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Tutorials featuring beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons, along with over interactive problems to test your skills. Compete in various challenges including score-based and time-based scenarios where the goal is to get as many points as quickly as possible, serving as a great training tool for players!

Challenge your friends and family in local multiplayer or compete against players from around the world! Take advantage of tournament-specific UI and features to amplify competitive puzzle LP).

Play with up to 8 people offline! Her birthday is May 5th, Cinco de Mayo. Raffina - A so-called rival of Amitie's and the second-main character. She faces a few of the same characters as before in her original quest. She is known for being egotistical, and may swear on rare occasions.

She is depicted as a cheerleader in various fan drawings. Her birthday is July 25th. She is Rulue's best friend. Sig - Sig is a spacey boy. His left eye is red and his left hand is a large red claw. He is derived from the non-evil parts of a demon.

He's the third and last of the main characters, and was newly introduced in this game. He is a well balanced character who is slightly weaker than Raffine outside of Fever. Sig is the joint strongest character in Fever along with Oshare Bones. His birthday is June 16th. Accord - Ms. Accord is the teacher at the magic school, who still carries Popoi around with her. Any graphics from the previous game involving musical notes have been replaced with Accord in front of a chalkboard.

Her new "lance" moves mostly involve her throwing a piece of chalk or Popoi, keeping the silly, slightly episodic overtones of the Fever world. Though Popoi played a role in the original Puyo Pop Fever, the matter about him has largely been dropped, as he does not pose a threat nor is he even playable in this game. Accord's birthday is February 12th, while Popoi's is February 22nd.

Akuma - Akuma is a giant blue bear doll, whose head is a mask detached from his body. He often ends his sentences with kuma. His voice always seems to alternate between quiet and deep and shrill and shrieking, with no middle ground between Puyo Querido - Polibio Mayorga - Super Exitos Vol. 3 (Vinyl two. His name is a Japanese portmanteau, as aku means evil, and kuma means bear. His birthday is January 11th.

Baldanders - Baldanders is a monstorous dog, summoned accidentally by Feli. He is friendly throughout the game although he doesn't like Lemres and doesn't want Feli to be with him.

His drop set is the biggest in the game, consisting of 48 puyo, but he is also the weakest character in the game, both inside and outside of fever. His birthday is November 23rd. Lemres - Lemres is a comet Warlock and a senior in his school. His attacks are very well balanced and his Japanese voice cast sounds similar to Schezo Wegey from the original Madou cast.

As a character trait, Lemres never opens his eyes. His birthday is August 25th. Dongurigaeru - The so-called lovable frog is back in action and still as daunting as ever, with more of an ambition to try his best to win.

His birthday is March 31st. Feli - Feli is a female student at a magic shchool bordering Primp Town. She is seen as a Gothic Lolita girl.

Very strong, her most notable attack is "Chrono Creator", an attack that is Puyo Querido - Polibio Mayorga - Super Exitos Vol. 3 (Vinyl to alter the time and space around the field. She idolizes Lemres, and is deeply in love with him as well. Feli's birthday is November 13th. She has implied that she knows about the reason Sig's red arm and eye are the way they are, but has never talked about it, always avoiding the question. He's kind to the prince, and is willing to become his servant for only the promise of three meals a day, naps, a walk every day, and snacks.

Puyo Puyo Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? History Talk 0. It was released in North America and Europe on May 7, The arcade Puyo Puyo was translated to English with character name changes and minor visual changes to Harpy, renamed Dark Elf, character's skit. Sega added this version into their Sega Ages port on Nintendo Switch. Instead of directly translating the Mega Drive version of the arcade game, Sega decided to replace LP) Madou Monogatari cast with villains from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog animated television series.

The resulting game, Dr. Unlike the arcade translation, most characters kept their original names; only the character Satan retained his English arcade title of the Dark Prince. Sonic Runners ran a collaboration event with Puyo Puyo!! Quest in July In this game, Puyo are replaced by Gundam's mascot, Haro.

A new mobile game, Puyo!! Touchwas released for iOS and Android devices in November 26,[17] but the service shutdown on November 30thciting lackluster performance in the market. Sonic Mania contains a Puyo Puyo minigame as a boss battle in the Chemical Plant Zone and as an unlockable mode, directly referencing Dr.

Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Director Christian Whitehead considered it the most "complex" boss fight for them Puyo Querido - Polibio Mayorga - Super Exitos Vol. 3 (Vinyl develop. Puyo Puyo is playable via in-game arcade machines in Yakuza 6 and Judgment.

Yonemitsu felt that the puzzle games at the time had "weak" characters and thus decided to create a puzzle game using characters from Compile's Madou Monogatari RPG series. The success of Street Fighter II influenced Puyo Puyo ' s focus on competitive gameplay, with Yonemitsu trying out many mechanics in an attempt to recapture the fighting game's competitive nature.

In MarchSega obtained the rights to the Puyo Puyo series and its LP) from Compile, while Compile continued to develop and publish Puyo Puyo games, even on platforms that Sega was competing against. These games include Sega in their copyright information. Sega Sammy reported in that the sum of physical copies sold, digital copies sold, unique registrations to Puyo Puyo!! Questand DL of free-to-play titles totals 27 million.

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