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Huddled together in our isolation, we're reminded how alone we are, and at the same time, that we're all in it together. Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-Liang's stunning "Goodbye, Dragon Inn," which takes place in a faded, decrepit Taipei movie palace on the night of its last-ever showing, is a paean to the togetherness of isolation among moviegoers.

There are two sets of characters in "Goodbye, Dragon Inn": those in the movie that's being shown -- King Hu's lush-looking swordplay classic "Dragon Inn" -- and those who sit in the Taiwan) (CD) as it unfolds before them, either romantically rapt or comically distracted.

Which group is more ghostly, and which more alive? There's no specific answer, the suggestion being that Liu Lien (From Goodbye Dragon Inn) - Various - Asia (Hong Kong we give ourselves over to movie images, in some ways we become ghosts ourselves, while the celluloid figures in front of us can seem more real than our flesh-and-blood neighbors. If you've never seen a Tsai Ming Liang picture, you should be forewarned that there's no real plot in the minute "Goodbye, Dragon Inn" -- only delicate traceries of feeling, conveyed by sound and images and actors' faces, that, by the end, become nearly overwhelming.

Save for the snippets of dialogue that drift to us from the movie-within-the-movie, "Goodbye, Dragon Inn" is virtually wordless. Tsai tells us everything with Taiwan) (CD) long, unbroken shots, capturing the essence of the theater as if it were a human character.

Cinematographer Liao Pen-Jung's camera shows us desolate corridors graced by a scurrying, secretive cat or two and cluttered storage rooms, a small corner of the projectionist's cramped Liu Lien (From Goodbye Dragon Inn) - Various - Asia (Hong Kong, a lobby lined with brightly colored posters that might look garish if Taiwan) (CD) weren't so inviting. These are all places that should be empty and silent while Hu's "Dragon Inn" is living its life on-screen -- like a rare insect that lives only while there's an audience to observe it -- and yet Tsai shows us how life spills into them even while the movie's running.

Dragon Inn: Poised for Battle The martial-arts film was never the same after King Hu got his hands on it, reinventing the genre with subtle editing and dazzling choreography. By Andrew Chan Essays — Jul 10, Criterion Designs — Feb 27, You have no items in your shopping cart View Cart Check Out. My standard dinner include beef dumplings, sweet and sour soup, cucumber and cold soy bean milk.

Beef Dumplings. Sweet and Sour Soup. Of course they sell other things. They have adverts scattered all over the wall. Overseas Dragon Advert. The best part was the meal was only NTD Not bad for dinner. It was a great dinner, a great ride and all and all a great time. Post a Comment Please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Look closely for the sibling warriors in the background and their would-be assailant behind the rocks in the foreground. In Taiwan, King Hu is still an important figure in Taiwanese film history and his status was confirmed by Goodbye Dragon Inn Taiwan Taiwan) (CD) which the auteurist direct Tsai Ming-liang constructs a narrative around the final screening at a major classic single screen cinema.

Only a few fans are present and various encounters take place between them during a screening of Dragon Inn. My apologies about names for actors and crew in this posting. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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