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No matching results. Explore music. Get fresh music recommendations delivered Tongues - Sinister Purpose (2) - Burn In Hell (Cassette) your inbox every Friday. Burn In Hell by Sinister Purpose. Veggietales From The Crypt. Demand for vintage tape players is also Tongues - Sinister Purpose (2) - Burn In Hell (Cassette).

The medium has a strong emotional hold on Perez. His parents emigrated from Bolivia, where his father had owned a record store. Relatives kept in touch by sending tapes with a mix of songs and personal messages.

It was beautiful. So tell me how can I possibly be of the Vatican and the Jesuit controlled opposition? I will share this comment with fellow believers in JESUS, so they can see what kind of nonsense you're asserting about me. Our Lord uses all kinds of amazing people, because He's an amazing God!

I don't like the label 'Christian', because millions dare to call themselves 'Christian', while they're not yet born again followers of JESUS. The funny thing is that my second 'baptismal name' is Christiaan, which is Dutch version of the English name Christian. The Dutch term for 'Christian' is 'Christen'.

I have a lot of respect for Alan, but it's a sad thing we don't agree on the pre-tribulation rapture. As soon as we speak about our Lord JESUS to the lost, we're doing battle against Satan and his demons, who want to drag them with them to hell. JESUS wants to save all people, if possible.

Ask God the Father if there are certain opportunities for the demons which you have given them by doing something wrong, like listening to the wrong kind of music, or by watching the wrong kind of things.

I don't believe the earth is flat: of course it's not! The earth was the first creation, and everything else was made at the service of Earth. God didn't impregnate his own mother: that's a Roman Catholic fairy tale. You really need Him in case you want to be saved.

I have nog time to listen to stupid lies which say He doesn't exist. Not a trace of doubt in my mind. JESUS' love I do believe Him I couldn't leave Him, if I tried That's the BEST way! JESUS be with us!

It's now clear to me that jamgrl38 never has been our sister in JESUS, but a religious-Christian person with a sinister side, and who also believes in something satanic like reincarnation. But still I pray for her and may JESUS open her eyes and free her of her delusions and fallacies and just in time before the rapture.

I'm one of His many saved ambassadors, and the only thing I can do is to show you and others the way to Him, and then it's up to Him and you what will happen and whether you're interested in a relationship with Him. One thing's for sure: He loves you very much and He's 'dying' to get into contact with you! Always Today. See you in heaven and on the New Earth and in the New Jerusalem! But Brian Hugh Warner can be saved, and only the devil, the demons and the two beasts of Revelation Tongues - Sinister Purpose (2) - Burn In Hell (Cassette) can't be saved.

But if a dying person ignores God's mercy, or says something awful and ungodly, he or she will die in their Tongues - Sinister Purpose (2) - Burn In Hell (Cassette). He loves you, and Satan hates you!

People are NUTS! You're religious way of thinking can't handle the fact that JESUS was completely naked on the cross, right? Dear Father, bless everyone who really loves you and give them what they've asked for, and which is according to your will, Tongues - Sinister Purpose (2) - Burn In Hell (Cassette) JESUS' name, amen.

His LOVE is the best 'drug'. Every soul is important! We will glorify JESUS, of course! This was in the beginning ofand back then Jehovah's witnesses tried to lure me into their cult. When I talked to them, I told one of them to listen to this song, because of the words 'Lord Jehovah reigns in majesty' and in order to prove that the name 'Jehovah' wasn't exclusively used by 'Jehovah's witnesses, and I had learned that the 'name' Jehovah was in fact centuries old, and much older than the Jehovah's witnesses-cult.

The Jewish writers of the Old Testament were responsible for this, because they were afraid to use this name in vain, which is a sin.

Yet, God had laid claim on me, because of my childhood, when little Hans used to believe in JESUS, briefly and during one school season at a Protestant kindergarten, because a pretty female teacher could read so well aloud from the children's Bible. The Lord JESUS bless you through the addition of subscribers, and may you continue to bless them and even more people!

I still love this song. Thank you, Sheree! You've already disclosed something about your past and me too. This is how Satan operates since the fall of Adam and Eve. Cain had been warned by God who's JESUS not to give in to the influence and pressure of the devil, and to RESIST the thought of projecting his feelings of rejection on his brother, thinking he would feel better and 'relieved' after having 'done away with the problem', by simply eliminating the so called cause of the problem: his brother, whose sacrifice had been accepted by God, while his sacrifice had been rejected, though God did NOT reject Cain as a person.

Satan can always use us in a BAD way, in case we start thinking like him! Negativity is his realm! Amen, to this message! Focus on people who show a certain willingness to listen to you. Let God deal with people who don't want to listen to you, and not you are crazy, but they are! Jesus in space with song Holy Holy Holy. I don't agree with him about the rapture, but I respect him.

Let God deal with him and everybody and don't condemn anybody. Be glad you're not going to hell. I've been an atheist my self, so I know how it works. I always try to imagine what a person was like when he or she was a child. What went wrong, why a certain person became so satanic and hardened of heart? I see you on your profile picture with your child: you have the power to make or break this child, and I'm sure you do anything within your power to raise this child to become a God-fearing and JESUS-loving person.

What are the causes and solutions for a hardened heart? Whenever I see your name, I'll think about your husband and I'll pray for him, okay? You know I'm Dutch, and in my language we don't have a word like 'repent'. We have to use more words to describe this word, but in English it's also useful to use synonyms in order to clarify the meaning of the word 'repent': synonyms: feel remorse, regret, be sorry, rue, reproach oneself, be ashamed, feel contrite, be penitent, be remorseful, be repentant.

In this sense, repentance is a good thing, don't you think? Let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to gloom. In the beginning of my conversion I talked about JESUS and my faith to an old school mate, and he told me that he already 'knew about the afterlife', due to a near death experience, and I couldn't tell him anything about the need to repent and to believe in JESUS, because of it. But God also used it in my life, because when I still was a searcher and unsaved, I read a book about NDE's and this intrigued me very much and made me wonder whether it might be true, and this was during a time late 70's this subject was still taboo.

The fact that they refuse to believe there is a God, does not nullify the existence of God. I bought it mainly because its cover is an homage to Sound Affectsthe album by one of my favorite bands, The Jam. When I opened it, I not only found a download code Tongues - Sinister Purpose (2) - Burn In Hell (Cassette) the digital album, which was a nice bonus, but also learned the cover was designed by renowned Philly album cover artist Perry Shall, which he made exclusively for the cassette release.

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