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Both in English and German, this word has authoritarian connotations. There are a few terms which are recognised by many English speakers but are usually only used to deliberately evoke a German context:. It was bastardized as "Got mittens" by American and British soldiers, and is usually used nowadays, because of the German defeat in both wars, derisively to mean that wars are not won on religious grounds.

The original Bavarian word is Lederhosn, which is both singular and plural. In titles where it is part of a compound noun, for example, "Deutsche Reichsbahn," it is equivalent to the English word "national" German National Railwayor "Reichspost" National Postal Service. It is often equated to "yes sir" in Anglo-American military films, since it is also a term typically used as an acknowledgement for military commands in the German military.

The idea of "quintessences of earthly substances" and the use of "alcohol" to denote quintessences are developments in European alchemy in the 14th century. From the s on, the denotation of "alcohol" narrowed down to "quintessence of wine" or "spirit of wine", i. The term alco h ol vini supplanted the original quinta essentia vini, "fifth essence of wine".

A surveying instrument. A dye. Benzoin is an organic chemical solvent extracted from a resin of an Asian tree. See 'kermes' below. See also gerbil in this list. In English marcasite today is a type of pyrite. Medical term: overly frequent or abnormal use as in stammering of the sound of the letter n.

The Arabic meaning included sorrel plants. Heritage Dict. The OED, while admitting that its origins are not clear, do not link it to Arabic. In modern Arabic mas hara means to ridicule massage uncertain whether ultimately from either Arabic massa, to stroke, or from Greek massein, to knead monkey Monequin is old French recorded as Monnekin by Hainault in 14c.

May be a diminutive of a personal name, or could be from the general Romanic word and this could ultimately be from the Arabic maimun "monkey," literally "auspicious," but a euphemism, since the sight of apes was held by some Arabs to be unlucky.

See Dictionary Reference. Mulatto disputed etymology either from Spanish mulato, diminutive of 'mule' or Arabic. According to [26], 'Klein suggests ultimate derivation of the It. It may refer to a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas; or persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship. The term "brainwashing" came into the mainstream English language after Western media sources first utilized the term to describe the attitudes of POWs returning from the Korean War.

Bok choy Cantonese baakchoia Chinese cabbage: literally 'white vegetable'. Chop suey from Cantonese tzapseuilit. Dim sum and Dim sim from Cantonese dimsamlit. Some say the word came via Japanese same kanjialthough now means 'carrot' in Japanese; ginseng is 'Korean carrot'. Go From the Japanese name igo of the Chinese board game. ChineseMandarin: Weiqi. Gyoza refers to the style found in Japan. Chinese characters. Kaolin fromlit. Ramen refers to a particular style flavored to Japanese taste and is somewhat different from Chinese lamian.

From an old practice of using this method to acquire sailors for voyages to Shanghai. Shaolin from MandarinOne of the most important Kungfu clans. Shar Pei from Cantoneselit. Shih Tzu from Mandarinlit.

Chinese lion dog Shogun Japanesefrom Chineselit. Silk possibly from 'si'lit. See also other possible Arabic origin. Also known as "caron".

The name of the city is derived from Old Czech plz damp, moist. Widely used in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since the first half of s to describe the massive asset stripping during transition from planned economy. Bogart means " keeper of an orchard"[26]. The noun was originally adopted as in Dutch, with 'skates' being the singular form of the noun; due to the similarity to regular English plurals this form was ultimately used as the plural while 'skate' was derived for use as singular.

The Dutch word stoof, pronounced similarly, is a small often wooden box with holes in it. One would place glowing coals inside so it would emanate heat, and then put one's feet on top of it while sitting in a chair to keep one's feet warm. So called because police used to visit taverns in the evening to shut off the taps of casks. For one thing, the Oxford English Dictionary has quotes with the term from as early asquite some time before the French Revolution.

There are some names with both l and t: avlethaium, authnal, avtle, and so on, which appear related to autu or auta in Venetic, the idea being that autumn signifies the passing of the year.

All else is speculation. Many imported words beginning with "w" in English have cognates in French that start with a "g" or "gu". This is because the English word was not borrowed directly from French or Old French, but from other languages closely related to French, like Norman and Anglo-Norman, where the original "w" sound was preserved the majority of these words are words of Germanic origin, and stem mainly from either the Frankish language, or other ancient Germanic languages, like Burgundian.

In Old French, the initial "w" sound was prefixed by the letter "g" as "gw" and then the "w" sound was later lost. The "w" survives in orthography as "u" in "gu", but only to produce a hard "g" sound.

This might be classed a kind of "pseudo-Gallicism". In French a viveur is a rake or debauchee; bon does not come into it. The French bon vivant is the usage for an epicure, a person who enjoys good food. Konne vivante is not used. It has also come to mean a particular place where people of a certain type, such as tourists or people who originate from a certain locality, may meet.

In recent years, both the verb and the noun have taken on the additional meaning of a location where two spacecraft are brought together for a limited period, usually for docking or retrieval. The word portemanteau or porte-manteau generally refers to a coat hanger nowadays. However, it used to also refer to a form of suitcase containing two separated hinged compartments, which metaphorically became a word containing two distinct words. Interestingly, the French word mot-valise literally means "suitcase-word".

Thus, it is not spoken as "ahh", but as "ah-ah". Akamai A Hawaiian word meaning "intelligent", "clever", or "smart". Usually directed towards Caucasians or people from the mainland. Honu Hawaiian name for the green sea turtle Ancient Hawaiian form of dance.

In the older days, men used to do hula as a sign of masculinity and as a war dance. Also see haka. Many people get Hula confused between the Hawaiian hula more graceful and slower and the Tahitian hula quicker and more hip movements The reef triggerfish.

Kukui nut leis were worn by celebrities such as Jessica Kukui Simpson and Tyra Banks in and became popular must-have accessories. Puka shells are round shells with center holes, strung Puka together to make popular necklaces. A hand gesture common in Hawaii by raising the thumb and pinky fingers to Shaka make a sign similar to the American Sign Language symbol for "Y".

From Hawaiian "tapu", now Romanized "kapu". Also Tongan "tapu" or Taboo Fijian "tabu". A small guitar-like musical instrument that resembles the Portuguese Ukulele cavaquinho lit. Named after the village of Kocs in which this type of vehicle was invented. The verb 'to coach' is also derived from this root. Itsy-bitsy From ici-pici, meaning tiny komondor A big Hungarian breed of livestock guardian and dog, looking like big mop, always white.

The Hungarian verb szabni means to slice or to tailor. See Sidhe. Baltimore town of the big house. Presumably used originally with reference to the footwear of speakers of the brogue OED. Also in adjectival use. This is the same as the English callow originally, 'bald', or 'unfeathered', and now often 'inexperienced'itself cognate with the Irish calbh baldand is a particularly Irish usage OED. The word is actually English in origin; it entered into Irish from the English "crack" via Ulster Scots.

The Gaelicised spelling craic was then reborrowed Extase B - Deep Fried Embryo / To-Bo - Extase (Cassette) English. The craic spelling, although preferred by most of the Irish people, has garnered some criticism as a faux-Irish word. Fenian from Fianna meaning "semi-independent warrior band" a member of a 19th century Irish nationalist group OED. This derives from the Old Irish given name Fiacre of uncertain meaning, perhaps 'battle king', perhaps 'little raven'.

Saint Fiacre was a seventh century Irish saint for whom an inn in Paris that hired carriages was named. Perhaps from Irish. The OED says the origin is obscure and possibly Yiddish. See banshee. Used in Ireland and Newfoundland. NB: as in a slew of new products, not as in slay. In phrases such as 'to explode into smithereens'. This is the word smithers of obscure origin with the Irish diminutive ending.

In Italian al fresco is a slang term for being in jail. Also means pufferfish itself. Often simply referred to as "asian pear s ". Panko is made from bread without crusts, thus it has a crisper, airier texture than most types of breading found in Western cuisine. In Japanese, the word can also refer to alcoholic drinks in general sashimia Japanese delicacy primarily consisting of the freshest raw seafoods thinly sliced and served with only a dipping sauce and wasabi.

Although the word is originally Chinese, it entered English via Japanese. It can be used to refer to any authority figure, such as a schoolteacher, professor, priest, or politician. Chaebol froma family-controlled industrial conglomerate in South Korea. Kimchi froma wide variety of pickled, fermented Extase B - Deep Fried Embryo / To-Bo - Extase (Cassette). Kisaeng fromfemale Korean entertainers. Koryo, historic dynasty of Korea that unified the peninsula see Names of Korea.

Soju fromKorean liquor similar to shochu. Bibimbap fromwhite rice mixed with vegetables, beef, and chili paste. Chobo froma novice, especially in Internet gaming. Gosu froma person with great skill, especially in Internet gaming. Hantavirus fromthe Hantan River. Hwabyeong fromliterally "anger illness" or "fire illness". Janggi fromvariant of Korean chess.

Kalbi fromBBQ marinated beef ribs. Kimbap fromKorean rice roll. Muk-chi-ba froma Korean variant of the game 'rock-paper-scissors'.

Agar also 'agar-agar' a gelatinous substance obtained from various kinds of red seaweed and used in biological culture media and as a thickener in foods. Amok also 'amuck' or 'amock' out of control, especially when armed and dangerous; in a frenzy of violence, or on a killing spree, 'berserk', as in 'to run amok'. A wild pig Kabyrousa babyrussa of the East Indies with backward-curving tusks.

Balanda also 'ballanda' or 'ballander' from Makasar balanda, from Malay belanda, from Dutch Hollander meaning a white person, a European.

Catty from ati a unit of measurement Camphor see Kapur. Cempedak also Chempedak from Cempedaa species of tree and its fruit in the family Moraceae. Cockatoo from a a tua, a parrot with an erectile crest. Compound enclosed group of buildings by folk etymology from ampung or 'village' Cooties from utu, 'lice' Dammar from damar, 'resin; resin obtained from various mainly Indo-Malaysian trees, used to make varnish. Junk type of boat from jong Kapok from apu'a fine fibrous substance which grows around the seeds of a ceiba or silk-cotton tree, used as stuffing for cushions' Kapur from apur a large tropical tree which yields light brown wood, edible fruit, and camphor [Genus Dryobalanops.

Pandanus from pandan, 'a tropical tree or shrub with a twisted stem, long spiny leaves, and fibrous edible fruit. Parang from parang, 'a Malayan machete', Picul from pi ul a unit of measurement Proa also 'prahu' or 'prau' from perahu, 'a Malaysian or Indonesian sailing boat, typically having a large triangular sail and an outrigger' Rambutan from rambut 'hair', hence rambutan, 'hairy' Ramie from rami, 'the plant of the nettle family which yields this fibre, native to tropical Asia.

Siamang from siamang, 'a large black gibbon native to Sumatra and Malaya [Hylobates syndactylus. Ojibwe apishimon. Ojibwe ajidamoo nh ,[2] "red squirrel". Ojibwe aagimaandag"snowshoe boughs".

Algonquin wingwaage, Ojibwe gwiingwa'aage ,[2] through French quincajou. Shortened form of "tom-pung" from the same etymon as "toboggan" from an Algonquian language of Southern New England. Some researchers have recently proposed that the chocol- element was originally chicol- and referred to special wooden stick used to prepare chocolate.

A Abbasi A Persian coin or unit of weight; an Afghan coin. Abkar A wine manufacturer or seller, whose trade is subject to abkari tax. The Old Persian Achaemenid empire from B. Ahriman from Persian Ahriman. Zoroastrian conception of evil. Ahu Etymology: Persian ahu, from Middle Persian ahuk. Zoroastrian conception of God literally meaning wise lord.

In Roman and civil law: a compulsory service exacted by the government, a lord, or the church[17] Angel Etymology: Middle English angel, from Old French angele, from Late Latin angelus, from Greek angelos, literally, messenger, probably of Iranian origin; akin to the source of Greek angaros imperial Persian courier; perhaps akin to Sanskrit angiras one of a group of luminous divine beings.

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