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If he took off from LAX or has finished all three girls, we cut to the "U. Map" below. Map" below and instead, return to "Sitting in First Class. For landings, come here from "wake—up in plane", watch plane land, then cut to "VIP. Lounge" where we see Larry walk out of jetway. Air traffic control jokes. Each landing has a slightly more exaggerated, sillier animation. For the final, Larry—controlled landing after he saves the airlinerwe show the plane do several "bounce and goes.

After tracing about one—fourth the route, cut back to "Sitting in First Class" and show Larry begin to doze. His groin is hidden by the seat's armrest. Otherwise, the player just watches Larry begin to doze.

Larry's dream bubble appears and grows to fill the center of the screen. We shift to one of the "Larry dreams of Patti" cartoons. Then we hear the "tighten seatbelts, we're landing" speech and cut to "Landing" above.

Each shows Larry's idyllic Vision of what Patti is now doing, then dis— solves to the current, less—than—idyllic "Patti reality" somewhere. Position the characters in the dream so they can meld into the reality characters without movement. Use same slow dissolve as in "Patti dream sequences" in limo. Show each of the following Patti performance sequences.

Ultra— romantic, idealized, backlit by moonlight, etc. Dreams appear in an order dictated by the choices the player makes as Patti. When Patti tells the driver to take her to Baltimore Larry dreams of Venice. Casablanca always occurs last. Each time something happens in his dream to wake him up, and provide material for a gag; fortunately, just as the airplane is ready to land. After seeing the joke, we cut to "Landing," above. This dream always comes first, after "Take—off' from LAX.

Patti plays a heavy, serious, classical piano recital featuring Romantic with a capital R variations on the Larry Theme Song for a huge audience outside the Parthenon. Black, 9', concert grand piano.

Audience formally dressed to the nines Visible behind her. After hearing a few bars, we cut to Patti finishes her performance, rises and faces the camera, and we cut to We see Patti from the rear of the stage, bowing to a standing ovation from the huge audience. Much applause. Roses thrown to the stage. We dissolve to "The Piano Pit" and the opening Patti cartoon.

When Patti's dream is done, we fade to black, then return here. We see a continuation of Larry's dream of Patti, except now he's leaning against the piano, she's leaning against him, he's rubbing her neck, her back, Hey!

He unzipped the back of her dress! We cut to "Sitting in First Class" to see Larry's hands up in the air in front of him, squeezing two backs of nuts. The stewardess' voice says "Mr. Laffer, is there a problem with your nuts?

This dream occurs if the player chose Baltimore as Patti's destination as he was finishing the previous Patti segment.

Gondolier is not Visible. She gazes longingly at him, he returns her obviously strong emotions. The music builds to a fever pitch, setting up the following scene, as we slowly dissolve to Patti's reality: she's in the backseat, fending off her limousine driver's advances Other band members nearly invisible.

The angle of the synth empha— sizes her figure. We listen to a few bars of rock as we set up the following picture, then slowly dissolve to the Patti reality showing Patti standing before the K—RAP building. Following Patti's dream, we fade to black, then come here. We see Patti and Larry inside the Taj Mahal, lying on some large, Indian cushions becoming quite friendly. Her synth rests nearby.

We see the concert site through the window. Patti plays an oboe, charming a cobra, causing it to rise from its basket. As we cut back to "Sitting in First Class," we see sleepy Larry's meal slide off his tray table onto his ankles. Since both of Larry's hands are Visible but his groin isn'twe'll let the player's imagination determine why Larry's face is so red!

This dream always occurs last, as Larry takes off for L. We fade to the reality of Patti and Desmond standing in the foggy alley outside the Piano Pit again, dressed in their respective trench coats. Use the tight 2—shot of Desmond and Patti so we can see lots of Larry's face.

Same as "Sitting in First Class," but pivoted 90 degrees to indicate airplane plummeting to earth. The transition here is not like the other transitions; it's sudden, obviously there's an emergency —— something's wrong. Do you think prices as low as ours are an accident? Cut to "Flight Stimulator" below. A three—way Moonlight On Water - Various - Mr Music 7•90 (Cassette) screen, showing an immense cockpit smothered with dials, knobs, switches, gauges, CRT screens, etc.

Hand on throttle moves throttle. Hand on controls doesn't do much for a while, then a click says "Your leisure suit catches on the steering wheel, right the airplane.

Fast Forward icon skips ahead to Desmond's office. We dissolve here from Larry's dream of Patti at the Parthenon. Show small club, few customers, bored bartender in rear polishing glasses. Pic should exactly match Larry's dream pic, except surroundings are a dive. Constants are: piano and Patti. Variants are: stone columns become drabby, dingy curtain legs; roses on stage becomes napkins; patrons throw napkins at stage instead of roses; huge audience becomes scattered drunks ignoring her.

Patti bows to smattering of applause, then walks off the grimy little stage into the grimy little office of the grimy little nightclub owner Small, tight, little, overcrowded, grimy office.

Framed picture. Patti walks in, sits sexily on a corner of desk. It seems "Julius didn't much care for your small audiences; your fans listen too much and drink too little"; how can he and "his backers" be expected to make a profit like this? Patti learns she's not getting stiffed out of two weeks pay again and next week's gig is cancelled. Under program control, she leaves in dis— gust, returns to the stage, grabs her charts, and walks out the back door into A dark, film noire alley behind the club.

Trashy, garbage, bottles stacked up. Mist coming from manholes and basement windows. Waiting for Patti in his trench coat and slouch hat is FBI Inspector Desmond, who plays on her anger and convinces her to help her country while getting even with the Mob.

Overlay faces while conversing. They walk off together through the mist to his waiting car, into the foggy backlighting. Film noire. This pic must match the last Larry dream shot Casablanca.

Patti and Desmond are Ingrid and Bogie. This time he is debriefing her. She tells him all the Patti points the player accomplished during the game. If points were missed, Desmond sug— gests she could have done more in "that area. I'm so happy. Perhaps now my career will finally take off! Fast Forward icon skips ahead to just after Von Pelt's office.

Patti is briefed by Inspector Desmond for her mission into the dark side of the music biz. Government office; nondescript. Chair for Patti to sit. Desmond sits behind his desk to make his View. Like all the cartoon sequences in this game, this can be bypassed by the Fast Forward icon. Desmond explains Patti's mission to her.

Obtain sufficient evidence so the FBI can convict them and clean up the business. Crime is rampant. In return, well set you up with a tour as cover and take care of all your travel arrangements.

Yes, a private limousine for your exclusive use. Possibly even a White House gig if things go well! He'll fit you with everything you need. Entered only from Laboratory. Just a place for Patti to enter the limousine or return to Com— mander Twit's workshop thru "Stein Labs" door.

Backgrounds should look Washington, DC. Patti can walk up to the limo, hand on limo means we cut the limo interior to find her in— side. Typical city storefronts, except with names revealing the type of offices within: "Gyno—Man —— We Deliver! There is a door here that takes us to the FBI exterior, where we find the limo waiting in the street. The door back into Desmond's office is always locked.

Von Pelt. Very techie laboratory. Spoof of the J ames Bond movies' overly high—tech gadgets. Twit and Patti walk through this scene on her way to Von Pelt's office.

As they walk, Twit pauses at several tables to shows her gag spy items. The Vibrator seeks the closest source of heat, heading over his head, down his back and up his asshole. He begins to Moonlight On Water - Various - Mr Music 7•90 (Cassette) Violently and shakes his way out of the inset.

The second "is our 'hair—trigger, armor— piercing brassiere. Another techie gets it! He turns toward us, blinks, and slinks out of the frame. We see him bouncing off the walls and disappear out of the inset. He stops at a computer to issue her contact's telephone number which she may dial with the limo's cell phoneplus a bunch of fake funny spy knowledge she doesn't need: computer ac— count, E—mail ID number, password, security clearance, codename "Agent 88," of courseetc.

He tells her she'll need an official departmental medical checkup and "a fitting" for her "Safety First" Field Locator Device. They end up at the far end of the laboratory before a door labeled "Medical. Von Pelt who tells her "Nice to meet you.

Take off all your clothes! Lyccus Von Pelt's office" below. The door back into Von Pelt's office is always locked. The hair—trigger bra is issued to her and added to inventory. This is the start of her portion of the game. We could also come here from a Fast Forward during Patti's opening cartoon.

She roams the lab tables looking for stuff. She finds the "DataMan" on the workbench beside a computer. Take Dataman installs it in inven— tory. All takes place in opening cartoon.

Angle is from over Patti's head so we can see a Patti—eye View of Dr. Von Pelt's head between her legs which are demurely covered by a sheet. As he raises the sheet, a hint of a smile crosses his lips. He inserts a metal probe, the screen shakes, he replies, "Oh, sorry; let me warm that for you. We iris in to black, print "two hours later After Patti gets her "Locator" installed, we see von Pelt leaning back in his chair with a ciga— rette.

He Moonlight On Water - Various - Mr Music 7•90 (Cassette), exhales, does a take to the player, feels his head for his now—missing miner's helmet.

We cut to Patti outside his door in r We see the dais in the back, with the two empty seats of honor near the Vice—President. Big, the Mafioso Chieftain we met in our opening cartoon, is seated on the dais near the V.

Larry is introduced last, makes his entrance, sees Patti, rushes to her. As they embrace, we cut to "Patti embraces Larry" below. A Secret Service agent walks in with a folding chair, sets it up for Larry, and he squeezes between Quayle and Desmond. During dinner, Larry makes a few comments to Quayle and Moonlight On Water - Various - Mr Music 7•90 (Cassette), then Mr.

Big leans over to Patti. As they embrace, we cut to "Big hustles Patti" below. Some— things wrong. He's offering you the job as hostess of "America's Sexiest Home Videos!

I was sent to find Say, unless you're the money behind? Arrest this man! Bigg leaps to his feet, pulls a gun from his pocket and aims it at Desmond, shouting "That's what you think! Patti turns to Big, touches her elbows behind her back, her exploding bra does its thing, and Big is smoked and stunned. Desmond grabs the now—stunned Bigg, takes his gun, cuffs him and leads him away, leaving Patti dateless. Quayle rises from the pie, wiping his face.

Larry looks embarrassed. Patti turns to Larry, "So I hope you 'n the missus get a chance to come along too. You know, you've always been my personal heroll" Fade to black Inset pic over the "Dinner Scene" above.

A passionate embrace, and a chance for us to catch up with years of missing activity, including Larry's amnesia and Patti's recent successes. Restate positions: Larry infatuated with Patti; Patti indifferent but not disinterested. Larry asks her if she'd like to join him at the dais, "since I had a little trouble finding a date. A close—up of just Patti 86 Big. Big is close to Patti's ear, obviously trying to score. Patti looks uneasy.

I'm only in town for a short time. Have to testify at that major Congressional hearing on pornography in the entertainment industry. You've heard about it, of course? Yep, my job is to convince our U. Congress to create anti— pornographic legislation tight enough to make the airwaves "Beaver" clean again, like in the good ol' days! You're unimpressed, and decide to play hard to get. He hums a little love song which sounds oddly familiar to you. Realizing you're unim— pressed, he digs in deeper.

In fact, I've been looking for Moonlight On Water - Various - Mr Music 7•90 (Cassette) such a woman for a new position I've created. Where have I heard it? How would you like to be the hostess of a new TV show? We were looking for the sexiest woman in America. Say the word, and it will be you! Big, your offers are not the least bit Don't be so formal.

Just call me Julius. We cut to the White House lawn at sunset to see Marine Corps One take off from the White House lawn and slowly disappear into the sunset, carrying Larry and Patti away to spend a long weekend at Camp David with Larry's heroes: the Quayles.

We wrap up all our loose ends through text over the lawn as the credits fade in and out over the sunset. We learn all Larry's "work" was for naught as the ASHV producer "simplified the auditions" by magnanimously awarding the show's host— ess gig to his girl friend; ASHV went on to become the megahit of the season; Bigg got off scot— free after pleading insanity due to the high sugar content of White House desserts; recordings no longer contain subliminal messages since kids can't figure out how to play CDs backwards; the Mob's porn biz continued to decrease; Congress never did get around to doing anything to.

Limousine drives off as soon as Larry exits it, so keep it small. Nothing else to do. Walk on inside. Courtesy free, non—pay telephone near maitre 'd. Generic woman stands talking on phone end— lessly. As Larry walks toward the "museum" area, we cut to "computer memo— rabilia Close—up" below. Talk man to maitre d' whose last name is Frag gives several responses, but gen— erally he treats Larry with respect.

He remembers him from previous games he worked at the resort in Larry2 and the casino of Larry3. When he requests a table, the maitre d' is unhelpful unless Larry applies cash to man from the supply in the DayTrotteror talks man for quite a long while several messages. If Larry applies credit cards to man, Frag says "save those, they may come in handy later. He works the punch tape machine and it produces a short strip of paper computer tape, which the maitre d' gives to Larry.

Apply tape to reader takes us to "paper tape reader close—up" below. After Larry watches Michelle enter the Hollerith room, he can return to the lobby.

Talk man says he wants into private room. Maitre d' mentions credit cards. If he has the DayTrotter, he can give him all the credit cards, Frag makes him an improved tape that still says Larryand he can now enter Hollerith room. Woman has finally stopped talking on telephone, so he can call the limousine company to retreive him. He walks outside, finds the limousine waiting, enters, and arrives at LaGuardia, his mission accomplished.

A Look at the display cases gives some information about them probably accurate, but infer— ring to keep looking and a single—cell View of the object. Again, a Look explains how these relate to modern computers. The music box is play— able with the Hand, but it sounds like hell. If he has the paper membership tape, the message notices the music box's cylinder is the same width as his paper tape. If he applies tape to music box, cut to a small window showing the tape wrapping around the cylinder, punching addi— tional holes in the tape.

Text should look old, dotty, 24—column and all caps. Need only enough on—screen space to display Larry's name.

User ID number. You are assigned to Track 68, sector 4f. Assigned to Track 68, sector 4f. Sit any— where! Access approved. Tables are arranged in very straight, symmetrical rows and columns, numbered by track and sector. Tables stretch off—screen to left and right, implying a much bigger room. Looks like in— side of a hard disk. Door labeled "The Herman Hollerith Room. Some tables have "Reserved: system" signs. Nothing happens until Larry sits at his assigned table to wait for Michelle Milken.

Michelle won't show up until Larry sits down. When he does, we prevent Larry from rising, she enters, passes near Larry's table, Larry recognizes her, tries to stop her by saying something, but she brushes past him, ignoring him completely to enter the door at the rear of the room.

Once Michelle's through the door, Larry can stand. If he inserts his tape at the door, we cut to the "paper tape reader close—up" above. Private dining room, intimate setting. Dark walls, candlelight, expensive crystal, linen, silver. Only a very few tables, all couples closely involved with each other, except for Michelle Milken who dines alone in a rather enclosed booth.

Near her booth is the only empty table, a serving cart for one which Larry automatically walks to and sits down at upon entering the room. They are the only two dining alone. Talk girl lets him strike up a conversation with her. She remains uninterested and unimpressed until Larry eventually expresses interest in junk bonds or he shows her his DayTimer.

Then she expresses interest in obtaining his money! She invites him to join her in her booth. After he sits, we cut to her close—up below. She begins by dipping her index finger into the whipped cream, then sucking it off "Don't you just love stiff cream? Larry discusses computers, games, and financial security. Choosing the financial answer makes progress.

If give DayTrotter to her, she uses her 18" tongue to snap off the sundae's cherry without moving her head. She becomes convinced that Larry's a rich eccentric with much money to invest. She suggests they make their booth more private so they can talk "fi— nancial affairs.

Even Larry gets her drift. Lower filth levels skip this. She then "shoulder walks" her way down the booth, disappearing under the table. Somewhere during this sequence Larry should start the pocket camcorder running to. Shot from behind Michelle, showing Larry's upper body at the table. Larry's head must be large enough so we can see good facial reactions. Michelle finds out Larry used to be in software.

Larry's eyes glance downwards, then roll back in his head. He gasps, he smiles, he does lots of facial takes. As his eyes roll back in his head, we discretely iris in to black, then iris out on Larry standing in the HDC lobby without his DayTrotter, credit cards, membership tape or money except the quarters he needs to use the phone.

FF to skip this scene. FF skips this scene, taking the player to outside the limo. We dissolve into this scene from Larry's "Patti in Venice" dream. The reality is, she has arrived in Baltimore and must fend off her limousine driver's backseat advances.

Common elements in the two pictures are: Patti and driver. We only watch a few seconds in which his advances are not too strenuous. Struggling to get away from the driver, she exits the limousine still under program control to stand in front of the Limousine waits for Patti to return, so she can leave building at any time and head off for the next city.

Revolving door. Is this the only type of door we haven't done yet!? Tall building in midst of other tall buildings. Granite, brass and chrome exterior.

A guard sits at a table preventing entrance to elevator without destination. Wall holds directory with list of tenants. Look board cuts to "Building Directory" below, then returns here. Talk guard gets a request for destination.

Talk guard if Patti has learned office number from DataMan or fax transmission or Apply DataMan to guard if set to record company makes him call ahead for approval. Guard says they're waiting for her piano cut—in session. Close—up of directory on wall of lobby. Patti can read the office number of des Rever Records. The board uses those push—in letters and some letters are missing from some names creating humorous spellings.

When she uses hand on the name of the record company, we give a mes— sage that she gives the guard her destination, then we cut back to her standing before the board in the lobby pic. The office walls are mostly glass, which generates some nice 3—D effects. Take gold record adds it to inventory. Look stereo cuts to "Stereo close—up" below. As she nears Studio A at the top of the pic, she hears a. Draw at whatever angle will minimize size of animation necessaly. Patti can apply record to turntable.

Hand moves switch to F play record forward, or "R" for Reverse. Speed indicator labeled 33, 45, Show record spin, hand on arm places tonearm on record, hand on speed indicator changes speeds. It sounds fine at 33 Forward. At 78 F, she hears "DAT causes impotence. Must be a pre—Sony CBS recording. At 78 R, she hears "Porn is best at a quarter a whack!

Each of these will check for DAC support; if there, no print window, and you'll hear the actual, funny—sounding, backwards—ish speech. Lots of drums, mike stands, speakers, and a View of the control room through a window on the rear wall.

There is a door to control room beside window. Upon entering this scene, Patti re— members her last studio session, a big 2—album recording of background music for a computer game named "Larry4.

And that big contract with a mysterious someone named "Julius" who never paid her one red cent! She grimaces and hopes this session goes better. Reverse Biaz introduces himself as "chief engineer and specialist in backwards subliminal mes— sage recording. All she can do is sit at the synth keyboard. When she does, we cut to the "Synth close—up" below.

This time the door opens automatically, she enters, and we cut back to the "Synth Close—up" below. We see the announcement, "Take 1," we hear the music starts, and the player must click the hand on keys of the on— screen piano keyboard at approximately the right time to complete the recording.

It will proba— bly take at least several takes. If they try more than 5 times and can't do it, we'll just cheat and do it for them. Reverse is encouraging when possible.

After a good take, he invites her into the control room to hear the playback. We return to "Recording Studio" above. No sex, the clean and simple solution. After she gets the evidence she needs or after n minutes with himwe wipe in the "Meanwhile" below. If instead, she talks man, she questions him about his success in the biz. Eventually slowly, more dialoguehe mentions his speciality is backwards subliminal message recording and how good business has been lately. Once she's heard the evidence she needs, if she talk more, she asks him for some samples of his work for her collection.

Eager to "serve her country" especially with such a hunkshe consents and we discretely cut back to the recording room pic, where we see her and Reverse get it on through the window. During their passion, Patti accidently hits the Record button with her foot, recording their lovemaking. Later, Reverse adds. More points this way. She's either in a tunnel near Baltimore, or she's dilated 3 cm! Larry finds Lana Luscious, his second girl, here.

Everything in town is named for Donald Tramp, a formerly rich guy. Shows some surf for Larry to walk out of when he falls off the boardwalk. He can walk into water and start swimming. For this game, polyester sheds water. He can walk from water onto the shore, driveway, boardwalk. Boardwalk begins on the right. Casino entrance. Casino build— ing "architecture by Frank Lloyd Wrong" the bizarre—r, the better. As soon as Larry leaves his limousine, it pulls away.

Doorman and scantily—clad woman stand on either side of casino en— trance. If he's on rollerblades, he can't skate off the boardwalk area. Doorman not very interactive. Talk doorman response is "May I summon a limousine for you? Woman very interactive, asking passersby "Hey, wanna get lucky? The masked man, standing over Branigan, now lying unconscious on the floor, turns and walks towards the bedroom window, fading away in the morning light.

Branigan, consumed by guilt, gets up and turns out the light. The final scene shows Branigan lying awake in bed when her lover turns to face her, his face hidden behind a familiar white mask.

The video ultimately drew controversy, as it was considered so shockingly sexy that MTV required some edits before it could air. Though Branigan resisted at first, her record company convinced her to allow a minor alteration and the video was aired on MTV, though by this time the single had peaked on the charts. In Canada, the track hit no. You can help show your support for this blog by making a donation using PayPal.

Thank you for your help. The song was originally recorded by Kevin Raleigh for his album Delusions of Grandeur and was released as a single. It reached 60 on the U. Billboard Hot singles chart on 24 June The video ultimately drew controversy, as it was considered so shockingly sexy that MTV required some edits before it could air.

Though Branigan resisted at first, her record company convinced her to allow a minor alteration and the video was aired on MTV, though by this time the single had peaked on the charts. In Canada, the track hit no.

You can help show your support for this blog by making a donation using PayPal. Thank you for your help. The song was originally recorded by Moonlight On Water - Various - Mr Music 7•90 (Cassette) Raleigh for his album Delusions of Grandeur and was released as a single. It reached 60 on the U.

Billboard Hot singles chart on 24 June The song was covered by American singer Laura Branigan and was the first single taken from her self-titled album released in The song was only a minor hit in the U. Ten years ago today we lost one of the brightest lights in popular music Laura Branigan.

Democracy - Leonard Cohen - More Best Of (CD), I Gioielli Della Madonna - Intermezzo - Neeme Järvi / Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra* - Intermezzo (C, I Love You - Jose De Marly And His Orchestra - Trumpets Lights Vol. 1 (Vinyl, LP, Album), S. Carter - Jay-Z - Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter (CD, Album), Its A Black Thing - Kool Rock Jay And The D.J. Slice* - Tales From The Dope Side (Cassette, Album), At The End Of The Day - Xymox - At The End Of The Day (Vinyl), Doo Wop (That Thing) [Radio Edit] - Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing) (CD), Nipple To The Bottle - Grace Jones - Classic Grace Jones (CD), Danse Elfaiyoum - Various - Parfums DOrient (CD), Raindirt Dream Machine - dust_in - Dust_in Anthology 8 Kbps (File, MP3), Pianoconcerto in G, The Prophet - Emperor (2) - Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise (CD, Album), Nobodys Fault But Mine - Led Zeppelin - Remasters (CD), Burn And Die - Suicidal Winds - Wrath Of God (CD, Album)