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These were recorded flat and then also equalized with Turnover: The preferred versions suggested by an audio engineer at George Blood, L. Uploaded by jakej on October 21, Internet Archive's 25th Anniversary Logo. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. Sign up Log in.

Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Run Run Run 5. Sister Ray 6. Guess I'm Falling In Love 7. The Gift. So it's the Velvet's classic first line up with Nico almost performing the banana album entirely. On top it contains complete un-edited takes of 'Melody Laughter' and 'The Nothing Song' it clocks 23 minutes something!

Mastered form recently sourced tapes not comparable with any previous versions. Melody Laughter 2. Femme Fatale 3. Venus In Furs 4. The Black Angel's Death Song 5. All Tomorrow's Parties 6. Waiting For The Man 7. Heroin 8. Run Run Run 9. The Nothing Song. The second disc features a previously completely unreleased set of alternate early mixes and rehearsal takes from Virgin Manor Studios.

Originally released on Love Records in Comes on limited transparent magenta coloured vinyl. Wigwam's 'Dark Album' has a tumultuous production history. The original edition did not go past test pressing stage as the band's UK label Virgin rejected it. The band returned to the studio to create the final version which eventually was released only in Finland on Love Records, as Virgin were no longer interested.

This deluxe edition features the original album on the first disc and the early, rejected version on the second, never before released in full. Comes with extensive liner notes and interviews. The CD comes in a 4-panel digipack and includes an 8-page booklet full of background liners and rare archival memorabila. The short-lived band's line-up included vocalist Ted Myers and future comedian Chevy Chase on drums, keyboards and backing vocals.

Eulenspygel's English version of 'Ausschuss' was intended for release by Intercord inbut never went beyond the status of an 8-track that had been produced for the American market. The recordings took State Street Boogie - George Barnes - Guitars - By George!

(Vinyl from 4. The band enlisted the help of a bass player who had just worked in the studio for Ringo Starr or Rod Argent, and whose professionalism saved further takes during the recording. It starts with a haunting intro with mellotron as spoken words join in. The music kicks in around 2 minutes followed by emotional and powerful vocals and flute.

It then picks up with vocals including some chunky bass. Very powerful and opera-like. It settles again after 19 minutes with organ and a beat as the mellotron joins in. Incredible track! Vocals are the focus as the organ, drums and guitar help out.

A great organ solo followed by the guitar solo later on. Very emotionally! The organ replaces the vocals but they switch back again after 2 minutes.

It kicks in hard around a minute then settles back with vocals. Spoken words after 4 minutes then it all picks up again. Mellotron before 2 minutes as we get this haunting mood taking over. Guitar before 3 minutes then organ. Vocals are back late. The instrumentation on this album is as vast as well with some sitar, lots of mellotron, violin, flute and hand percussison. This is clever ever-changing '70s vintage krautrock which will make you smile!

This might be just simply one of the best krautrock albums you have ever heard. Krautrock fans would do well to pick up this classics.

This is a masterpiece of a krautrock album. If you are a fan of krautrock then you need to own this album! The CD comes with 24 pages booklet, bandstory, photos and all lyrics. Remastered to brillant sounding from mastertape. A highlight in Long Hair's history! This show took place in San Francisco on 30th August, Now it's finally available on CD for the first time ever! For the first time featuring vocalist Bob Mitchell known from Attacker.

Hasselvander is known for. The members are known from a. Finisterre, Nomadi and Moongarden, as well as for collaborations with Franco Battiato. Reissued on CD is LP legendary Canadian psychedelic folk-rock album from The band featured the husband and wife-duo of Terry and Susan Jacks and the album includes the hit title track, the classic trippy psychedelic cut 'Free From The City' and many more stunning songs. The trio still plays their very own blend of folk-rock with a full yet subtle rhythm section accompanying guitar- or Rhodes-based songs with lots of melodies and harmony vocals.

The band took their time to finish this album, produced by Skalar and recording-wizard Bernhard Rupprecht at Black Sheep in Neuss, Germany. Bernie was eager to get the best aural results out of the recording, mixing and mastering procedures - and after being one and a half years in the making the album is full-bodied and mature now. The range includes traditionally structured folky songs, enhancements of those with bits of noise 'n' rattle, some dub-groove-leanings and a psychedelic-freak-out.

To expand Skalar's trio-sound some honored guests added soulful organ-soli, brooding double-bass lines and even more harmony vocal layers but: electric guitars can't be found on 'Spooky'. As for the title: It wasn't done intentionally but over the years so many eerie and other-worldly motifs came together that the title 'Spooky' now seems more than apt. There's a mermaid, a poisonous snake, a big bad wolf, an old lady clearing her good name from the afterlife - there are little lights in dark woods, strange happenings in a coastal town and some vampires thrown in for good measure.

To give the album a jewelry-box-look the graphic designer Christian Witt developed a shiny digipack cover which wouldn't be out of place in an Art Deco boudoir.

So, all in all here's a little treasure chest filled with heart-felt gems from Skalar - please take your time and listen. On these albums, Steensland is changing and bringing to perfectionism avant-garde and progressive rock. On 'Let's Go To Hell', experimental and creative progressions are blended with Steensland's acclaimed musical competence, resulting in three extraordinary State Street Boogie - George Barnes - Guitars - By George!

(Vinyl. The CD comes with remastered audio and a page full-colour booklet with background liners and rare archival photos from the period. This explains their changing avatars, sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric, taking the ever changing shapes of duets, trios or quartets. A main source of inspiration for the group is Romanian folk music, an important area of improvisation and oral culture. This is also reflected in the use of some traditional musical instruments.

But this is not a straight reissue. The album now is an enhanced sea adventure in two chapters dealing with life on sea and the temptations of mermaids. Eight unreleased songs have been added, recorded by John and friends during their travels in Poland and England in and Above that all the music has been recently mastered to the volume level that John had originally envisioned. John Townley is associated with various musical projects by different groups of people. For some he's the driving force behind the double-album by The Family of Apostolic and the follow up Ocean, for others the guitarist of folk-rock garage-heroes The Magicians Kentucky's raucous punk-rockers legendary and epic show-stopping live version of 'Train Kept A Rollin''!!!

Witness guitar-slinger Blaine Cartwright's roots as a frontman Nashville Pussy - you might have heard of them! Singer Scott Luallen does guitar duty on this one, with rhythm rockers Matt Bartholomy and Bill Waldron on bass and drums. A must!! Two tracks on 7-inches of wax! The 5 tracks were recorded during the period to Comes on gram vinyl.

Produced and mixed by Brad Marino. The album was to be released in Europe, but a string of unlucky coincidences happened; the label ran out of money, the master tape got lost in a fire at the recording studio. Years later, some cassettes were found with the songs for 'The Lost Album'. The band finally agreed that these recordings had to be released, so all tracks have been remastering and recreating. The Decibels were about halfway through recording a new album when the covid pandemic started.

Brent started recording sonsgs just for fun, and he uploaded the music videos to social media. After recording about twenty cover tunes, he decided to record some of his original songs. The band have taken a step touching a very powerful, harder garage sound, leaving behind their classic moody guitars from their previous recordings.

Eight original tunes alongside two covers of '60s classics bury their soft earlier sounds in an explosive, creepy and trippy sonic funeral. Portsmouth's Hector are widely regarded as the very best of the junkshop glam rock bands introduced to us in the early s by the RPM's lipsmackin' '70s CD series. Recently discovered archive analogue tape recordings found in the attic of frontman Phil Brown form this unique album.

The band's original DJM singles together with 'Demolition', an unreleased third single, join forces with outtakes, demos, live and rehearsal recordings to make this release an unmissable opportunity for glam rock fans worldwide to hear more from the band whose anthem 'Wired Up' has been adopted as a battle cry by a new audience of fans with books, fanzines, radio shows and club nights proudly named after it.

Hector's 'Wired Up' was Album) in It had all the ingredients of a hit single. It should have topped the charts and launched a spectacular career for the band. In a fair world, the name Hector would be mentioned alongside bands like Sweet and Slade. Unfortunately, timing and luck weren't on their side. The product was there, the press coverage was there, the Radio 1 airplay which was everything back then wasn't and the kids that did hear it must have been deaf, dumb and blind.

The plug was finally pulled in after their second single 'Bye Bye Bad Days', another poky punch of proto punk dressed up in a velvet glove, also failed to become a heavy-hitter. Tunes from the ruins. Glamour in amber; perfectly preserved. A second chance to make a first impression. Hector are back! Are you watching and listening? Crank up the tuneage and hit the road! The album contains 12 tracks.

Formed in by singer Vlado Hristov also known as KRLE, they played a psych-garage influenced punk and were renowned for their bizarre look and powerful shows. In they disbanded and shorty after reformed with a new line-up, before quitting definitively in Despite their short career, they're still considered one of the most influential Yugoslavian bands, as proved by this 7" single from Comes on yellow vinyl. This limited hand-numbered deluxe edition includes a bonus-CD chock full of rare rehearsal recordings plus liner notes by Nigel Goodall.

Strutting its way to the apocalypse one jittery jam at a time, 'EP' is agitated, catchy and bouncy as hell. One album was recorded, but it remained unreleased. This LP contains their recordings from until their split in Red vinyl. Features Micky Harris Napalm Death on drums. A cool album by the Australian punkers, amplifying everything that's fucked about them.

The line-up includes Dizzy from Oily Boys! They've turned up the noise and the confusion a notch or five without sacrificing any of the rage. Damn, this one is mean. Life is mean.

Despite his long established passion for bringing the extremes of hardcore and heavy rock into the jazz and improvised music realm and vice versaPride instead does the unexpected, transforming MDC's pummeling punk into swinging acoustic jazz.

Raw Power's 'After Your Brain' has been reissued on limited white and red splatter vinyl. Comes on limited white and purple splatter vinyl. As on their debut album, the California band surprises us yet again. The album has 11 songs of pure traditional American power pop mixed with the melodic punk-rock.

You get 12 tracks with German lyrics. The CD-edition contains a page lyric booklet. Back in these tracks were intended for the band's debut-album, but the recordings got shelved instead. Meybe Beherit was a bit ahead of its time? Created by the exploration of intertwining melodic passages, heavy dissonant riffs and chaotic screams, the captivating sonic narratives of 'Structures' should not be missed.

Doodswens' black metal is a bleak, distorted wave of negative energy according to the tenets set by LP Scandinavian originators but with their own new organic reflection of darkness.

Their name translated as 'Death Wish', Doodswens breathes life into the dust of the past, inspired by the rawness of the 90's. Remastered and comes on black vinyl. Comes on limited white and black splatter vinyl. Available on limited white and black splatter vinyl.

This CD is suitable for fans of a. Sepultura, Vader, Biohazard and Acid Drinkers. Here you have it on CD. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club from Stockholm, Sweden are back with another 7-inch State Street Boogie - George Barnes - Guitars - By George! (Vinyl melodic pop with a real British feel. Think about council houses, football, lost dreams.

This inch EP comprises four tracks. The two tracks display an unrivaled and unseen evocative power, channeled by a dramatic and operatic vocal delivery as centerpiece to a cinematic construct of epic progressive buildups and dark psychedelic dirges woven with keyboards, organs, electric guitars, synths and a monumental pulsing rhythm section.

You may call it folk-punk if you wish, but that's up to you. ANC4 music brings new life into the golden era of the sixties by 12 string guitar, Rickenbackers, strong melodies and sweet harmonies.

Extensive notes and interviews with the collaborators are included as well as a download card. This edition originally a RSD release is limited to 1. New Zealand's indie darlings The Chills return with their seventh full-length, 'Scatterbrain'. On this release we have the F4 Heaven Sent tracks released on vinyl for the first time. Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici which translates to 'Mundane Mechanical Youth' or GMM was one of the most unclassifiable audiovisual experiences to emerge from Italy in the s.

Maurizio Dami also known as Alexander Robotnick, a pivotal member of GMM, was responsible for the group's music output. It's available on vinyl. Emma has always been a multifaceted musician, equally capable of dreamy abstraction, maximalist textural explorations and the classic singer-songwriter tradition. But on 'Engine Of Hell' she has opted to forego the full-band arrangements of her previous albums in favour of the austerity of a lone piano or guitar and her voice, which creates a kind of intimacy, as if were sitting beside Rundle on a bench, or perhaps even playing the songs ourselves.

Offering 11 tracks, this record is an ode to both the pop nuggets of the '60s and the collective shoulder shrug of the '90s.

Relaxing and reflective, 'Tidal' explores elemental inspiration through a humanistic gaze. The multi-instrumentalist crafts exquisite acoustic music in tune with the finer moments of Windham Hill and ECM; a fusion of talent, balance and the emotion shared by each release.

This is their follow-up to the acclaimed 'Butcher's Coin' album from Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax China Crisis - Wishful Thinking Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now Level 42 - Take A Look Simple Minds - Sanctify Yourself Culture Club - The War Song Propaganda - P:Machinery Robert Palmer - Pride Paul Young - Tomb Of Memories The latter included rhythm guitarist Wayne Wright, a terrific rhythm player.

Cuimean Los Angeles Prodigy. I love his octet. It's not really jazz Very Raymond Scott. Barnes' guitar tone on those recordings is one of my favorites. It's very mid-heavy and bubbly, and it carves out its own little spot amidst all the acoustic instruments.

I've Found A New Baby is a great track. Barnes played a unique Guild called the George Barnes Acousti-Lectric which lacked f-holes and had the pickups sitting in enlarged pickup holes. The pickups were mounted on a stick or platform that ran lengthwise in the middle of the guitar from the bottom of the neck to the tailpiece.

Barnes allegedly held a pick with his thumb and middle finger. He had a great unique tone and a fun and melodic way of playing. Howard Alden is a big George Barnes fan and has a great set of live radio recordings called Plantation Party from There's also a lot of good George Barnes stuff on YouTube. If you want to see the type of guitar he played, look here. Apparently only about 20 were ever made. Thanks for bringing him up on the forum!

Blue Drag S. A young kid late teens came in, we were talking guitars and he mentioned that he took guitar lessons in Concord, Ca. He said "what do you mean?

I didn't know he made any records. During the break I got to speak with him. He was a real character; big cigar, loud plaid sport coat, he looked like a used car salesman. I said that I knew that he taught and that I would love study with him. I asked how I could get a hold of him and he quipped; "I'm in the book phone. I ain't hiding from anybody. I did study with his rhythm guitarist, Duncan James, but what I would have given to sit opposite George and soak in what he had to offer.

I don't think that anyone "swung" as hard as George. Many people that I've played his records for have mentioned that he "sounded kinda like Django", I know that they started about the same time, mid-thirties.

George was originally pegged as a blues guitarist, early reviews mentioned the "Negro blues guitarist from Chicago, George Barnes George was not black. Swing in Peace.

El Diablo (Hotlane Remix), Big Fun (New Ruckus) - Slumgum - Quardboard Flavored Fiber (CD, Album), Pt. Nikhil Banerjee* - Sitar (CD), Phil Not Bill - Rob McConnell And The Boss Brass* - All In Good Time (CD, Album), Lingering Still - She & Him - Volume Two (CD, Album), Its A Black Thing - Kool Rock Jay And The D.J. Slice* - Tales From The Dope Side (Cassette, Album), Visible Limits - Graham Getty - Virtual Horizons (CDr, Album), Endlos Mix - Various - Piraten 1 x 1 (CD), Pat Metheny: All The Things You Are - Various - Technics DVD Edition I - Technics Jazzport Festival, Boogie Albert - John Mayall - Room To Move 1969-1974 (CD), Shake It To The Dancefloor (Extended Mix) - Various - Club X-Press (CD)