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Leslie SatcherJim Lauderdale. Jimmy Melton, Harley Allen. Vendetta1 said: Imago said: Mayte ruined everything!

To compare Mayte with Yoko One is a little too much, imo. Prince's music hasn't been too great since he left Warner, but I don't blame Mayte I'm sorry but how can one control another without the others permission. I understand Mayte being young and all but let's face it she knew what time it was or people in her life did and she went along for the ride.

Prince doesn't have much power over a woman unless she lets him have it. What's going to happen if Album) picked up the phone and called him? Emancipation is my favorite prince album Mayte was the inspiration and i thank her for that. Prince and Mayte together were awesome. I love the song "lets have a baby" if you listen to that song and really listen to the words The music flowed and the band was FUN.

Prince seems so happy and was on alot of interview shows etc. Mayte is a beautiful person He looked at me like a gay woman would look at another woman. Lisa: Totally.

United States of Division". Jamzone said: zaza said:. What do you mean it's not in the computer? SmearMrTroof said: Jamzone said:. Tweet Share Message. I guess it would have to be something by Storm Thorgerson. So I was somewhat surprised to hear that Bat Out of Hell is meant to be ironic. Is Meat Loaf basically The Darkness, pushing things to ridiculous extremes to be funny? I suppose the name suggests that this band is not taking itself remotely seriously.

I think Jim Steinman is deadly, deadly serious about making music that absolutely drips with emotion. The grammar is awkward as hell, but that is the clear intent.

Also, supposedly, Steinman actually cried when they removed a minute of motocycle revving out of the recording when they created the video cut, so I wonder how much humor he treated that song with. Yes, that meaning of the chorus is made clear at the end of the songbut until then I think the chorus wording is Album) to come off as a double entrendre.

I agree that the verses require that reading, but I think that the chorus or at least title of the song is still intended to be cheeky. Irony is not the opposite of earnesty or sincerity. Not in the slightest. Not even a little bit. The greek tragedies are the poster children for irony, and they are tremendously earnest, sincere and serious. There is no conflict at all between something having both sets of qualities.

A lot of the time, irony makes something more serious, more earnest, more sincere. Meatloaf was his nickname when he was a high school football player, because he was and is fat — but he was and is a big, strong, powerful dude.

His songs reflect this. People seem to be forgetting this in the Outta Mind (CD of the Decline of Man. In hindsight, the singlet on Andre the Giant seems ironic, but at the time, it was another way to heighten the obvious Outta Mind (CD of such an imposing presence. It is the Bat Out of Hell, so the iconography should be about somebody that is being released from hell.

The reddish hued landscape is not hell, because that is what the inappropriately attired motorcyclist is escaping from. Therefore surely the album cover must be seen in this context. You often saw naked people springing from their graves in medeaval dipictions of Last Judgement in order to fit with the Christian teaching of bodily resurrection. There are other Outta Mind (CD about the end times amoungst Christian sects but that is the one that seems to fit and the prominant use of crosses on the grave markers means that this is definitely a Christian graveyard.

However a Christian would not have been burried with grave goods, in this case a fantastic Morotcycle which is probably not a Harley because it has a strait four engine rather than the traditional Harley V-Twin. Grave goods were often placed by other cultures that, as far as we know, believed in bodily resurrection and physical after life.

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