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Needless to say, the Utopia topped both cans due to a more natural timbre, smoother tonality, huge dynamic impact and resolution, despite a somewhat narrower and lateralised soundstage. For soundstage, I would just go for speakers anyway.

Muse WandererMar 19, It's always interesting to me when there are complains about the LCD-4 treble, which I don't disagree with at all, because they are there, but while at that how can we ignore sometimes similar treble inconsistency issues of Utopia. Also the bass is not very linear with sub-bass rolloff and bumps in quantity higher up.

These are super expensive headphones, part of the same race for the uber buck, that Audeze, JPS Labs and others are "guilty" of. Tyll HertsensMar 19, This was mostly alleviated by switching to Elear pads although I still preferred the Utopia pads for comfort. On the flipside, I hated the Elear with Utopia pads. ArmaegisMar 19, Yup same here for the Utopia. Dunno why. Even if those flaws are kinda smallthey nevertheless kept me out of my music.

As if I was always hearing the nice tuning of the headphone instead of the music. Couldn't stomach the IEM like soundstage either. I know there isn't much to expect from headphones compared t to speaker but there's nevertheless a bottom limit. To my ears, the soundstage of the Elear was a clear step up. No opinion about cable benefits I'm not a cable believer but I stay open minded but adding bucks on top of the 4K Utopia is a game I didn't want to play. I honestly don't expect any cableampdacwhatever could change my mind drastically.

Never experienced such changes before. The focal is not a bad headphone at all but I Know You Want My Love (Extended) - Utopia (12) - I Know You Want My Love (Vinyl) not for me.

To each their own. Edit : Katz corner's shootout looks like an advert for Audeze lol. Note: a previous posting was deleted so my reply makes a bit less sense now. There are certainly areas Utopia are very good at or excel at vs other headphones: build quality is very good, low distortion and clean sound, dark background, decent resolution. I don't see how the Utopia flaws can be remedied, aiming for better "synergy" and here's why: - staging. It's dissapointing small. I can think of many headphones, including some mid-fi ones, that simultaneously have a bigger, more open, and more proportional sounding stage.

Whatever rig,cables one may use on Utopia if we apply the same to other transducers, the gap will be just as big to the Utopia. Apples to apples. Should I expect to find such a coloured cable, DAC, amp that exactly spot on will fix the BE coloration will call it that for the sake of putting a name on it? I would need anti-BE cables. Not very feasible.

Outside EQ, nothing I can expect to be fixed with non-defective gear. As usual what I may find as annoying coloration, some people will find enjoyable. It's the same with HEK v1. I ended up being annoyed with the softness, wall of bass, and incoherent treble. I listened about one hour to the Utopia with Moon Audio Black Dragon single-end cable at a mini-meet yesterday.

However, my realm is quite a few steps below this mountain I Know You Want My Love (Extended) - Utopia (12) - I Know You Want My Love (Vinyl) the GODS. But I will also tell you that "the heart wants what it wants", and if you want TOTL then this review should be a treatise on understanding how to appreciate them.

Thanks for a great review. Joined Aug 20, Posts 2, Likes Man, what a way to make anyone's heart stop after leaving the LCD-4 on the floor I really like your approach to the comparison with the grading. It is straight-forward, but also very informative I Know You Want My Love (Extended) - Utopia (12) - I Know You Want My Love (Vinyl) potential buyers.

Good job! Joined May 25, Posts Likes Thanks you kind sir, this very well addresses the common question of which TOTL is better. A really non-biased and well written review. I couldn't agree with you more. Well done! MacedonianHero Headphone. Guru Editor.

Great write up Paul! I'm a bit surprised. I do prefer the sonics of the Silver Dragon cable regardless, but things did further improve in balanced. But I have a new found appreciate of the Abyss. I also heard them on the Woo monoblocks and they were equally impressive as with the Head Trip.

That was one pricey setup for sure. Thanks for this Thanks everyone for your kind words! MacedonianHero I'm so glad you had a chance to hear the Abyss well amped!

I really do believe that there is a lot of further improvement to be had with careful fit. That said, their signature just may never be for you. Different strokes for different folks!

I think also some of methodology may have been lost in my post. I did not compare the single ended vs balanced outputs on the GSX.

It's a balanced amp so I felt it safe to assume that the balanced outs would be the superior choice. I have an ultrashort 4 pin to single ended adapter so the cable the was the same. I also have Audeze to Utopia adapters for the other side the Silver Compliment 4 used for all comparisons.

In the end, the GSX having little impact on the Utopia's make sense to me. Since the amp is "wire with gain" and gain isn't needed for the Utopia out of the DAVE it becomes technically moot: aside any negative impact it may impart. Joined Dec 17, Posts 20, Likes 2, I have a few questions, if you don't mind. Could you share what you did to modify the headband? Or did Joe do it for you?

I also have issues wearing the Abyss. You mentioned in the past that you preferred driving the Abyss directly from the DAVE instead of adding the i. Here you admitted the i has certain advantages. Would you be able to list the areas each one excels in in terms of what you would consider higher fidelity? I'm interested in learning more about how the sound differs between the two and why you prefer the DAVE alone.

With the way you and others describe it, it seems like I would definitely want what the i has to offer. Nag-lelecture ngayon ang pinaka-boring naming prof. Kanina pa ako bored na bored dito. Binuklat ko ang papel na pinasa niya at binasa ito. Napabuntong hininga na lang ako. Si James Gilbert ang famewhore na feeling pogi at makapal ang mukha. Pareho lang silang dalawa ni Shae. Tumingin ako kay Shae na nakaupo sa bandang likuran ko. Tinaasan ko siya ng kilay sabay punit ng papel at tinapon iyon sa sahig.

Hermios ng Philippine History. Balak akong sunggaban ni Shae at sabunutan pero hindi na niya naituloy dahil biglang nagsalita si Prof. Malaki talaga ang galit sa'kin ng babaeng 'to. Gano'n din naman ako sa kaniya. Kung magsasabunutan lang naman kayo. Archived from the original on April 7, Retrieved May 5, Retrieved July 27, Retrieved April 15, Retrieved April 3, Archived from the original on August 3, Retrieved January 20, Federazione Industria Musicale I Know You Want My Love (Extended) - Utopia (12) - I Know You Want My Love (Vinyl).

Retrieved March 24, Billboard Japan. October 19, Archived from the original on January 12, Retrieved May 13, Archived from the original on September I Know You Want My Love (Extended) - Utopia (12) - I Know You Want My Love (Vinyl), Retrieved September 12, Note: insert into search.

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