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Rickles is in good form here "You people talk funny! It's also fun to watch everyone's faces as Rickles rants at Piscopo culminating in "I hope Eddie Murphy robs Show #11) (Vinyl house! The start of the "guest anchor" era of Saturday Night News; tonight's edition is mostly based around Rickles giving comment on "faces in the news".

It's not bad, but not really a great fit for Rickles' normal rhythm. Named for real life network censor William G. Clotworthy, Kazurinsky basically does a few insult jokes "in character" as examples of what he dislikes about Rickles before referring to him as "a certain fat little bald Jew from Las Vegas who should wear a truss over his head as a muzzle".

A little obvious, but it worked. Kroeger debuts his El Dorko character here, and gives him this understated quality that helps the sketch.

This feels a little bit like a palate-cleanser in the structure of tonight's show, at least compared with the more manic energy that Rickles brings to his sketches. Another sketch where the highlight is Rickles cutting loose to do battle with Joe Piscopo, first in an impression-off which at one point includes Piscopo's take on Bill Saluga's Raymond J.

Johnson Jr. I found the part with Mary Gross' ex-wife character weak although Kroeger does a funny impression of the way she says "alimony"but Rickles' breaking the fourth wall boosts this.

The repeat version adds a burst of canned applause after Pardo announces the "This Is Your Afterlife" title. Billy Idol gives a more energetic performance than he did in the first number, with some writhing during Steve Stevens' solo.

One thing that bugs me about the direction of this performance: keyboardist Judi Dozier sang backup on the "more, more, more" parts of the chorus, but was usually off-camera whenever they used a "from below" shot which were overused in this period of the show's history, IMO. I actually don't have this in either of my copies of the show; I received the screengrabs and transcript thanks, G.

Gomezbut this seemed to be more a run-out-the-clock segment than anything else, so I'll refrain from assigning a rating. As this was a promo for a real special that aired the next week, this segment was removed from the repeat version of the show; the original airing ran long so there wasn't anything added to the repeat to Show #11) (Vinyl time.

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More From Metacritic. I love it!! Throw in some badass Snickers - Billy Idol - Innerview With Jim Ladd (Series #29 by Steve and you have yourself a nasty little rock song. Steve shines on this song as well. Some really cool guitar sounds as well some cool Synthesizer sounds and effects courtesy of Derek, Another one of my favorites on the album. Billy completely changes it up here and throws in a full on Country song for good measure. It is actually a great song, just out of place on the album.

And if that was different enough for you, how about some Neil Diamond!! Hell, even the title could be a Snickers - Billy Idol - Innerview With Jim Ladd (Series #29 Diamond song. And you know what, it is awesome. Bring on Neil!! The song starts out as an acoustic piece with Billy singing about his running around with his woman I think during the Summer. It then goes back to acoustic to end the song. I think it is a beautiful way to end the album. I like them all although some are stronger than others.

And yes, the album is a little all over the board with styles, but for me it worked. It was a solid album. It rocked out at times more so than he has ever done. It checked so many boxes for me on what I want from a Billy Idol album. And to have the whole gang back together, damn it was awesome. He LP) it old and yet modern sounding as well. Just a fantastic album. I am sure I will get pushback, but I loved and I give it a 4.

I have basically had this album on non-stop for the last week as I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this one. It all came flooding back when I heard the first notes on the first song. If you want to check out the other reviews I have done so far for the Billy Idol Series, click the links below:.

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