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Not every party has the same artisit, it IS innovating as young talent get their chance to play Qapital DJ contest, DeQfon dj contest etc etc. Why so many same artists??? People want Headhunterz and Wildstylez becuase they got a name. So what if they are Dutch. Prove me wrong and give me some non-Dutch DJ's that actually can produce or mix some mp3's xD People are just jealous because we have Hardstyle parties every weekend.

We live for the music not the DJ's. This defines them all along the same ; only difference is them making money out of it where you will be fucked for at least morning still freshly remembering the fine night which will be forgotten by the end of the week it's therefor "we" have parties that much.

I originate from a time where every weekend in, every weekend out there were Thunders whether on tour or not. They should've created "brand-less" parties, with the same ammo and it isn't a fact at all that Universe - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD) DJ's are slippin' 'n ' Universe - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD) bad tracks otherwise there wouldn't even be foreign DJ's as they instead would be conversing here now with us.

Haters don't feel supported by this as my personal opinion is still that Q-dance and previous mentioned organisation should continue their "good" work as it creates holes for future generation to fill. But "they" ask to high prices? Make up your mind, set it straight and more important re-open your mind to the defination of being open minded not of what seems to be openminded.

Also i could name a dozen of fine-selected DJ's foreign and Universe - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD) only things it will not Universe - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD) is the genre's, since i loved the whole rave non-genre bound idea.

As i myself don't go along with pre-definings based on tastes and likes, I believe i'm human enough to set my own borders, definations etc without losing grip of what's real and what isn't!!! Each HS producer or production is real so i don't need to judge them good or bad as this will flow out from my own personal Universe - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD) which defines absolutely zero except for my taste and is only good for getting into wasteless discussions and even conflicts A date that would spiral our world into destruction or send our planet into a whole new Era.

A new Era is among us and soon a new generation will rise! We will be united by the universal language of music and create Universe - B-Front* & Adaro - Qapital (CD) new code of conduct for future generations. On the 6th of April these people came together at the Ziggodome, Amsterdam and celebrated the first edition of Qapital and launched a new Era of music! Mixed together by heroes of the scene; B-Front and Adaro, who have captured the atmosphere of this brand new event, perfectly into sound.

CD1: Artic — We Get Raw Zany — Causing Hysteria Noisecontrollers — Trick or Treat B-Front — Undiscovered Digital Punk — Oblivion Ephoric - "Siren" radio edit - BPM. Stormerz - "Falling" radio edit - BPM. Strong original mix - BPM. Reach For The Sky. Q D 29 May 20 Hardstyle. Hardstyle At Home Nirvana - BPM. Zombie - BPM. Hurricane - BPM. Demolition Time - BPM.

Ghost Town. Ghost Town - BPM. Qapital Explicit. Rejecta - "Courage" - BPM. Neroz - "Sacrifice" - BPM. Ncrypta - "Freefall" - BPM. Voidax - "Awakening" - BPM. QD D 1 30 Mar 20 Hardstyle.

The Phoenix Of The Night. Q D 27 Mar 20 Hardstyle. Frontliner - "Spacer" - BPM. X" - BPM. Nikkita — Death of A Demon Titan — My Angel Phrantic — Open Your Mind Ran-D vs. Zatox — Hectic Gunz for Hire — Bolivia B-Front — Mysterias Chain Reaction — Like A Boss Chris One — Revelations Dark Oscillators — Trapped Titan Remix Endymion — Make Some Noise.

Hass Hogia (Bhangra Club Dub), Al Campbell - Ease Off (Vinyl), 2nd Movement: Allegro Vivace, The Bullshitter - U.K. Subs* - Huntington Beach (CD, Album), Confused - Mark Owen - Green Man (CD, Album), Valkyrie (155 Intro Edit) - NG Rezonance - Syncopy Recordings Intro Edits, Vol. 2 (File, MP3), Ansturm - Alma Mahler-Werfel - Isabel Lippitz, Barbara Heller - Sämtliche Lieder (Vinyl, LP), De Man Die Alles Noteert - Arbeid Adelt! - Bijna Heeft Nog Nooit Een Haas Geschoten... (CD), Alive - Jennifer Lopez - The Reel Me (DVD), On The Wings Of The Night - Virgin Steele - Age Of Consent (Cassette, Album), Girlie - Roy Harper - Sophisticated Beggar (Vinyl, LP, Album), Pure Pleasure - Various - Logic Trance (CD), Lady - Oliver* - The Boss (Vinyl, LP, Album)