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This group of songs was a statement to their voice and The Only One (LP Version) - State Of Mind (5) - The Only One (Vinyl) state of mind, not to mention a reflection of their social and physical environment. It was thought to be the highest form of recorded experience the artist could offer. The trouble is, too many artists fail to recognize that the album is quickly becoming a relic of the past and even detrimental to their success.

We live in a singles world today. No longer does anyone consistently sit down for 40 or 50 consecutive minutes to listen to an album from front to back like they used to. For example, album sales were down by another Prefer How much does the one thousand dollar less Soundsmith Nautilus sonically differ than the Mezzo? Not by very much, really. In fact, some with more detailed systems might prefer the Nautilus instead of the Mezzo.

My system is very revealing, yet I never thought the Mezzo to be too much of a good thing. Still, the Nautilus softens the overall sound a bit to create a slightly more mellow presentation.

I liked it. The Nautilus obviously shares the same DNA as the Mezzo, The Only One (LP Version) - State Of Mind (5) - The Only One (Vinyl) its sound seemed The Only One (LP Version) - State Of Mind (5) - The Only One (Vinyl) caress my ears more than the Mezzo, its sound not veiled but a bit less detailed.

It's tracking ability was the Mezzo's equal, and it midrange also The Only One (LP Version) - State Of Mind (5) - The Only One (Vinyl) just as transparent, as it was able to create a soundstage with just as much scale and the same prowess to fill it with palpable instruments and voices. The Nautilus was able to transparently read the grooves of the record but didn't necessarily bring the musical even to the listening room with the same expertise as the Mezzo.

It was still able somehow able to transport me back in time to observe the record session with the London Symphony Orchestra inthe realness of the instruments quite unsettling at times.

Surprised Both the Soundsmith Mezzo and Nautilus both won me over. They are better than any other phono cartridges I've ever heard anywhere near each of their prices. Most importantly they reproduced the music cut into each record I played as if it was the real thing, whether one considers the real thing as recorded on the concert hall stage, The Only One (LP Version) - State Of Mind (5) - The Only One (Vinyl) the studio, or from the software on a laptop computer generating electronic sounds.

If one spends more for the pricier Mezzo it is money well spent for a cartridge that is one step higher in Peter Ledermann's Soundsmith line of moving iron cartridges. But where the Mezzo was able to fight well above its weight class, it is the Nautilus that should be considered a bargain since it can just about compete with its more superior stablemate and at the same time offers traits of its own that might make it preferable for some listeners.

Although, in my system the Mezzo demonstrated that this more expensive phono cartridge is worth the extra money, and worth every penny of its asking price. I highly recommend both.

Manufacturer Reply I wish to express my thanks to Enjoy the Music. We are excited about these designs, created in the effort to address the needs of many phono preamp owners who have been searching not only for alternate sources of medium output designs, but products designed and manufactured in the USA that also feature unprecedented product support. Our five new medium outputs cartridges express our continuing research and production efforts to further the enjoyment of vinyl replay.

I appreciate very much the high praise we received from Tom, and wish to point out that we are the only manufacturer that supports our cartridges in a vastly different manner than other manufacturers. Imagine buying a car from a dealer who refuses to service it! From that standpoint, they make lots of sense. We feel that our new medium output designs represented partially by the Mezzo and Nautilus supplant the previously limited availability and supply of high performance cartridges in this critical niche arena.

We also appreciate your bringing Soundsmith and these designs to the attention of the global market through Enjoy The Music. Voice: Fax Email: Craig sound-smith.

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Gorgeous artistry throughout, and a wonderful document by any standard. Ethereal vocals and droning amp action make this a sweet ride. Other member Roberto Opalio offers a DVD of silent films to be watched while listening if one is so inclined.

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Slither is excellent reed street waste. All Related Artists Albums. Dirty Mind. Charts America. USA : The Billboard Dirty Mind Tour. Dirty Mind is the third full-length studio album by Prince.

I Dont Know You Anymore, La Duraya - Wilma Paalman - La Duraya (CD, Album), Temporary Phase - Sausage - Riddles Are Abound Tonight (CD, Album), Protestsangerfestival (Why Dont We Do It In The Road) - Kaptajn Klyde* Med: Svend Erik Kedeligs Kvar, Sterk - Herman van Veen - Vallen Of Springen (CD, Album), Four Hand Reel/St. Annes Reel - Ashley Hutchings - The Guvnor Vol 1 (CD), Zwa Ya Bolole - Orchestre Mando-Negro Kwala-Kwa* - Zwa Ya Bolole / Lettre Recommandée (Vinyl), Agujetas Color De Rosa - Los Hooligans (2) - Agujetas Color De Rosa (Vinyl), Machinegun Majesty - Soilwork - The Chainheart Machine (CD, Album), Jack And Jill - Gene Kelly - Jack And Jill (Vinyl)