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Their sound is crystal clear without any hints of Rock Progressivo Italiano whatsoever. The musicians is doing a great job throughout. The vocals is both clear and operatic male and female vocals. The instruments is basically more of the classical orchestra setup with woodwinds and violins in addition to some electric guitars, tangents, bass and drums. The problem with this album is that it is overly ambitious and it is doomed to fall flat on it's face if it does not have some really great pieces of music.

Unfortunate, Children Of Hurin is sorely lacking one or two really great songs. The music here is good, but not great. I have to admit I tend to lose interest halfway through this album. But Children of Hurin is a good effort from the band which reached for the stars but did not quite make it. A bland character for a bland album.

Big epic piece, I was looking forward this album a lot. Ainur did very well in past and the more you are listening to their albums, the more of a story you feel. These re-tellings of written Album) are always amazing, given that genre so fitting for these ancient magical fantasy stories, RPI.

There are more "rough" parts, there are milder ones, exactly as the story goes up and Part Three - Hostsonaten - Alive In Theatre (CD according to twist of fate or more like narrator.

This album is of course poetical, epic, for sure concept and so on, but how it is about music itself actually? There are parts where you can certainly feel Opera, except forementioned Symphonic elements, you can also experience neat guitar solos, mood parts especially Before The Throne is full of them.

I don't hope, I certainly know for sure that I will eventually like this album more in future. But take this review as words from someone who listened to this few times and is only in the beginning of the journey. There are weaker parts, there are very good ones too, in average it doesn't make average, but high quality album.

As we're used to from Ainur. Review by apps79 Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. Forget about the Classic Italian Prog sound here. I'm not really fond of Album) following male operatic vocals. Despite they are also qualitive,they seem to bore me a bit along the way. AINUR do that well at some point,though most of the tracks sound quite similar.

Metal riffing and intense vocals support this claim. Yet the balance seems a bit lost trying to listen to the album in its full version. Calm spacey,classical or medieval parts are mixed with almost metal music and that's not the best thing I can face. The band is talented,no question about it. The problem is that music in here is quite similar in moments,a bit too calm for most of its part,while this Tolkien adaptions-thing seems too old- fashioned for me. However,I believe these musicians can do much better things in the future and I will support them with a 3 star rating.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. So not only do you get to see and hear a bunch of talented current Italian progressive players in action many who have been involved in numerous outstanding modern RPI worksbut you also witness Susanna Tagliapetra's simple, restrained and effective stage direction that compliments the soundtrack perfectly.

You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. Forum user Album) password. Not only would I say that in terms of a live CD it is exceptional, but many of us pretentious prog nerds certainly enjoy anything and everything that bands do to push their art beyond the mundane. In this case Mr. Zuffanti has gone above and beyond to call of duty and actually assembled a very enjoyable production, and hopefully continues to do more of this sort of thing in the future.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. For those unfamiliar with Hostsonaten, you'll find many similar tendencies to MdC in that it clearly resides within the domain of symphonic prog and has a strong focus on the development of motifs to propel the album forward song after song.

Fans of the band can expect a live recording worth picking up in the form of this latest release, performed, recorded, and filmed at Teatro Verdi in Genoa, Italy.

Sadly, there are just a couple of factors that do let this ambitious project down slightly. The biggest offense of all is the use of the English language. The Italian language is one of the defining characteristics of proper RPI music, and it would have worked beautifully Album), considering how poetic and romantic that language is and would have sounded in this theatrical setting.

Other than that, I do think Fabio's bass could have been mixed a little louder, and I probably would have enjoyed a few more fully instrumental, vocal-free passages to break things up a little. Also, the DVD is cut up into ten minute chapters, so you can't directly go to the start of a specific track. Four stars. First and foremost, I would like to say that I primarily consider this a live album package with the DVD as a bonus rather than the focus.

I give two reasons: firstly, in my opinion, the mini- lp style packaging rather than a DVD case hints that this is first and foremost a CD release. Secondly, while the DVD is very enjoyable to watch, the filming is not so stylized as many modern concert film releases mostly a camera fixed at the back of the room alternating with one towards the side. The overall impression when viewing, therefore is more akin to sitting in the concert hall watching the performance from a fixed position rather Album) the numerous techniques of zoom, pan, close-ups, etc.

In terms of the audio CD, what we get is a very well recorded and produced live performance, in fact, one that is superior to the album version, which is saying a lot. That said, the DVD is a solid bonus and very enjoyable due to the fact that it presents a visual addition to the artistic impact of the music by way of costumes and dancers.

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