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As the Rappin And Rockin The House - Various - Enjoy! (Cassette became increasingly macabre, I became increasingly morose. Here was poetry, personality, and politics all in one person. He defended immigrants.

Washington and Frederick Douglass. He had both Kenyan and Kansan roots. Unconsciously, Senator Obama was my de facto moral leader now. Fuck Bush. Fuck Cheney. I wanted salvation. Sure I was naive, but the rhetorical vibration Barack was peddling in his speech truly did give me hope for my country.

I plotted my getaway from the bohemian, self-absorbed petri dish of West Coast Washington. Six months later I would become a bona fide undercover red-state sociologist and live amongst actual Bohemian-American immigrants who tilled the soil, Norwegian-American ranchers who still ate lutefisk, and Indigenous Americans who cradled the dreams of their children like the prairie cradles wild crocus bulbs in early spring.

Escape 2. In the first years of the new millennium, North Dakota was the least visited state in the Union. I moved there, infor two reasons. One, to discern why rural folks were voting against their proverbial own-best-interests. And, two, to be near my parents who had recently relocated there from Montana and grandparents who were approaching their 90s.

For pay, I curated a small historical museum stocked with old saddles, tractors, and arrowheads. At night, I would blog and write songs. Before the Bakken oil boom hit inyoung people were fleeing the North Dakota prairie in search of jobs in bigger cities like Denver and Minneapolis. It was a fixer-upper, no doubt, but a shelter that I could move into immediately, and I did. The years between and — during the heart of the oil boom — flew by like hell-bent Bakken tanker trucks.

I quit the museum job. I even found time to wed and conceive a daughter with a lovely Florida gal. Unfortunately, North Dakota and its shady oil patch culture soon lost its allure for my bride. In late we decided to pull up stakes and migrate west to Missoula, Montana. In our daughter was born. In Ms. Florida and I divorced. So here I am, back in western Montana, 50 miles south of where I grew up, learning how to parent both my real and inner child.

For affordable therapy I regularly trade listening time with friends. Meditation, exercise, and eating healthily are priorities. Nevertheless, we live paycheck-to-paycheck. My career as a musician has floundered, too. Now, without the ability to sing for energizing audiences in Oklahoma City and Albuquerque, my souvenirs collect dust.

And lonely. I tried Tinder in December for a week, but it made me even lonelier. Internet porn? Music career, inamorata, and collective national sanity all missing all at once! What gives, America? Escape 3. Early last September my dad and I delivered a load of firewood, water, and two bottles of chokecherry syrup to the Sacred Stone Camp on the Standing Rock Reservation.

After unloading the wood, Dad and I assembled our canvas tent and joined the kitchen activities. Around the campfire that night, hopeful stories were told and tears were shed. The gifts of weeping, laughing, and healing were everywhere, it seemed. A transformation was happening along Lake Oahe and it was extraordinary to witness. Hard ice was melting in old veins, and clarity was rising like fragrant sweet grass smoke in the starry summer sky. Native folks were saying no to genocide and internalized racism and yes to unity and dignity.

Water was life, clearly. Oceti Sakowin youth — freed from the isolating elements of school and screens — were playing together as a giant tribe for the first time in over a century. Canoers from the great western coastal tribes paddled the Missouri to ask permission to come ashore onto Sioux lands to join the Gathering of the Tribes Camp.

Maori people from the other side of the globe were expressing solidarity in haka videos. Native Peruvians had flown in to join the resistance on the Standing Rock front lines. A swarm of monarchs. Perhaps in the absence of freedom, freedom can sometimes finally bloom. Bison leap fences, or break them down. Eaglets, in the right environment, hatch.

And sometimes just to stand in the face of oppression, together, united, it becomes possible to transcend time and place altogether. Donald J. Trump will be. I hope the day will be as raw, luminous, and dangerous as an Audre Lorde speech or an Adrienne Rich poem.

In my psychedelic dream, a kaleidoscope of monarch butterflies will descend rabidly upon the gruesome, decapitated skull of the US Capitol, its teeth like Roman pillars, and quickly, ay, hangrilypick the bloody mess clean. And done. White bones and wisps of dyed hair, the color of marigold nectar, will remain, gently blowing in the breeze.

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On the other hand, they say the fastest way to move cattle is slowly. So, here I am, biding my time and scratchin' in the dirt like a chicken in a dung heap. The label can lay claim to Album) number of firsts: Album) of the earliest rock and roll compilations, one of the earliest breaks compilations, an early solo female rap artist and an early instance of social commentary in rap. Winley was also the first label Rappin And Rockin The House - Various - Enjoy!

(Cassette record one of hip hop's most important figures, Afrika Bambaataa. Paul Winley entered the music business through writing songs for his brother's Washington D.

Winley formed a songwriting partnership with Davey Clowney, better known as Dave "Baby" Cortezand the two began recording doo-wop groups for the newly founded Winley Records. The Jesters' B-sides often rivaled the lead cut.

Under a different line-up, The Jesters reached No. A brother group to The Jesters, and "equally fine", [6] were The Paragons—"real hoodlums, real zip-gun, street-warring hoodlums", Paul Winley recalled to David Toop in"but at the time I was young and crazy myself, so it didn't make any difference". The Paragons Meet The Jesterswith its street gang cover and vocal duels inspired by doo-wop's street corner singing battles and live show group competitions, was "one of the first rock and roll compilation LPs", [9] and the most commercially successful doo wop compilation ever released.

Quoting Album), David Toop makes the point that these are comments that can equally apply to Winley's hip hop output. This re-release not only contained 31 cuts with alternate takes and session talk but appears to have been mixed from the original session tapes. Winley Records resurfaced in the s, with a series of releases which—like the street corner practices of doo-wop foreshadowing those of hip hop [12] —would in their different ways presage the advent of commercially recorded hip hop, even as that movement blossomed in the Bronx and spread to the streets of Harlem.

Winley released a series of speeches by Malcolm Xtied into a tradition of black oratory and to be sampled a decade later by Public Enemy and others. The label also recorded Harlem Underground Band featuring a young George Bensonwhose "Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba"from the album Harlem Underground furnished a "break" for hip hop's burgeoning breakbeat culture. They seem to be rather randomly assigned, but the z digits for the same LP, cassette, and CD issue are related.

For the "z" digit, the LP number is one higher than the cassette number. CD digits are 4 numbers higher than the LP digit example: if xyz for an LP isthen the cassette xyz isand the CD xyz iscounting 4 up from 9, or X, 0, 1, 2. We have listed the LP numbers untilwhen we have switched to the CD numbers.

Where known, the cassette and CD numbers for issues before are listed in parentheses after the song titles, with "c" indicating cassette and "d" indicating CD.

As a further complication, SPCN numbers were listed on the product in various ways, from running all ten digits together, to spacing them as we have spaced them RRRR xyzor with hyphens in various places between digits, such as RRRRx-y-z. The secular issues during the Geffen contract, which had totally different catalog numbers for the same CDs, are listed in Part 2 of this discography.

The RCA issues are listed in Part 2 of this discography. Reunion was sold by BMG to Zomba in Reunion released CDs in various Provident-controlled numbering sequences.

Born In A Trash, The Hawaiian Wedding Song - Perry Como - World Of Dreams (CD, Album), Poor People Of Paris - The Barclay Singers - Paris Sings (Vinyl, LP), Go Go - The Stalin - Stop Jap... The Stalin.. (Vinyl, LP, Album), In Cars - Goose (3) - Synrise (CD, Album), Honey - CSS - Planta (CDr, Album), Manha De Carnaval - Astrud Gilberto - The Very Best Of Astrud Gilberto (Cassette), I Wanna Feel The Music (Indian Extended Mix), Theenigmaproject - Eightfold EP (CDr), Sports Car - Various - Delicatessen Two - Cooking Vinyl Sampler 2000 (CD, Album), Underclass - Various - The U.S. Of Oi! (CD), Hooch - Melvins - Endless Residency (CD, Album)