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My favorite China-Rider! Sound quality is the best 73 IMHO. Be well! Oroborous, your missed show list is bigger than most peoples made show list.

That post made me smile, thanks for that. Once again. What a great show. I had tickets for all of the Boston Garden shows in fall '95; I had graduated college that summer and was psyched to have gotten my mail order completely filled first time ever. Was totally bummed of course, but then my older brother who ended up keeping a set of the tickets for a Christmas gift to me that year, put them all into a nice frame around a giant stealie in the middle that says "Boston Garden" with the dates at the top, then at the bottom "The shows that never rocked, yet The Music Never Stopped".

This hangs proudly on the wall in my music room today along with other items collected over the years. Now, on to check out this new Phish album, although I know I've heard some of the songs during prior recent shows Had tickets for three shows at the Oregon Country Fairgrounds in August ofthey all got cacelled. After the last show down in Ventura inall the Dead heads were coming out of the show and there was a big hippie school bus outside the show with a guy on top with a megaphone calling out to the crowds, " Attention Deadheads, Jesus loves you, give your souls to Jesusand give your drugs to us.

Well, we caught Mr. I was only 16 but tall with long hair so they didn't card me. Freddie electrified the place and invited the best looking women up on stage to dance while he blasted away. Freddie is still one of my absolutely best fav guitarists and personalities, these so many years after his premature demise. He did sing a song about "chile pizza," so there's that medical tidbit Fast forward to June '74 and Clapton plays Roosevelt Stadium. He's too drunk to stand up so he lays down on his back Real Gone Jesse - Smokehouse Dave - Hot to Trot (CD tries playing that way.

Suddenly, our man Mr. King strides out and plays the hour-plus rest of the show, blazing for 20, saving the day in style! Ringo Starr on drums, too. So perhaps Mr. Clapton was speaking from gratitude, if he remembered this "incident. Okay, now to "missed shows. I caught one show, probablywith a ticket, then decided to go back into the city without a ticket and score one on the street. None of this "miracle" BS, I had cash for a ticket and milled through the gathering crowd, asking.

A guy says, "Sure, I've got an extra. Adding injury to insult, there were many ticketless folks out there that night and as luck would have it or human naturesome attempted to break down a side door to get in free. Suddenly, cops everywhere, chasing down miscreants with liberal use of their damned batons.

I had retreated to a doorway across the street, but too late and my long hair gave me away. As the cops ran down the street after their prey, they simply cracked everyone along the way with a baton for good measure. I took a serious blow to my arm as I used it to block my head.

Had to hang out in the street for the entire show, darting around for safety, nursing a nasty, rising welt til my ticketed friends emerged to tell me how great the show was. Ah, the "good old daze Lastly, I was amused to see the Taper's Compendium Vol.

I find much more cohesive and flowing and powerful, though I enjoyed a whole lot. Real Gone Jesse - Smokehouse Dave - Hot to Trot (CD the appearance of St. Stephen in got it better PR. Real Gone Jesse - Smokehouse Dave - Hot to Trot (CD safe, folks. We're in a long-haul virus trajectory with Real Gone Jesse - Smokehouse Dave - Hot to Trot (CD misery to come. Be strong, my brothers. Or what passes for a thought lately. I'm not exactly Sherlock Holmes, but the feeling I get from the deliberate not "languid," as I've previously characterized it pace of these June '76 shows, the careful harmonies, Donna's standout singing and the remarkable quality of these two track tapes is that Jer led some pretty exhaustive rehearsals before relaunching the band.

I say "Jer," but it obviously was collaborative. They were going to relaunch the space ship and wanted to be sure all was stowed aboard properly for the June blast-off. The easy groove really emphasizes that they were thinking "future" at that juncture and took care to consciously set their own pace, book theaters and they were hot to trot after 18 months of other projects, which did include three shows and a killer record, but also a ton of Kingfish and Jer shows, of which I consumed a healthy?

Caught several of both tours, just as tootskie came into play. Oh boy. Edit: I think the relatively small theaters kept the volume at a level that aided Betty's taping ears. Whadda ya think? Over and out. Thanks for indulging me -- my first consecutive posts. Swear I'm gonna change my ways Harpur College 5. Not being negative but 80's and 90's versions are os os!!! Simpsons quote Remember the bootleg Dough Knees shirts with the Pillsbury Doughboy!

Interesting as always to see the different shows that click more or less for different folks in the comments on these threads. One of the great things about the s rock culture was that many of the best rock musicians talked openly about their influences in interviews, and sometimes went out on the road and made records with them.

This introduced me to many, mainly blues musicians but also s rock n' roll stars. With a mix of modern and traditional instruments these fourteen songs go through the progression of an Ethiopian Amhara wedding sung in Amharic.

With the trio of singers, Lemma G. Hiwot, Zenebech Tesfaye, and Selamawit G. Selassie, alternating turns at the microphone, and sharing call and response duties, a relentless frenzy of hand clapping incites dancing and smiles. The consumption of tedj honeywine and the swirling love of a wedding was captured in the studio with euphoric energy to take away to play over and over again when the festivities are over.

With hand screened covers and an insert of wedding photos accompanying the liner notes, this is the next best thing to an invitation to the real thing. Posted by Jillem on Friday, January 03, Nigerian disco awesomeness!

Complete crazy cosmic disco, mad synths, space noises with that afrobeat feel! Recorded in both London and Lagos and produced by Harry Mosco. Funky, full of synths and artwork to die for. This, then, is a much-needed reissue. It contains four fine cuts that showcase the Ivory Coast-born musician's distinctively intergalactic take on Afro-disco, where spacey electronics and mazy synth lines rise above bustling, high octane grooves.

The album does contain one decidedly laidback and loved-up slow jam - closer "She Africa Ton Tour Viendra " - but it's the celebratory brilliance of the set's dancefloor workouts that most impress. Check, in particular, the anthem-like strut of title track "Cosmic Sounds" and the hot-to-trot, solo-laden Afro-disco explosion that is opener "Self Destruction". It has all the markings of a cult classic: an artist that disappeared into obscurity, affiliations with an infamous record producer and a host of musicians that went on to great careers in music after it was released.

The album also includes two unpublished songs, "Runaway" and "Radio". Jamiroquai - High Times - Singles [Flac]. Give Life Back To Music The Game Of Love Giorgio By Moroder Within Instant Crush Lose Yourself To Dance Touch Get Lucky Beyond Motherboard Fragments Of Time Doin' It Right Contact Bonus Tracks: Horizon Extended Version Get Lucky Club Mix Mazelo Nostra - Boogie Nights Stargazer - La Vie Est Belle Fuminori Kagajo - Angel Feat.

Selina Campbell Mazelo Nostra - Jazz Cantina Ivan M Stereo Positive - City Life Wielka gwiazda w zespole z muzykami sesyjnymi? Po raz kolejny zaskoczenie. Jest jednak jeden problem. Funkadamus 2. Groove Is King 3. Low Tide 4. Uber Station 5. East Village 6. If Six Was Eight 7. Funkadamus 9. Digging In The Dirt The 6 Train To The Bronx Rock Candy SEED The Getaway Dark Necessities We Turn Red The Longest Wave Goodbye Angels Sick Love Go Robot Feasting On The Flowers Detroit This Ticonderoga Encore The Hunter Dreams Of A Samurai.

Tritonal - Ginsu Original Mix Artistic Raw - Drop The Bass Volkan Uca Feat. Merih Gurluk - Istanbul Radio Mix Bad Paris Feat. Soultec - Kingston Dub Reen - Essence Grand Massa - Bass Drops Wali Finkbeiner - Blaze Original Mix Laidback Luke Feat.

Jerome Robins - Jump Original Mix Fede B - Mirage Original Mix Ducked Ape Feat. Drumstix - Flower Club Mix Mark Wagner Feat. Liza Fox - Dynamite Danny Thorn Feat. The first two tracks are banjo solos by Shirley Spalding and Fred Van Eps which are more in the parlor tradition than county though they use rural melodies.

There are three songs by the ubiquitous Vernon Dalhart including his very first recordiong of Wreck Of The Old Southern 97 which he recorded a number of times for different companies.

This is a particularly fine version with fine harmonica from Dalhart and guitar from Frank Ferera. Gene Austin is best known as a pop vocalist but his two sides with fine harmonica player George Reynaud are fine country tunes including an early version of Going Down the Road Feeling bad called Lonesome Road Blues and the fine blues The Railroad Blues. Sound quality is excellent, particularly considering that more than half the recordings were cut acoustically and there are detailed notes by Lawrence Tedder, but, curiously, no discographical information except recording dates.

First issue on this series in a while. A great collection of up tempo honky tonk hillbilly and hillbilly flavored rock 'n' roll from the 50s and 60s. Mils this odd name is an anagram of Slim Willett with the tough and mostly instrumental Ain't Going Home and more.

Sound quality is excellent and booklet has a handful of label shots. Bonnie Owens. Platinum [Capitol]. Nashville Meets Germany.

Drifters Caravan. Primary Artist, Vocals, Guitar, Composer. Live from Austin TX. Live from Armadillo World HQ Live at Soundstage. Lifetime of Country Romance Collection. Jimmy Buckley Live in Concert.

Jimmy Buckley. Heure de La Sortie. Greatest Hits [Gusto]. Faron Young. Gloria's Waltz. Jim Nunally. Forever Ray Charles. Forever Gold: Country Rock. Dwight Sings Buck. Dance the Night Away. Country's Greatest Moments, Vol. Country Goes Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. Bluegrass Melodies. Big Midnight Special. Best of Country [Madacy 3 CD]. B-Sides and Rarities. After Hours. Raul Malo.

Adventures of Guy Noir. Bobby Darin. Al Martino. The Best of Classic Country: '80s. The Best of Classic Country: '60s. That's What I'm Talkin' About. Kim McAbee. Vocals BackgroundComposer. That's Amore. Dean Martin. Summer Rains: The Essential Rivers Johnny Rivers. Siw Malmkvist. Rockin' Bones: Real Gone Jesse - Smokehouse Dave - Hot to Trot (CD Punk and Rockabilly. Primary Artist, Vocals Background.

Redneck Christmas [Time Life]. Ray Sings, Basie Swings. Rare Monro. Matt Monro. Platinum Collection. Parcel of Dreams. Original Hits: The Country Edition. Nashville Rebel [Box Set].

Lifetime of Country Romance: Sweet Dreams. Killer Country B Side. Kids Pop Country. Kickin' Out the Footlights Jerry Rocks. His Earliest Recordings. Hee Haw Gospel Quartet. Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals. Happy Holidays. Down on the Corner of Love. De Hazes Country Legends: 60 Country Hits. Billboard 1s: Classic Country. Best of Country Live. Blue Diamond. At His Best [Gusto]. Roger Miller. A Half Century of Hits. A Brad Paisley Christmas.

When Sin Stops. What Part of No. Lorrie Morgan. Trucker's Jukebox. Lou Reid. The Gift of Rock. Smash Mouth. The Country Outlaws [Horizon]. The Collection [Reader's Digest]. Tom Jones. The Collection. The Flying Burrito Brothers. The Capitol Collection. That's What I Say. John Scofield. Sweethearts in Heaven. Superstars of Country: Party Time. Story of a Broken Heart. Roots of Country Music.

Love Train. Joe Bonson. Loneliest Star in Texas. Norma Jean. Live from Branson. Guest Artist. Let Me Linger. Laura Boosinger. Legends: Country Legends. Kings of Country [Legacy Box]. In London. I Left My Heart in Texas. Eugene Chadbourne. Hillbilly Heaven. Highlights from Shades of Green Concert: Live. Hee Haw Country. Greatest Hits. Ronnie Dove. Marianne Kock. Country Storytellers. Country Music Legend. Country Men [St. Country Love Songs. Vic Damone.

Country Legends. Country Legend. Country Jukebox Hits [Deuce]. Country Bad Boys. Collection []. Classic Country: Kings of Country. Main Personnel, Vocals, Primary Artist. Christmas in Australia. Adam Brand. Chartbuster Karaoke: Lorrie Morgan, Vol. Branson Encore. Be My Guest. Barbra Streisand: The Television Specials. Anthology [United Multi Consign]. After the Dance. A Christmas Kind of Town. Connie Francis.

The Very Best of Dwight Yoakam. The Immortal Soul of Al Green. Al Green. The Highwaymen. The Heart of Country.

The Core of Rockabilly. The Collection [Universal International]. The British Invasion Box. The Absolute Best.

The Fabulous Irish Showbands. Sun Essentials. Sings Country. Road to Bakersfield. Ray Charles [Columbia River]. Piano Strings Tribute to Ray Charles. Peace in the Valley: 24 Gospel Favorites. Nashville Legends [Columbia River]. Nashville Honky Tonk.

Live at Mechanics Hall. Legendary Country Christmas. Karaoke: Country Christmas Favorites. In Concert. House Down the Block. Kenny Smith. Have You Ever Been Lonely? Greatest Hits [Pulse]. Alberto Vazquez. Gaither Homecoming Classics, Vol. Bill Gaither. From My Heart. Eleanor Riley. Essenshul Cledus T. Cledus T. El Firi Firi Loco. Los Chukos de Zaz y Zaz. Early Outlaw. Dylan Country. Crazy Arms. Ray Price. Country from My Heart. Country Tearjerkers: 60 Original Heartbreakers.

Country Tearjerkers [CD2]. Country Standards. Country Songs for Kids. The Countdown Kids. Country Radio's Most Requested Hits. Country Legends [St. Country Gentlemen [Dynamic]. Country Christmas, Vol. Country Christmas [Flashback]. Collection [EMI]. Classic Country: Honky Tonk Heroes. Classic Country: Great Duets [ 2]. Classic Country: Great Duets [ 1]. Classic Country Songs for Kids [Disc 2]. Chartbuster Karaoke: Patsy Cline, Vol. Chartbuster Karaoke: Buck Owens.

Buddy Greco. American Soul. Alabama Show. Dottie West. You Heard It at the Movies. You Go to My Head. World of Hank Williams Jr.

Hat And Beard - Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch! (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Fire - Senses Fail - The Fire (CDr, Album), Bizarre (2) - Attack Of The Weirdos EP (Cassette), Music For Strings, Rob N Raz Feat. D-Flex - Mona Lisa (CD), Kalunga - Artur Adriano - Memorias (CD, Album), Fast Way - Various - Introducing Vol. 2 (CD), Vision - Ostertag* with Zorn* with Frith* - Attention Span (CD, Album), Waste Of Life - Havok (7) - Unnatural Selection (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dark Star (Excerpt) - Various - Zabriskie Point (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl, LP, Alb