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Rockers like Goodbye or Pretty Woman Roy Orbison's are fine but too verbose and robotic I would say, although they will probably sound more polenta live. The best without a doubt comes in the end. Rainbow Day brings an irresistible tempo means while closing Side 2 is Sister Louisianaa melody composed by Burtnick that sounds like an outtake from London Town of Wings.

This album was tragically forgotten in Jan Hammer's discography on Spotify, and at the time of its release the cover was censored in some countries due to protests from feminist organizations that considered it offensive.

A precedent of repudiation of gender violence, when the term was not yet widely used nor was it on the covers of newspapers.

Jan Hammer stood on the stage of the Bottom Line on Monday evening and pretended to play guitar. No more. Slung over his shoulder was an unwieldy keyboard contraption plugged into a battery of synthesizers that enabled him to mimic quite uncannily the sounds of an electric guitar. Hammer even aped the cliched gestures of a rock guitarist, writhing and grimacing to beat the band —which in this Flyer Edit - Various - Various Artists Compilation (Vinyl) bore his surname, Hammer.

But his performance at the Bottom Line was as pointless, obscene and inadvertently comic as the act of an inept but utterly straightfaced female impersonator. So what if he can imitate on a keyboard Jimi Hendrix's guitar riffs?

Jim Bailey does a great Judy Garland. Not only has Mr. True to its name, his band hammered away witlessly. The rigid thwack of his new drummer, Gregg Carter, deprived Mr. Hammer's material of interesting rhythmic activity. That's the same door through which Mr. Hammer should beat an embarrassed retreat. I was in two minds whether I would include this gig review, mainly because I believe Mr Emerson was still stuck in the early seventies when music was all about music and stage presence was just an after thought.

It is obvious to me that Hammer was tired of sitting back in the shadows of the Marshall stacks and playing 2nd fiddle to the lead singer and guitarist who dominated front stage. The 80's were only just around the corner and the stage act was now as important as the music. Outrageous hairstyles, stage costumes and gimmicks were becoming the norm, so it's no wonder Hammer decided to step it up a notch and show off his talents on his astonishing lead guitar synth patch.

Why should the lead guitarist and vocalists have all the fun. It is obvious that Hammer was trying to reinvent himself and keep up with the times, something that Mr Emerson was incapable of realising. It's not rocket science Ken, Flyer Edit - Various - Various Artists Compilation (Vinyl) Barbie could have seen it! Hammer Link Mb. Posted by AussieRock at PM 1 comment:. Thursday, September 30, W. Before things get too serious here at Rock On Vinyl, I thought it might be fun to post a song at the end of each month, that could be categorized as being either W eird, O bscure, C razy or just plain K orny.

So, this post consists of most of Gunston's single releases - some I own and some I found on the internet. One that I don't have is his rendition of "Suicide Blonde" so if anyone out there has it, I'd love to hear from ya.

But all jokes aside, I've always had the greatest respect for McDonald as both an actor and very funny comedian. I'm thankful for all the laughs and hysteria that he provided me during my adolescent years. And thus, the reason why I chose to 'single him out' this month. The singles contained in this post are as follows:. S - Present. One of the most 'bootlegged' bands, these two 'Unlicensed' recordings come from two distinctly different periods in the bands musical career.

To kick off, the following is an extract from a tour review, published by the Classic Rock Magazine in July, It provides an in depth account of what it was like to tour with two of the biggest named rock acts in the US at the time. May 12, Lars Ulrich of Metallica and Slash of Guns 'n' Roses hold a press conference in Los Angeles to announce a joint co-headlining tour between the two bands, set to begin July.

James Hetfield guitar-Metallica : Here's the battle - heads down heavy metal versus L. A pomp and pumped-up hair. That's what it is. Bling versus dirt. Axl Rose: We wanted to do a tour with Metallica since the day we started. We worked real hard to pull this thing together. We paid them a few million dollars more than they deserved because they wouldn't do it unless they got paid a certain amount.

And the only way we could get 'em to do it was if we called it 'co-headlining'. So, fine, we call it 'co-headlining'. But when the shit all went down, the motherfuckers couldn't live with it. Lars Ulrich drummer-Metallica : If it was left to the managers, agents and accountants, this would never have got off the ground. Whenever we had a stumbling block, we'd all sit down and work it out.

Lars Urlich: We probably got to a point where we were being too Flyer Edit - Various - Various Artists Compilation (Vinyl) about every detail but, to make it work, the shirts and the passes and whatever all had separate Metallica and Guns versions, with each on the left or on the top.

If that's the kind of stuff it takes to get the tour off the ground July Life magazine reported: The crew accompanying Guns 'n' Rose is made up of about 80 people, including four bodyguards hired, in part, to keep the drug pushers and sex-crazed fans out of temptation's path.

They've formed a family. For some of these people it is the only family they have ever really known. Los Angeles Daily News: Guns 'n' Roses took more Flyer Edit - Various - Various Artists Compilation (Vinyl) 90 minutes to set up, which was more than enough time for restless throng of concert goers to make mischief. But not everyone was amused by the debauchery or Guns 'n' Roses' tardiness. Some fans had to leave the stadium early.

Those who could stay were treated the usual uneven Guns 'n' Roses set. The momentum was severely diminished by lengthy and pointless solos by guitarist Slash and Gilby Clarke, as well as drummer Matt Sorum. The band never gained its footing and the crowd slowly thinned.

Some of the remaining fans were spied sleeping or just sitting, with bored expressions on their faces. Unlike Guns 'n' Roses, Metallica seems fully aware that this tour presents a marvelous opportunity. In a performance that could only be compared to Attila The Hun's tour of Mongolia, Metallica storm-trooped its way to the hearts of the crowd. Their set was simply superb - more than 90 minutes of non-stop musical mayhem.

After Axl is diagnosed as having damaged his vocal chords, the next three shows have to be rescheduled. Bill Gould Bassist, Faith No More : Every band in the world might think they want to open for Guns 'n' Roses but, lemme tell you, it's been a real ugly personal experience having to deal with all the shit that surrounds this fucking circus.

I saw The Light Surgeons last night still amazing and had been sent a link to a documentary about Newcastle raves when I got home that included this screen shot.

Watch the whole thing here. The Quadraphon Mk II — a lot of last week was spent working on this, making container pods that hold three extra tone arms, attached to a modular sliding rail that can be fitted over any DJ turntable. Each tone arm can be moved and locked into position to recalibrate where the arm sits in the groove and the whole thing comes apart for portability.

Still got to perfect the sliding action to make it smoother and retool one of the pods but it all works. If you want to hear what comes Flyer Edit - Various - Various Artists Compilation (Vinyl) of such a contraption then check out the releases on my Infinite Illectrik label on Bandcamp.

There are two nights and tickets can be bought here. This gave us an opportunity to retool the mix and add many parts originally up for consideration but not included for various reasons of time, flow or licensing restrictions.

As it was we released it later as a standalone track and it was all the better for it. Sabu Martinez made it into the mix and got extended with a couple of other tracks for a really uptempo part.

Very limited printing, less than as low as printed. A bit more history: Howard Morseburg began his career in the art business in the s. He was a World War II veteran who had served in the Merchant Marine and later worked in the book and magazine business. During the s Greenberg began selling the paintings he imported to galleries, furniture stores and interior designers who were then developing a wider consumer market for art than had existed before the war.

From his base in Seattle, where he and his young family were then living, Howard Morseburg followed suit, and he began selling paintings imported from Europe throughout the western United States.

In addition to the European paintings he received, Morseburg began representing young American artists. He also became involved in the West Coast printmaking movement. In the late s and early s he started to represent young artists like Wayne Thiebaud, Elton Bennett and Mel Ramos, who created their own hand-pulled prints. It was this interest in printmaking that helped lead to his next venture. The Beatnik Posters: AboutMorseburg became interested in creating humorous and satirical posters.

Crump designed a series of images that satirized the drug culture that was developing among the Beats, which Morseburg took on the road, travelling down the coast from Seattle to San Diego. In that era, drug use was not widespread and they were chiefly popular with musicians and beatnik hipsters. His primary outlets for the posters were the book stores along the west coast that catered to college students in Berkeley, Stanford, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego.

These posters were produced as very early critical parody of the drug culture by the Esoteric Poster Company, but the message was so subtle that they were popular among the very community they sought to mock. Sin Filtro. Puro Reggaeton. Tierra Tropical. Somos Pop. Voces de Fe. Corriente Alterna. La Semanal.

Pop Culture. Country Heat. Rap Rotation. Texas Forever. Control Alt Repeat. Fresh Country. Brand New Music. Fresh Indie. Breakthrough Alternative. Breakthrough Country. Breakthrough Electronic. Breakthrough Folk. Breakthrough Hip-Hop. Breakthrough Indie.

Breakthrough Pop. Breakthrough Rock. Ur Best Friend. All Hits. Mellow '70s Gold.

Tequila - Various - Shazam! 50 Guitar Bustin Instrumentals (CD), Death of A Politician 1 - Acid Mud Flower - Girth ep (CD), Mellow Mood, I. Lento Molto Adagio - Cristobal Halffter* - Antifona / Misa Ducal / Dos Movimientos (Vinyl, LP, Al, The Tracks Of My Tears - Johnny Rivers - Greatest Hits (Vinyl, LP), Sunsettlers - MCC* - Goodmorning Restrained (Vinyl, LP, Album), Firm Up - Cutmaster Swift - Battle Breaks Vol. 3 (Vinyl, LP), I Believe Because It Is Impossible - Thou (2) - The Sacrifice (Vinyl), Peel - Chiefs - Tomorrows Over (Vinyl, LP, Album), Downtown (Strip Down) - Rx (2) - Downtown Mixes 01/31/1998 (CDr)