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These guys. The soundtrack from the video game 'Demon's Souls' features a score composed by Shunsuke Kida for the PlayStation 5 remake of the original game. Now available on vinyl, 'Demon's Souls' is pressed on a 2LP set. Limited edition! A five-track release by the Swedish alternative rockers, containing "radio-edited movie themes, for daily life and death". An early signing of the LP Metal Blade label, Demon Flight were a pick up band thrown together by by three L.

Michael Osuna guitar and Rick White drums Extremely morbid death metal from Nashville, executed by ex- members of a. Enfold Darkness, Inferi and Vital Remains. Truly a work of genius, definitely a heavy prog masterpiece that should please any Porcupine Tree, IQ, Spock's Beard and Marillion fan. This suite has everything that a prog epic should have, no questions about it In Orbit starts with a nice acoustic guitar passage that with help of the angelical vocal harmonies builds up into electric guitar and keyboard licks tandem before returning to a mellow vocal passage and back up again to symphonic progressive galore, 12 plus minutes of genius!

And lets not forget to mention the rhythmic section which is simply outstanding and super tight! This Past Presence almost seems to bring the same formula as its predecesor with the acoustic intro, although flutes are finally brought to the table, but its really not the case, this piece is anthemic form the beginning, reminding me a little of Anekdoten at moments maybe because of the galactic and unearthly keyboard work which again its just magnificent throughout the whole Demon (4) - Heart Of Our Time (Vinyl, a shorter song but not less memorable.

Another short one to their standards at least A Faerie's Play plays more like a hit single, if that's something that can be considered done by such a band in such a genre, with a very distinguished sometimes Iimmi-Like guitar work that preciously entangles with the rest of the instruments which in this specific song are letting the six string showcase the most. And then The River, my favorite song from the album maybe the most Tullish onethe one that made me put headphones on and dismembered the musical experience, simply perfection.

All the elements previously mentioned are present and definitely upgraded, like if they wanted to bring everything to the table? You run wild and far, and by your banks we may find rest at last, our common life is all there is, your soul equals our reflections, constantly you drift past us. With us, beneath us, upstream, downstream? Lucid Dreams closes the cycle returning all eras to the starting sonic ambience from the opening track but with the proper feel of a masterpiece fading, operatic, classical and magical.

The End! Feel like Falling is for sure or at least must be one of the highlights of the album for any new and old listener, any new or old Riverside fan, it just sounds like? The bass lines are simply all over the place same as the vocal harmonies and different guitar layers, a very powerful song with all the ingredients to become a hit single, even though that's not what the band is looking for when they craft their music, but is definitely one of the easy-listeners from this record.

What a guitar player Piotr was, so talented and precise? Escalator shine is this album's epic, with musical textures a little different from the previous band's work, kind of jazzy and classical, with Duda's bass slowly leading the band into the LP atmosphere filled with tons of guitar and piano, letting every member of the band to have their 15secs of fame, until heaviness strikes back again and the song enters this early 70's Deep Purple like scenario for a moment, and why not some doom with a Sabbath feel, and the back to the deep and melodic Riverside again, and everything happens within only 1 minute or so, fantastic mood change leading into an not so unexpected ending for the song, like a cicle closing itself without any harm or scars left.

Coda brings the album to an end, in an acoustic way? Five per cent for nothing majestically opens side B as an introduction for Anderson's masterpiece Long Distance Runaround, coincidence or not those two pieces blend together perfectly, its a beautiful, catchy and memorable tune, and depicts a song structure that will be definitely inspired bands such as Supertramp and Styx.

No rest for the dying usThe Fish takes us again into Squire's fantasyland before Howe's sets the medieval mood one more time with the incredible instrumental passage Mood for a Day?

I'm not that familiar with Howe's work outside YES, but I do know I would love an entire album sounding like this, it would surely provide me of a Mood for a Year! Finally and without previous annunciation the epic Heart of the Sunrise begins its moody journey. That tone! Fragile maybe? Three masters participate in the songwriting, Anderson, Aquire and Bruford? Three beautiful and mysterious verses are subsequently interrupted by the band's signature instrumental moments, where all the members elegantly carve their names into one of the most beloved Rock and Progressive rock lineups of all times!

Lyrics: "Love comes to you and then after, dream on onto the Heart of the Sunrise. Sharp distance, how can the wind with its arms all around me. Sharp distance, how can the wind with so many around me I feel lost in the city? The opening track The Darkest Hour starts with that characteristic fat bass line accompanied by some keys and electric guitar nuances before fading into the song body per se, sounding more late 80's style than early 90's?

There's a light but important change midways, switching from the bright melodic atmosphere to a more darker and sinister statement in accordance with the lyrical content showcasing the brilliance that these musicians accomplish in their creations, beautiful guitar licks then lead to the final 2 plus minutes where the light came back to illuminate the listener's experience, classic IQ. The very emotional Fading Senses blends in without notice in a celestial and mellow way, with Nicholls performing at a very mature level transmitting the beautiful sadness of the concept before Mike Holmes brings the iconic Horror-like guitar licks like a haunted castle conductor for the rhythmic section, so tight and to the point that it almost goes without notice, same unique melody feel that Martin's keyboards will add to the table before the ending of the song?

Holmes heavy metal-like riffing opens a new mood sounding more like their previous work opposing without degrading the more prog sound of the first two songs with Nichols vocals resembling the Wake era, but not for long?

Further away brings back the epic we were craving all along in a 14 plus minutes exceptional musical crafting. Blueprint Neo Prog melodic bass and keys mark the steps on which Nichols builds his vocal entrance, then again comes the heavy but more dense and compact riffing from Holmes while Cook's drumming confirms why he is one of the most beloved drummers of the genre.

Lyrics: "Tension seekers and public speakers defend these they have come to judge, seasonned liars and false messiahs descend to lay on the feeling touch, and I've seen too much, day by day and I don't know why Lyrics: "I was the first in that sinister bed closing the shutters and cutting the thread, shackled and fettered I know who you are bleeding the heart and the mind as the rivers run red, somebody said, "Here is Hell" how can someone make so sinister and sad lyrics sound so beautiful?

Leap of Faith, my favorite song from the album simply feels like an upgraded continuation of the Album) song, so intelligently placed in the queue to almost distract the listener who's trying to decipher when it ends or when it begins, magnificent. Moondog revisited the United States briefly infor a tribute at the New Music America Festival in Brooklyn, in which festival director Yale Evelev asked him to conduct the Brooklyn Philharmonic Chamber Orchestrastimulating a renewed interest in his music.

During that period, Moondog created hundreds of compositions which were transferred from Braille to sheet music by Sommer. Moondog spent the remainder of his life in Germany. His tomb was designed by the artist Ernst Fuchs after the death mask. Moondog's music took inspiration from street sounds, such as the subway Album) a foghorn. It was characterized by what he called "snaketime" and described as "a slithery rhythm, in times that are not ordinary [ He released a number of 78s, 45s and EPs of his music in the s, including an unusual record of stories and songs for children with Julie Andrews and Martyn Greenincalled Songs of Sense and Nonsense - Tell it Againas well as several LPs on the Prestigea jazz label.

For ten years no new recordings were heard from Moondog until producer James William Guercio took him into the studio to record an album for Columbia Records in A second album produced with Guercio featured one of Moondog's daughters as a vocalist and contained song compositions in canons and rounds.

The album did not make as large an impression in popular music as the first had. The two Columbia albums were re-released as a single CD in Perhaps his best known creation is the "trimba", a triangular percussion instrument that the composer invented in the late s.

The original Trimba is still played today by Moondog's friend Stefan Lakatos, a Swedish percussionist, to whom Moondog also explained the methods for building such an instrument.

Moondog's music from the s and s is said to have been a strong influence on many early minimalist composers. Philip Glass has written that he and Steve Reich took Moondog's work "very seriously and understood and appreciated it much more than what we were exposed to at Juilliard ". In July the British jazz composer and musician Kenny Graham recorded the album Moondog and Suncat Suites with a thirteen-piece band featuring such performers as pianist Stan Tracey and drummer Phil Seamen.

Moondog inspired other musicians with several songs dedicated to him. Glam rock icon Marc Bolan and T. Rex made reference to him in the song "Rabbit Fighter" with the line "Moondog's just a prophet to the end…". The song was also covered by Antony and the Johnsons during their tour.

Between anda blind bearded mystic called "Moondog" appeared as the title character in a four issue series of Underground comix written and illustrated by George Metzger. Since the early Demon (4) - Heart Of Our Time (Vinyl, a number of professional wrestlers have been named The Moondogstaking inspiration from the artist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American composer and musician. This article is about the American-born avant-garde composer.

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