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All told, the package provides almost 6. All arrived in two packages on the same day, with the periphery ring housed in a protective plastic holder that serves as a placement guide more later. The nickel finish on the ring and clamp gives them a classic elegance and the set has such heft that I initially had worries about straining my turntable. This immediate impression of substance, both in terms of look and feel is an abiding characteristic that has remained with me over the months.

These products are just plain pleasurable to use. I know this has nothing to do with sonics but it bears mention here. With TTWeights, you will add a tactile joy to the process of listening to records that will make you smile. Finally, the clamp is placed over spindle. Task complete. I admit, sometimes I put the clamp on before the ring, but in non-double blind tests, I never heard a difference as a result!

First, the TTWeights platter mat adds some height 0. Second, the periphery ring fits over the record in such a way as to offer slight room for movement and, if you were casual, you might not set this in an appropriately balanced manner. Thankfully, TTWeights has got you covered if, like many vinyl addicts, you sweat the tiny placement details.

Of course, should you take this step, you will certainly need to be a clamp-last user. The final step is perhaps the most precarious for new users, the lowering of your precious diamond onto the vinyl without allowing it to touch the ring.

I figure if you are not sure-fingered enough you probably gave up on vinyl anyhow but still, the first few times you use the TTWeight ring, you might find yourself squinting, holding your breath and only letting go when you are sure.

The final assembly really looks super, and will have your friends gawking at your rig with admiration though the possibility that your non-audio friends will think this the final evidence confirming your insanity cannot be ruled out.

The spinning nickel oozes quality and provides a visual elegance to the sonic improvements that flow forth. You feel the quality of the parts as you put the pieces together but these take on a further refinement when the platter spins. Pablo, honey? Kid A features its title in the heavily distorted and nigh-incomprehensible speaking at the beginning of "Everything in Its Right Place.

Peter's Day Festival". Look, look, there, on the horizon! Break it! Get off your feet! Come dance with me, and don't you fake it Get close to me, and don't you fake it!

Reveal 's title is conspicously prominent in "I've Been High". Monster is named for two different lines in "Circus Envy", as well as for just being a noisy album. Up is sung in a few songs, but it's such a common word that this might have been unintentional.

Collapse Into Now includes its title within the album's final track, "Blue" "Living and blessed, I understand that 20th century collapse into now". That song is on the album "Begin to Hope" - Won´t Change For Me - Guns Up!

- Outlive (Vinyl album that came after "Soviet Kitsch. That's the title of a LP) live song of Regina's. It doesn't appear on ANY album. In fact, there's only one fanmade recording of the song in existence.

Artists S. The first sung line in Sade's "Smooth Operator" is Diamond life. The Shadows Fall song "Forevermore" begins with the phrase "Threads of life they start to tear", on their album LP) of Life.

But," altered slightly to match the capitalization of their name. Sweet Right Here is named for a line in "Passenger Seat. Knock On The Sky is title dropped on its own album, in the hidden track.

Fortuneteller's Melody gets it's name from a lyric in the album's first track "23 Days". I turn you over, and look in your eyes, promise you that this is forever, or 'til one of us dies. Artists T. Taking Back Sunday Won´t Change For Me - Guns Up! - Outlive (Vinyl this a ton. To make things more confusing, their first two albums were entirely made up of non-sequitur song titles. We only want to have a good time. Flying by wire, we cross the green line.

I can see you beside me in my peripheral vision. Artists U. It's also a Shout-Out to a line from The Producers. The song was originally from predecessor The Joshua Treebut Rattle and Hum features a live version of the song. A Different Kind of Truth is mentioned in "Bullethead" though the liner notes spell it "true". Artists V. I am the passion. I am the warfare. I will never stop. Artists W. The title of the Wannadies' album Be a Girl appears three times in its last track, "Kid".

Entertainment was originally going to have an album title drop, but the song that included it didn't make it to the album. Dezember avalanche - thanatos 7". Labels: avalancheworship records. Mittwoch, Dezember unveil - hypnopaedia 7". Labels: start a fire recordstake it back recordsunveil. Dezember ryker's - brother against brother. Labels: cupcake recordsryker's. Dezember downpresser - don't need a reason. Labels: recordsdownpresser. Samstag, 7. Dezember wolfxdown LP) stray from the path.

You Are So Polish, Mwen Changé, Moi + Moi, The Mission - Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy VIII: Original Soundtrack (CD, Album), All My Friends - The Air Mail - Butterfly (Vinyl, LP, Album), Where Will I Shelter My Sheep - Various - Where Will I Shelter My Sheep Tonight (Vinyl, LP, Album), Hold Me, Touch Me - Kiss, Paul Stanley - Paul Stanley (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mashed Potatoes, 21st Century Common Man (Part II) - Tangerine Dream - Tyger (CD, Album), Sanctus (CMC 47) - La Capella Reial De Catalunya · Hespèrion XXI · Jordi Savall - Isabel I, Reina De, Gotta Have You - Stevie Wonder - Music From The Movie "Jungle Fever" (CD), Fear - Stanley Clarke - The Toys Of Men (CD, Album), Fusion (40) - Ill Give My Love 2-U (Vinyl), Satanas - Sarcófago - I.N.R.I. (Vinyl, LP, Album), Partida