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Halsey has every right to speak out about her Grammy snubs. But that makes total sense. Released initially in the form of two separate EPs this year, Williams helped fans digest the sonic departure in bits and pieces. And in all fairness, we fell in love with it even more as a whole. And above all else, she proves a modern-day rock icon can — and should — wear the pop star hat better than most. This year, we needed an utterly mind-bending album to take our minds off the chaos—thanks, lads.

Here the duo of Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman deliver cosmopolitan grooves, sardonic commentary, weird genre splices and sonic in-jokes. Get in their time machine or end up lying that you did later. Three records in and Bristol, U. On Ultra Monothe quintet have seemingly doubled down on their original madness. Frontman Joe Talbot still rants like an afflicted homeless man with a Ph.

From their initial incarnation in to the release of their recent album, MotherIn This Moment have continuously found sonically innovative ways to reinvent both themselves and the wheelhouse of metal. Leaning heavily into spirituality, Mother granted Maria Brink and co.

One full listen of Nectar will make it incredibly clear why it should be a top contender for your album of the year slot. Culled from early material circaSongs From Northern Torrance acts as a snapshot in time by resuscitating rarities that have never existed on a studio album.

Knuckle Puck did the unthinkable in pop punk and developed a definably unique sound. Their music has always felt particularly earnest, perhaps borrowing that from cousin genre emowhich permeates here. As a result, she sounds freer than ever. Unencumbered by overloaded digital mixes that blend 20 different versions of a song together, the tracks came out more organic.

From a distance, it may seem like an elegant network connecting hardcore, shoegazeblack metal and djent like little dots on a map. Zooming in, it starts feeling like getting plugged Shou.d Have Remembered - Silver Morning - Slice Of Life (Vinyl multiple storylines that merge into a fully immersive RPG experience.

Three years after their debut, Loathe came back with a sonic equivalent of a roller coaster ride across surrealistic, Deftones -esque soundscapes while taking sudden turns and making deep dives into groovy down-tuned distortions while lyrically exploring the terrors of the human condition. For the rest of us, it will remain as a Shou.d Have Remembered - Silver Morning - Slice Of Life (Vinyl about how powerful of an escape this type of music can be.

But with rock influences blended throughout his previous four full-lengths, the transition was only a matter of time. Following the warm reception of their debut, Feel Somethingit was clear Movements had some big shoes to fill when it came to their sophomore release.

Rather than cracking under the pressure, however, Movements managed to create a harmonious piece of work that truly explores what it means to exist. With No Good Left To GiveMovements prove once again that their music is a permanent solace listeners can turn to when life reaches its darkest points.

West Coast Vs. Wessex sports a great tracklisting and even greater interpretations. Wessex has. But esteemed Philadelphia-based guitar unit Nothing delivered their fifth and best album. Without a mask on, even. This roller coaster of a record is a spectacle to behold, with their powerful personalities showing through in each lyric and out-of-this-world songwriting sure to bring a much-needed refresher to the heavy rock scene. Just as they wished, the full-length takes you into another world.

As far as possible, the listings below reflect what is actually written on the record label. Known variations or labelling errors are given in brackets after the entry.

The Sue label, initiated inwas a subsidiary to release black US-American music. The releases followed the catalogue numbers of Island's singles starting at number Some earlier issues from the black-owned independent American label established in were released on the London American label.

The original Island agreement with the American company ended in disagreement and all U. Sue records were deleted from their catalogue in Julyand American Sue issues returned to the London American label. Island records retained the use of the name Sue until the final release in The Black Swan label was one of Island's first subsidiaries with releases from to With a black and white label the catalogue covered the WI series numbers from to Jump Up started in and released singles mainly in calypso style until ca.

Island's "first serious stab at setting up a pukka pop label". A short-lived subsidiary whose releases came out in the spring of The handful of releases were numbered in the WI series. The catalogue numbers ff. This series commenced LP) January and initially ran alongside the existing WI series see above. Another change was Shou.d Have Remembered - Silver Morning - Slice Of Life (Vinyl releases in the WIP series were normally stereo productions.

Hard Meat, The Smoke or represented one-off licensing deals with artists who never again appeared in the Island listings e. The series continued throughout the s and into the early s see below.

Sometimes referred to as the "eye" label design, it featured an orange and black elliptical device on the left-hand side of the label which could be said to resemble a grotesque eyeball when viewed sideways. Beginning with WIP, a new series of matrix numbers was introduced for 7" singles. Henceforward, singles' sides were not usually identified as "A" or "B", but each bore a unique matrix number in a series starting at wipx Initially, the new matrix numbers were used in conjunction with the existing "eye" label design, but beginning with releases in June a new pink label design was introduced, known as the "block" design.

The new design continued to feature the "eye" device in plain black enclosed within the push-out centre of the record, but the company name was now written in capital letters within a rectangular black block in the lower part of the label.

The first release to feature the new label design appears to have been WIP and the last to feature the orange-and-black "eye" design WIP, a reissue of "Incense" by the Anglos, which had actually been released the previous month. One or two earlier releases which were evidently still selling were re-pressed with the new design e.

WIP, which exists with both the orange-and-black "eye" and the "block" label designs. Towards the end ofartists signed to Terry Ellis and Chris Wright's Chrysalis management company began to be favoured with a special Chrysalis label design - green with a red Chrysalis butterfly logo. These early Chrysalis singles were allotted catalogue and matrix numbers in the main Island WIP and wipx series, respectively, and bore the legend "manufactured and distributed by island records basing st london" on the upper circumference of the label.

Chrysalis continued to issue singles bearing Island catalogue numbers until Autumnafter which the label broke away completely and began its own series of catalogue numbers in a CHS series. Some records were issued in both forms. For those records in stereo, the catalogue number was changed by adding a fourth figure e.

All following Island LPs had the white and red 'flaming sun' label. The Sue label LPs were incorporated into the island numerical system, and had the yellow and red 'bow tie' labels. At this point, Island introduced the first of three pink label designs.

These next releases had the first pink label, with an orange and black 'eyeball' logo on the left, unless otherwise indicated:. At this point, monaural releases are discontinued. Releases below this text are in stereophonic only. At this point, Island introduced the second pink label. It is known as the 'black block' label, as it featured a thick, block-like letter i at the bottom, dotted by a black eyeball in the centre of the label.

The RPM 9 employs an inverted platter bearing that uses a stainless-steel axle carrying a ceramic ball, which runs on a ceramic bearing thrust plate. The bearing requires neither maintenance nor lubrication. Anti-skating is achieved by way of the familiar weight-and-line outrigger method. VTA and azimuth are adjustable on the 9c, though not while the record is in play. I only had two ergonomic bones to pick with the RPM Shou.d Have Remembered - Silver Morning - Slice Of Life (Vinyl.

First off, I like to leave the cueing arm up when the tonearm is in its resting position. With the lever in the up position, the tonearm will not clip down into the armrest, and it seems a little precarious hanging out in the wind like that. Should your hands be steadier than mine, you might not find this to be an issue.

I used the Grado cartridge for much longer than I should have, as Kurt was one hunnerd percent right -- the Grado was a superb match for the RPM 9. As it was, I swapped to my Roksan Shiraz cartridge about halfway through the review period. I used the Anthem P2 Statement amplifier review also forthcoming for the entire period. Cleaning up and playing garage-sale buys is one of the choice pleasures that come with owning a turntable. A mixture of Decca, Angel and Telefunken pressings, my allergies have taken a turn for the worse since I brought this treasure-trove into the house.

The convoluted interplay between the instruments on this album is a torture test that the Pro-Ject turntable passed handily. The sound of the RPM 9 is a direct result of its no-nonsense design, and that design essentially is its appearance ten moving parts, remember? Part of the credit is likely due to the quiet motor, flat-ground belt and high overall quality of the machining.

The quiet neutrality of the RPM 9 stands out. This is by far the creamiest album I own.

Lets Get Into Something - David Ruffin - Everythings Coming Up Love (Vinyl, LP, Album), Three - The Dead C.* - Trouble (CD, Album), Naor Huus - Skik - Skik (CD, Album), The Birthday Party - Prayers On Fire (Cassette, Album), Even If I Doesnt - Rachael Yamagata - Chesapeake (Vinyl, LP, Album), Jade Confides In Mum - Alan Hawkshaw - Love Hurts (Cassette, Album), Sea Of Love, Reverie - Various - The Duckcore Compilation - Volume II (File, MP3), Coddles (Version) - Flin Flon - Et Cetera (CDr, Album), Impurity - Enthrone (3) - Black Winds (Cassette), I Turned Into A Martian - John Stone - Plan9 (File, MP3)