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Their career was short but highly successful. Which makes The Applecore Archives that much more special. Rather then the aggression and dark heaviness of Slayer or Kreator Acid Reign went for the more energetic, pit stirring mayhem of Exodus and Anthrax. The band took this one step further and added the complexity of Dark Angel and a bit of Mr Bungle for their last album Obnoxious.

They band also had a reputation for having a laugh and not taking things too seriously. ALthough there are funny interludes and the like you only have to hear a track such as Thoughtful Sleep to see that when it came to the music the band were very serious. All in all if your a Thrash Metal enthusiast or even consider yourself a connoisseur this is a great purchase and a great piece to your collection.

A fantastic document of a great band that came and went too soon. Disc One Moshkinstein 1. Goddess 2. Suspended Sentence 3. Freedom Of Speech 4. Motherly Love 5. Respect The Dead 6. Chaos Lambs To The Slaughter 7. Goddess 8. Suspended Sentence 9. Motherly Love Two Minded Takeover The Burial Amnesiac When this happens, dangerous precedents can be set. I like My Open Mind - Acid Reign (2) - Obnoxious (CD) song Creative Restraint because it is fast and exciting and it is a great way to start the album.

The way that this album begins is one of the My Open Mind - Acid Reign (2) - Obnoxious (CD) ways to start off a heavy metal album. The band did this by including a song that has all the elements of an My Open Mind - Acid Reign (2) - Obnoxious (CD) song, and the message in it is something that people in democratic countries should keep My Open Mind - Acid Reign (2) - Obnoxious (CD) mind as they go to the polls to vote for their leaders.

The bass guitar starts this song as the song speeds up. The song is about what can happen to planet Earth when humans misuse the environment. It is surprising that this album did so poorly in terms of sales, because it is quite good in the early parts.

At the end of the song we are exposed to some more acoustic guitar work before it goes into the song called "You Are Your Enemy. But at times in life, when people become angry and they are exposed to other negative emotions, they may begin to wonder whether life is worth living or not. Life may not be fair, but it is still good. We have to try our best to do what we can to keep our head above the turbulent waters of life even when it seems that there is nothing good in this life on Earth.

Sometimes, life can be what we make of it. Sometimes we may be contributing to our not-so-good feelings. However, this does not reduce the quality of the album that much in terms of the songs. Those of us who are musically adept at figuring out which band was influenced by this kind of orchestration will know that it was the UK's Cradle of Filth.

The song "My Open Mind" is about someone who is controlled and manipulated by others who force him to think a certain way or to adopt My Open Mind - Acid Reign (2) - Obnoxious (CD) beliefs and opinions that are accepted by society. Tracklisting: Disc 1 - Moshkinstein 1. Goddess 2. Suspended Sentence 3.

Freedom Of Speech 4. Motherly Love 5. Respect The Dead 6. Chaos Lambs To The Slaughter 7. Goddess Demo 8. Suspended Sentence Demo 9. Motherly Love Demo Two Minded Take Over Demo Demo The Burial Demo The Argument Bonus Track Sabbath Medley Bonus Track All I See Live Goddess Live. Disc 2 - The Fear 1. You Never Know 2. Reflection Of Truth 3. Insane Ecstasy 4.

Humanoia 5.

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