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Not Helpful 36 Helpful This will take time. As you continue working on the techniques this article teaches, your vocal cords will build strength and agility, like a dancer rehearsing, and with time your voice will sound better. Not Helpful 41 Helpful If you want to improve your singing voice, you must train consistently.

Just as an athlete trains their body every day and cares for it, if you work on your singing voice wisely every day it will improve. And, just like an athlete, resting when needed is important. Not Helpful 1 Helpful I'm 11 years old and I just started taking voice lessons, but I don't think I'm that good.

How do I develop a good voice? The vocal cords are the last muscles in the human body to finish growing. Give it time. If you love it, keep singing. Not Helpful 40 Helpful If I can sing perfectly well by myself, why is it that when I sing around other people, I sound terrible? This may be because you're you're shy or you are not used in singing in public. Build confidence by singing to friends. Also try closing your eyes and feeling like nobody's watching. Not Helpful 84 Helpful If you are getting headaches, you are probably not breathing enough.

Remember to breathe, stay hydrated, and sing from your diaphragm. Not Helpful 32 Helpful The "three Ps": Patience, Practice, and Passion. Get a private teacher and don't ever give up.

Not Helpful 21 Helpful Stay away from foods that are very spicy to protect your vocal chords. Avoid milk and soda since those drinks build up mucus in the back of your throat. Drink a lot of water and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet to keep your voice healthy and strong. Sing Helpful 43 Helpful Yes, coughing can damage your vocal folds. Instead, take a sip of water and swallow hard to push the obstruction down.

If you're sick, drink plenty of hot liquids. Not Helpful 66 Helpful Make sure Sing drink plenty of water. Inhaling vapor rub or eating mint gum may help to clear your throat and help your breathing. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Don't try to sing higher pitched until you warm up and are ready for it. It's bad to strain your vocal cords. If you know you have a long part next as you sing, breathe in deeply then sing it. Straining cords could cause embarrassing voice cracks. Helpful 27 Not Helpful 0. If you want to sing with emotion, feel the song's Sing and think about what the song means to you.

Then try to match your voice to the emotion. This helps your stress hormones, and it actually DOES relieve stress. Helpful 31 Not Helpful 2. Helpful 36 Not Helpful 3. A warmup is important to relax your throat. Try some high and low notes to warm up as well as exercises to move your cheeks and lips, such as "ooh"s and "aah"s. Helpful 26 Not Helpful 2. Clear your nose if it's congested to avoid a nasal undertone or breath shortage.

Helpful 23 Not Helpful 4. This should be what it feels like when you sing and practice your vowels. Helpful 25 Not Helpful 5. Drink warm tea with honey or room temperature water when you are thirsty.

These help with dryness and the tea can soothe your throat. Helpful 6 Not Helpful 1. If your voice or throat is really hurting and you notice that you can't even speak without your experiencing pain, do not use your voice at all. You need to be silent for the rest of the day. Drink lots of warm tea and, if you have a steamer, steam for 20 minutes.

Examples of sing. The impact of singing on children's psychological state and well-being was investigated with a participant population of 76 pre-pubertal children.

From the Cambridge English Corpus. Typically, the whole performance is evaluated: the presentation, as well as the music being played or sung. Unfortunately, no singing teacher was available then to help cope with the vocal demands of the piece. Less popular were the 'mental practice' Sing ' sing and play' choices. By shedding excess and approaching sung dialogue as if it were speech, singers were to be singing actors - the imperative of a musical dramatic art. It is part of the style, like bel canto singing in most opera, or the swing eighth-note in most jazz.

Furthermore, although artists or song titles may have been forgotten, the lyrics were more often remembered, and many were able to sing along. It is certainly an asset to be able to play the piano, but this ability is devalued if the teacher is afraid to sing. She sang and little by little descended to the stage, where she immediately disappeared. Singing psalms in this manner rendered them plain, since the antiphon was more florid than the repetitive psalm-tone used to sing the verses.

It Sing be presumed that boys form negative attitudes toward singing because of their apparent lesser ability in this area. He had a few lessons, and went away able to sing. Even on the face of it, however, the assassins don't sing ' our songs'; they sing theirs.

Operatic characters do indeed sing all the time, but what they sing are not always songs. Most students did not know about other countries' Sing instruments and were not taught to sing other cultures' songs in their original languages.

These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. See the full definition for sing in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Nglish: Translation of sing for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of sing for Arabic Speakers. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Log in Sign Up. Save Word. Definition of sing Entry 1 of 2. Definition of sing Entry 2 of 2. Keep scrolling for more. Examples of sing in a Sentence Verb She sings in the choir.

The children danced and sang. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. To utter words or sounds in musical tones: carolchantvocalize. To give incriminating information about others, especially to the authorities: informtalktattletip off. Slang: ratsnitchsquealstool. Idiom: blow the whistle. He sings very well; She sang a Scottish song; I could hear the birds singing in the trees.

Are you a good singer? Do you do much singing nowadays? Sing out when you're ready to go.

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