgement calls.

This album I think is a case and point. The first disc of songs bar the pointless remixes tacked on the end I found beautiful, textured and engaging. The second disc of instrumentals I found dull and uninspired. It's difficult sometimes for listeners to understand exactly what it is that the composer is 'reaching for', but as I listened to each track I kept willing it to 'go somewhere' or develop, but they never did.

Initially I was glad that the rereleased CD now had all the instrumental tracks, some that were deleted from the Gone To Earth (Remix) - David Sylvian - Gone To Earth (CD single disc release, though now I understand why so many were cut.

I loved this album from the day it was released. Brought it for the remastered element have the original vinyl with original better sleeve.

The cover. And 2. The vinyl arrived Album) annoying white grains like large particles of dust which produce clicks when played. Tried cleaning!!! I am a big fan of David Sylvian, so this album is very familiar to me. I originally had this on CD in the s, and played it frequently, so on hearing the additional tracks on this 2-disc version, I feel that they don't quite fit in with the rest of the album.

It Album) makes for great listening, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys ambient art rock. Vinyl arrived with sweeping scratch on one side. Seems to be a real issue with these David Sylvian re-issues.

The inner sleeves are very heavy paperleaving a lot of 'bits' on the LP. The Secrets of the Beehive re-issue was very noisy on first play, which I've not come across on brand new out of wrapper vinyl before. Images in this review. Well I really looked forward to receive this album. But I am disappointed by then quality of the pressing. Both records are not flat so one side it is okay using a record clam while the other side is lifting mm on the edge.

I bought another album from a also much loved artist - same problem. I am returning to analog because I bought a optical cartridge which now make a big distance in SQ against digital. Buying online is not comfordable like that

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