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Listen online. Year: 3 Views. Genre: Rock. Style: Symphonic Rock. Notify me of new comments via email. Cancel Report. Create a new account. Log In. Powered by CITE. Don't keep it to yourself! Add it Here. Standing in the Rain. Evil Woman. Don't Wanna. Livin' Thing. One More Tomorrow. Blue Sky. Strange Magic 2. Sweet Talkin' Woman 3. Confusion 4.

Do Ya 5. Roll Over Beethoven 7. All Fall Down 8. Witness 9. Thousand Eyes Hold On Tight Turn to Stone The Last Train to London The 2-CD set has had various different covers. Also known with the title "26 Rock favourite" produced by Weton- Wesgram B. A shorter single CD containing 18 songs was Sweet Talking Woman - Electric Light Orchestra Part II - One Night In Australia (CD) later in the US.

The band subsequently sold the master tapes to this album and it has since been remixed, remastered, and reissued under various titles and different covers. In fact, The Orchestra's a successor of ELO Part 2 online discography shows 17 different covers this was issued under and they believe that there are more out there that they haven't found yet. The recording is great and well mixed. The performance is full of energy making Sweet Talking Woman - Electric Light Orchestra Part II - One Night In Australia (CD) a much better live record than the one the band released back in Like every live recording, things aren't perfect.

I remember when my cousin and I listened to these on repeat in my grandfather's truck when we were just around 6 years old Anyways, this song brings about one topic in particular, which is that "the one that got away" sort of vibe. Although disguised in a very happy and upbeat melody, the guy is almost torn up by the fact that he wouldn't get the girl, so to speak. The lyrics "I was searchin' searchin' on a one-way street" suggest that he had been looking for love a long time and that he thought he had finally found the right one.

He's become almost obsessed with the thought of her and couldn't see himself without her, even though she likely doesn't feel the same connection he does take the quote "Don't know what I'm gonna do" as an example " She's gone so long What can I do?

He goes on, "I gotta get back to you," He's driven to get back to her in order to get to know her better in hopes that she feels the same way he does. The chorus, "You gotta slow down, sweet talkin' woman, you got me runnin', you got me searchin'," displays how desperate he is to get back to her, and in his fruitless attempt at love with a total stranger, he can't seem to stop thinking about her. Sweet Talking Woman - Electric Light Orchestra Part II - One Night In Australia (CD) verses, "I've been livin' on a dead-end street I've been askin' ev'rybody I meet Insufficient data coming through" convey how he's feels like he's come to a "dead-end" without her, and how he's trying everything he can to find out more about her through any means he can, but he hasn't found any leads.

This is my opinion, but this is likely where he should've let go of her, but he was either too stubborn or too blinded by love to see that it wasn't meant to be. Even if it was true love, fate wasn't going to have it. The final verse in the chorus, although repeated many times throughout the song, has the most punch to it out of all of them: "It's so sad Sweet Talking Woman - Electric Light Orchestra Part II - One Night In Australia (CD) that's the way it's over," Even with it's repetition, I think at the end of the song you understand that this is his realization that maybe she wasn't the one.

As sad as it is, he didn't find love as he had once thought. Now this is such a great song because it's so relatable! Everyone has Sweet Talking Woman - Electric Light Orchestra Part II - One Night In Australia (CD) walking through a store, or at a carnival, or in a bar and seen what you believed to be your true love, your soulmate, your other half.

You think about scenarios in your head where you two fall in love and live happily ever after. But at the end of the day, you let them get away. You feel like you've just had your heart ripped out, like you'll never love again. Maybe, in a perfect world, you would've locked eyes and immediately gone head over heels for each other. Maybe in some parallel universe you two were meant to be, but the universe has a funny way of working sometimes.

Just remember, if you believe in fate like I do, everything happens for a reason, and she's out there, he's waiting for you, somewhere, but you can't force love to happen. Everything will work just the way it's supposed to. There was an error.

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