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Cristina scoffs but nevertheless, Isobel introduces herself to Bailey, telling her that she is Isobel Stevens but that everyone calls her Izzie. Bailey ignores the introduction, shows them their equipment, gives them a short tour and tells them her rules. She then receives a page and she and the interns run onto the roof. On the roof, a chopper lands and gives details on the patient Katie Bryce who is having seizures. In the hospitalthe interns and nurses inject Katie who finally stops moving.

Another doctor, Preston Burkewalks in and describes her as a wet fish on dry land. He then orders them to do all the basic tests. Izzie is ordered to perform rectal exams by a smiling Bailey. Izzie performs the rectal examinations, Cristina gets the test results still managing to hint to Bailey she would like a surgeryGeorge tries to perform a simple procedure on a patient.

Getting tiresome, Burke pushes him out of the way A Hard Days Night does it himself. George then jokingly says that Burke himself probably messed up a lot at first too. Through gritted teeth, Burke smiles and tells George hes going to have fun with him, George gulps. Meanwhile Meredith is lost in the hospital with Katie continuously talking about the beauty pageant she's missing and how she was great at it other than when she fell over doing rhythmic gymnastics and occasionally stopping to tell Meredith that she is lost.

Burke chooses George for his surgery. A group of interns are sitting in the canteen after 7 hours of their first shift when Izzie says that she is screwed because a resident already hates her but George sympathizes by saying he already has attendings hating him. Cristina then A Hard Days Night to ask if anyone else knew that Meredith's mother is the famous surgeon Ellis Greywho performed wonderful surgeries, wrote books and even won the Harper Avery Award twice. The conversation is quickly cut short by Meredith who tells everyone that Katie is unbearable.

Preston Burke then arrives at the table to say he gets to choose one intern to assist him in a surgery. He picks George to scrub in on an appendectomy and then walks away.

Miranda Bailey complains to Burke about his decision saying that O'Malley barely made it into the program.

He insists that if he terrorizes one that the rest will fall in place but Bailey continues to attempt to persuade him. Katie Bryce's parents walk into her room. After making sure Katie feels okay they question Meredith about if she may need surgery. Meredith quickly explains that she isn't the doctor. She A Hard Days Night to Bailey to find Burke but he is off the case so she directs Meredith to the new attending on the case, Dr. Meredith looks over at him just as he looks up, Meredith quickly walks away as Dr.

Shepherd is her one-night stand, Derek. Derek catches up with her and pulls her into a stairwell. Meredith quickly decides to pretend it never happened, Derek instead says that she just took advantage of him.

She starts to disagree but he quickly asks her if she wants to take advantage of him the next Friday. Meredith smiles and says it is inappropriate and walks away. George is in the operating room A Hard Days Night up in the gallery the other interns start making bets against him but Meredith quickly defends him. George starts the procedure and it runs perfectly until the very end where he accidentally pulls the purse strings too hard and breaks them.

She starts to bleed but can't think what to do. After a few seconds, Burke pushes him away and finishes up the procedure. In the gallery the interns nickname George, license to kill. The interns look from the gallery. After the procedure, George worries about being nicknamed He is being consoled when Meredith is paged and leaves as she got a for Katie Bryce.

George says he should have gone into geriatrics but Cristina says geriatrics is for losers who never have sex and live with their mothers.

George then quietly mutters to Izzie that he really needs to get a new place. Meredith runs through the hospital to see that Katie is fine and that she faked a seizure and wants Meredith to call someone.

Annoyed, Meredith leaves. Nurse Tyler asks a staring Izzie what she needs and she replies by saying that Mr.

Jones has junky veins and he needs antibiotics. She should start a central line, but doesn't know how. Loved it. Sophie B Super Reviewer. A versatile movie not to be taken seriously. The revolutionary group was out there causing a brutal female fanatism a la Buster Keaton Seven Chances, anybody? That guy was a genius. However, this is different because of what The Beatles represented in the music industry, the sharp screenplay and its witty comedy.

Those four guys can actually pull off some gags really good. And yet, I'm put in the necessity of separating objectively my opinion towards The Beatles and the art of filmmaking, and this is far from a masterpiece, but I want to highlight my favorite scene: Ringo with the "deserter" boy.

Edgar C Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best Horror Movies. Worst Superhero Movies. Best Netflix Series and Shows. Go back. More trailers. CSI: Vegas: Season 1. No Score Yet. Young Sheldon: Season 5. B Positive: Season 2.

Nancy Drew: Season 3. Ghosts: Season 1. Acapulco: Season 1. On My Block: Season 4. One of Us Is Lying: Season 1. Among the Stars: Season 1. Call the Midwife: Season Grantchester: Season 6. Squid Game: Season 1. Midnight Mass: Season 1. Maid: Season 1. Only Murders in the Building: Season 1. Foundation: Season 1. The Chestnut Man: Season 1.

Sex Education: Season 3. Ted Lasso: Season 2. A Hard Day's Night. Video Celebrity Watchlist: Yesterday Cast. Photos A Hard Days Night Top cast Edit. John Lennon John as John. Paul McCartney Paul as Paul. George Harrison George as George. Ringo Starr Ringo as Ringo. Wilfrid Brambell Grandfather as Grandfather. Norman Rossington Norm as Norm.

John Junkin Shake as Shake. Victor Spinetti T. Director as T. Anna Quayle Millie as Millie. Robin Ray T. Floor Manager as T. Floor Manager. The American version of the album was released on 26 June by United Artists Records in both mono and stereo, the fourth Beatles album in the United States.

The album went to number one on the Billboard album chartspending 14 weeks there, the longest run of any album that year. All seven songs from the film, the first side of the UK album, were featured along with "I'll Cry Instead", which, although written for the film, was cut at the last minute. While the stereo version of the album included the instrumental tracks in true stereo, the Beatles' own recordings appeared as electronically rechannelled stereo recordings made from the mono releases.

The Capitol Records reissue used the same master tape as the original United Artists LP release in fake stereo, despite the availability of several tracks with official true stereo remixes. True stereo versions of most of the songs had been issued on the Capitol album Something Newreleased in July This CD reissue features all of the songs in both true stereo and mono mixes.

Sources: [54] [55] [56] The Beatles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rock [1] pop rock [2] beat [3] [4] pop [5]. Rock instrumental. Popular Music: The Key Concepts. The Beatles: Here, There and Everywhere. Archived from the original on 10 December Sputnik Music. Archived from the original on 15 July McKeen, William ed. ISBN Milwaukee, WI: Backbeat Books. Archived from the original on 21 August Retrieved 18 May Archived from the original on 30 May The A. Archived from the original on 22 May Retrieved 26 May Archived from the original on 9 September Consequence of Sound.

Archived from the original on 4 April Retrieved 2 May Casino Patron uncredited Peter Newton Minor Role uncredited Derek Nimmo Leslie Jackson uncredited Margaret Nolan Pub Patron uncredited Gerald Paris Reporter uncredited Chalmers Peddie Security Guard uncredited Charlotte Rampling Girl at Disco uncredited Bob Raymond Stagehand uncredited Gordon Rollings Man with Sandwich in Pub uncredited Edina Ronay Girl at Disco uncredited Len Saunders Security Guard uncredited Sally Sheridan Minor Role uncredited Geraldine Sherman Workman uncredited Sadie Slade Party Guest uncredited Guy Standeven Party Goer uncredited Marianne Stone Society Reporter uncredited Bill Strange Stagehand uncredited Fred Stroud Pub Patron uncredited John Tatham Policeman uncredited Laura Thurlow Ringo's Pothole Girlfriend uncredited Noel Trevarthen Journalist uncredited Michael Trubshawe Casino Manager uncredited Hedger Wallace Minor Role uncredited Shalini Waran Studio Audience Member uncredited Carol White Minor Role uncredited Susan Whitman Susan uncredited Tina Williams Tina uncredited Neil Wilson Doorman uncredited Fred Wood Rogers Jr.

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