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Daft Punk — Homework Daft Punk — Discovery My wife is French, you know. Actually, I was at a party in Toulouse round at her brother's house when we started talking about music.

A lot of her brother's French friends were very impressed that I had even heard of this band, never mind that I actually owned some of their albums. They were so impressed that we put on "Homework" immediately although it wasn't long before the Clash were back on I think we all liked the Clash a bit more.

Anyone else think Kanye West wants shooting? Bob Dylan — Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan — Blonde on Blonde Bob Dylan — Blood on the Tracks There's a lot of stuff on these albums that I absolutely adore, but I'm afraid my lasting memory of Bob Dylan will be of going to see him play live at the London Docklands Arena several years ago.

Was he bad? Yes, unbelievably so. His voice was shot and he was incredibly self-indulgent, mucking his back catalogue around so much that it was barely recognisable. And he was touring a good album too "time out of mind". I actually fell asleep. And I walked all the way back to where I was staying in the pissing rain. Legend, clearly, but please learn from my mistakes and never go to see him perform. Sadly, I'll have a similar story to tell about Lou Reed later on in the alphabet.

Dodgy — Homegrown One of the best acts that I saw at Glastonbury in Not heavyweight, I suppose, but a good breezy listen. Divine Comedy — Promenade Well, yes At the Athens Olympics, when someone won a gold medal, they used to play a song that they particularly associated with that country. Great Britain's song, as burned indelibly into my brain on that glorious sunny morning at the rowing lake, was "National Express".

Go figure. I like them. They're Canadian, you know. The Doves — The Last Broadcast The Doves — Some Cities For one reason or another, I've seen this lot live many times, and they're very good. I have no idea why I bought this, but I loved it then and I love it now.

My fondest memory of this album is listening to it in the car as we drove through the empty Tuscan countryside after midnight on our way to an open-air hotspring. It was a beautiful night, and the music fitted the mood perfectly. That seems way too short. Let me just have a quick look on iTunes.

Ah, no Must be a thin letter generally then. Shuffleathon Update. Nearly ready to start now. I just need the following addresses please: Mark Martin Lisa Adem and then we can begin! Posted by swisslet at 15 comments: Email This BlogThis! Labels: musicpointless cataloguingshuffleathon Monday, 24 September start again. I thought that finding something appropriate to read at the wedding of two close friends would be a doddle.

Apparently not. I wanted to avoid slush at all costs, but actually finding something appropriate is devilishly hard. For once, this is an area where the internet is of no bloody use at all, suggesting that you go for some drippy poetry or a reading from Captain Correlli.

Fine, but not what I was looking for. I was convinced that Nick Hornby would come up trumps, but it turns out that "Fever Pitch" really is mainly about football and Arsenal at that and that "High Fidelity" -- great book though it is -- is distinctly double-edged in most of its key passages, and probably a bit too close to the bone to be read out at a wedding ceremony A bit of the last chapter of "Ulysses"?

Some Robert Frost? Something by Shakespeare? John bloody Hegley? No, no, no. And then I thought about this: I hope all my days Will be lit by your face I hope all the years Will hold tight our promises I don't wanna be old and sleep alone An empty house is not a home I don't wanna be old and feel afraid I don't wanna be old and sleep alone An empty house is not a home I don't wanna be old and feel afraid And if I need anything at all I need a place That's hidden in the deep Where lonely angels sing you to your sleep Though all the world is broken I need a place Where I can make my bed A lover's lap where I can lay my head Cos now the room is spinning The day's beginning It felt right, and I hope they liked it.

I wish them happiness with all of my heart. Posted by swisslet at 11 comments: Email This BlogThis! Labels: friendship. Friday, 21 September in a world filled with friends, you lose your way I was going to do an "earworms of the week" slot as usual tonight, and then it dawned on me that if I was being honest, then at least 8 out of the 10 slots would be taken up by Scott Walker Or perhaps not?

Neither are happy songs, but they are both excellent showcases for Walker's voice against a backdrop of lush orchestration. Coincidentally, whilst rootling about YouTube for some Scott Walker stuff, I came across cover versions of both of these songs by a Nottingham based guy called Dragonhead possibly not his real name - someone I first came across a few years ago on StumbleUpon.

They're both really good. He sensibly doesn't try to mimic the voice, but sings the songs in his own style. Check them out: The BridgeBig Louise. The other two songs floating around my head this week?

That's enough of that. I'll stop before I just go ahead and list the other 6 Scott Walker songs. How about some of this? Shuffleathon update. Before I get started on this and make the draw and let everyone know who they have got and all that jazz, I need you all to email me at the address in my profile with the address where you want this thing posted when it's done.

The idea is that they will remain entirely anonymous to you until you receive the CD I'll send them your blog url if you have a blog and your address details. If you really object to international postage and I really hope you don'tthen please mention that as well. We can't start until I have everyone's address! Stupid table coming right up. NAME Address details received? Tina yes 2. Sarah yes 3. Cody Bones yes 4. Mark yes 5. Michael yes 6. Hen yes 7. Cat yes 8.

Pynchon yes J yes The Great Grape Ape yes Ian yes Martin yes Monogodo yes Threelight yes Paul yes Charlie yes LB yes Katyola yes Lisa Graham yes Del yes Spins yes Ben yes Dragon yes Adem Mike yes JoeInVegas yes Wombat yes Max Bob yes Stevious yes Asta yes Alan yes Russ L yes Mike T-D yes JamieS yes Briskate yes Me I think so I may well have some of your addresses kicking about somewhere, but don't assume It'll only take you a sec.

There's also probably just about enough time to still join in Labels: earwormsshuffleathon Thursday, 20 September loneliness is a cloak you wear When C is away, as she has been for the last two days, I tend to fall into a reflective mood. It's not that I sit around the house and mope, it's more that her absence tends to see me break from my normal evening and morning routine.

Because I'm on my own, for some reason I spend a lot less time watching TV and a lot more time just reading and listening to music. I've been meaning to use the time as a way of catching up on some DVDs that I never seem to find the time to watch, and when yesterday's post brought a couple of packages from PlayI finally had a bit of motivation.

I watched Scott Walker: 30 Century Man. Regular readers will know that Scott Walker is a real hero of mine, and I've written about him here many, many times in the past but 'W' is an awfully long way off in the alphabeticon yet, so indulge me. The film is excellent: there are lots of interesting interviews with people like Brian Eno, David Bowie and Jarvis Cocker, but best of all we get an interview with the man himself and we get to see loads and loads of archive footage of him at work, in the Walker Brothers, performing some of his peerless s solo material and of him in the studio recording last year's " The Drift ".

Amongst other things, I learned that Walker first discovered the music of Jacques Brel, the artist who changed him forever, when he picked up a German Bunny on the opening night of the London Playboy Club and she took him back to her house and played him some records.

Most pop stars would presumably be more interested in the Bunny than the music, but Walker sat up all night with her listening to Brel. Well, so he says anyway. I loved it. It was magical and I'd recommend it. As if that wasn't enough, it also came with a free t-shirtso now I am probably the only person in the world with not one, but two Scott Walker t-shirts. What more could a wife ask for when she's away than that her husband stays indoors in darkened rooms and listens to beautiful, heart-rending classics of existentialism and death, all sung in the greatest male baritone ever committed to record?

And the hoovering. And some ironing. And some laundry. Posted by swisslet at 1 comment: Email This BlogThis! Labels: Cmusic. Wednesday, 19 September and all the nobody people, and all the somebody people I was sat at my desk yesterday afternoon when a gopher arrived with some post for my boss that needed to be signed for. As my boss was at his desk, I paid this no mind until he then turned to me and handed me the post.

It was an envelope containing a card signed by the Managing Director and congratulating me on ten years of service. Ten years. Technically speaking, I suppose that I have only actually worked for this company for about half of that time - I formally left when I went to go and work for the joint venture that built the company website in for three pretty happy years at the height on the dot com boom, and then after my return, I was outsourced to a completely separate company for a couple of years in My service, however, has legally been deemed to be continuous.

As far as the company is concerned, I joined them on 15th September and have been working for them ever since. Far from seeing this as cause for congratulation, I find the whole thing a little bit depressing, to be honest. There's no such thing as a job for life. I don't think anybody now seriously thinks that they will remain with one company throughout their working life. The concept of loyal service has been pretty comprehensively exploded, to the advantage of both the worker and the employer.

Shouldn't I be doing something else by now? Something better? Of course, if I have to point fingers, then the icy finger of blame here points squarely at me: I could have left; I could have gone looking for another job somewhere else, perhaps somewhere that would pay me more or get me to the top faster. I haven't done these things, and at the end of the day that's the reason I'm still here. If I'd really wanted to move on, then I would have moved on. Does this mean I love my job?

Does this mean that there are things keeping me here other than my job? Does this mean that my career isn't the most important thing in my life? My office is a ten minute drive from my house on a bad day. I see my wife and I sleep in my own bed almost every night of the week.

Hell, I met my wife here. I work long hours, but mainly because I choose to. The flip side of that is that I often stroll into the office Album) 9am and have a relatively slow start to the morning, and no one really bats an eyelid as I do my work and I more than do my hours and people know this.

I am able to pop out at lunchtimes and go running alongside the river, or leave the office early because I have to pop into town. I can work at home if I want to. I've been here for while and I do a good job. People generally let me get on with it. The bottom line is that although I could earn more money somewhere else, I get paid reasonably well and I get time to do the things that are more important to me than getting on at work. I don't love my job, it's true If you could have said to the 23 year old me in who really thought that he wanted to be Managing Director that this is what I would have become, then I think he would have sneered at you A quick look at the leaflet that comes with this reveals that I can spend this at amongst other places Threshers.

So perhaps it's not all bad news. Venduto e spedito da IBS. Disponibile in 4 gg lavorativi. Altri venditori. Tutti i formati ed edizioni. Promo attive 0. Devendra Banhart. CD Audio. Numero supporti:. XL Recordings. Disco 1 1 Wake up little sparrow. Vai al carrello Vai alla cassa. Note legali. We appreciate the year-round business that everyone in this community and beyond has brought us, year after year.

Stop by on this new holiday and get a little somethin' back. Or you can call it our 2. Hopefully that makes sense. It's a lot easier for us to ring it up that way. Sorry, no bands are playing because there's too much else going on.

See you Saturday!! Now for my rant I was at first too. But it's basically a revamped customer appreciation day where hopefully you the customer appreciates us as well and the fact that you live in or near a town that still has independent record stores.

I personally don't like buy things online, but lots of people do. But it's great to know that you can go to a store and browse and stumble on things you never would have thought of or heard of otherwise.

You don't get too much of that online. We also do everything in our capabilities to sell you records as cheap as we can. This means buying direct whenever possible and searching for deals and unfortunately not bringing some stuff in because big labels like to give chain stores better deals than the little guy.

We don't do sales often because we prefer to make it cheap all of the time. We stock tons of LPs and 7"s because we love the format and when I opened this store the other stores we're still busy trying to kill the format.

I believe in independent music and labels and try to stock as much as I can which means a lot of lesser known indie, punk and metal titles. One of the four main "sabbats," or festivals, of the Celts, it is also the primary pagan progenitor of Halloween. Samhain pronounced "sow-in" is Irish Gaelic for the month of November. Celtic traditions held that on the night of the Feast of Samhain, the barriers between this world and the next become whisper-thin, allowing some of the dead to walk among the living.

Understandably freaked-out villagers would hollow out turnips and make them into little lanterns this tradition was transferred to the pumpkin in America and light massive bonfires to ward off the shades of the underworld. Knowing full well that the church could never eliminate these pagan traditions, the papacy turned to the oldest and most reliable trick in Catholic history: they adapted the indigenous traditions to chrch doctrine.

One other thing: the wearing of costumes was originally intended to trick spirits into thinking the wearer was just another spectre.

Neat, right? Zombie camouflage. For more on Samhain, visit your local library. Not one for fancy book learnin'? Check out the HowStuffWorks entry. Motherfuckin' everything, kid. Unfortunately, our first tag-team moniker, Ebony and Ivory, was found lacking.

Then last night Water May Walk - Devendra Banhart - Niño Rojo (CD the Year of the Band show, Greg suggested that, given our black-and-white-cookie vibe Get it? Ebony and Ivory?? And so the management is proud to present to you Bacardi and Colathe slickest, most profoundly metropolitan pair of DJs in this or any city. Our debut CD, Smooth and Uniquewill be available soon for distibution to promoters, bar owners, cuties, drug dealers, etc. Finally, it's because they were very evil and cool.

The image above was stolen from the ultimate Misfits site, onethirtyeight. The management extends heartfelt prayers to the family of Marc Almond. The Soft Cell frontman was involved in a serious motorcyle accidentand he is currently listed in critical condition. Anyway, it was one of those bad-moon-risin' moments. Nonetheless, I think we're ready for a new Marc Almond.

Better, faster, gayer In other music news, Luna broke up. That's the bad news. The good news is that The Shat is getting great reviews for his new album.

That cover of "Common People" is worth it all by itself. It's like a Shat renaissance these days. His new show, Boston Legal is pretty decent as well. Thanks in part to the insidious bacteria running rampant throughout my mucus membranes, I will miss the CMJ Music Marathon entirely.

Instead, the weekend holds the wondrous promise of NyQuil, Cold-Eeze, and plenty of fluids. See below for a fascinatingly over-simplified cold-vs. Gee, it's starting to look like USA Today around here.

This is just last weekend's insanity coming home to roost. Between the management and the recently-maimed Secretary of Spousal Affairs, our apartment is starting to resemble an Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn novel. We're still going to Misshapeshowever, in celebration of MTC's birthday. Last week was fun, and so it limps on. Tommie Sunshine and one of the guys from Junior Senior are spinning, along with Tankengine's former roommate, so it coulde be very interesting although all that cigarette smoke is gonna burn like acid!

Time to listen to Ween for a bit and then sneak out of the office early and crawl into bed. Have a nice weekend and be sure not to share any cups or crackpipes with me.

The management is proud to endorse Shaun of the Dead as funniest film of the year. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou might sneak in there and steal the crown with that whole coming-out-right-before-Christmas bullshit move, but for now, Shaun is the universal zombie-smashing champion of radness.

Imagine The Office crossed with Dead Alive I've come to realize that zombie movies may be my favorite horror subgenre, especially if you allow semi-zombie classics like Re-AnimatorPrince of DarknessThe Fogand The People Vs. Larry Flint Courtney Love counts. Maybe it's the idea of the entire world, the entire populace, being consumed by this mindless hunger. The rapid and complete breakdown of all human systems. For whatever reason, zombie movies really get under my skin and freak me out.

I even love the band The Zombies! I even love songs about zombies, especially when they're by The Misfits or The Cramps. And don't even get me started about the amazingly dangerous tropical cocktail! The king of the zombies even has a blog!!! One thing that might be cooler than zombies is Japanese girls calmly slapping the shit out of each other via The Black Table. Also cool is impeccable shirt-folding techniquewhich the management considers a valuable skill via Redboy.

Now if only someone would make a movie about a zombie rock band that drinks fruity cocktails while folding shirts and bitchslapping Japanese girls all over the place. Then we could just disband the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and everyone could just put their film equipment away because it would be all over. There would just be nothing left to make movies about in the wake of such cinematic perfection. Posted by Unknown at Okay, that's an overstatement, but in four years as a philosophy major and two years of graduate work in critical theory I can honestly say that I never managed to understand his work.

Jaques Lacan, sure, but not Derrida. I have friends who understood some of his stuff, and they assure me that it's brilliant, if not totally coherent Anyway, he is largely renowned as the godfather of deconstruction. The Times obit gives a decent breakdown of his impact across a range of disciplines. Big ups to a guy so smart no one had any idea what the hell he was talking about.

In this post-structuralist discursive spirit, I have started breaking down my life in search of hidden meanings and motivations. I will spare you the deets. Suffice it to say, after a weekend of utter debauchery and narrow escapes, the management has developed some new policies Album) respect to employee safety and continued profitability: 1. Heavy partying will not be permitted more than two nights in a row. In addition to the health risks involved, mental outlook really starts to deteriorate during that third consecutive hangover.

The subsequent dark thoughts, anxiety, and fear of the outdoors is bad for morale. The two-beers-and-a-shot pre-party prep will no longer be practiced. Especially when alone. Although practiced in the name of "saving money on drinks," no money is actually saved.

The only thing accomplished with these warm-up drills is getting you half in the bag before everyone else. You spend just as much on drinks, and you're the guy everyone remembers the next day as having been "totally wasted. Except when bed-ridden, at least one excursion out of doors is required during daylight hours. Even if it's just to pick up more beer. This will ensure that the walls don't start to close in, reducing you to a quivvering basket case.

Adequate reading material is required for trips to the Emergency Room. Whether you are the patient or the "buddy," you are going to be there for a long time. Also, coins are important. Those vending machines tend not to take dollars.

Life and loved ones will be held more dear. Buses, showers, falling rocks, arteriosclerosis, bullets, overdoses, etc. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow, so get your shit together and act like today is your last.

This does not mean you should run out and go skydiving. In fact, trying to get yourself killed is contrary to the spirit of this dictum. It just means don't take stuff for granted or get in stupid fights about dishes or baseball. Don't even fucking talk about baseball. God I hate that sport. In fact, just use this as your guide in life. Listen carefully and learn some valuable lesons. Let's Dance! Originally uploaded by the management. The Secretary of Spousal Affairs, the center of my world, as it were, is heading to the Catskills for three days of boozing, hard rock, and "meetings" at the Roadrunner Records company convention.

Three days is pretty much the most I can handle without domestic support, but the management is nonetheless looking forward to a bacheloresque whirlwind of liquor, beer, three-hour living-room DJ sets, video games, horror movies, dirty underwear, televised sports esp. The weekend kicks off early with the long-awaited Deva show at the Luna Lounge tonight.

Friday remains a blank slate. Saturday is the do-or-die night for Misshapes. Activity suggestions are much appreciated, as the having of plans will decrease my chances of spending the next three days in my underwear, playing video games and hiding from the daylight. Unless you want to come over A sad farewell to Rodney Dangerfield, by the way. Today, a highlight from Ozzy's Bark at the Moon tour: "We rolled out of the bus under the heat of the noonday sun and went straight to the bar, which was seperated from the swimming pool deck by a glass window.

Ozzy pulled off his pants and stuck a dollar bill in his ass crack, then walked into the bar, offering the dollar to each couple inside. When an elderly lady began to cuss him out, Ozzy grabbed her bag and took off running. He came back to the pool wearing nothing but a little day dress he had found in the bag I handed him a straw and he walked over to a little crack in the sidewalk and bent over it. I saw a long column of ants And as I thought, 'No, he wouldn't,' he did.

He put the straw to his nose and, with his bare white ass peeking out from under the dress like a sliced honeydew, sent the entire line of ants tickling up his nose with a single, monstrous snort.

Once in a great while, a band comes up with an audacious musical Greenskeepers have produced such a song, called "Lotion," with a brilliant video to match.

It downloads the video for "Lotion" or else it gets the hose again. Link via Stereogum. For the first time ever, I am on the Disabled List. After taking a knee in the quadriceps and the tensor fascia lata pictured above during a pickup basketball game and, admittedly, seriously aggravating the injury by subsequently playing in my first league gamelifestyle-threatening gimpitude has set in.

The Doctor is guessing muscular and vascular damage to the area, the result of a serious deep-tissue contusion, has messed up the iliotibial band see aboveleading to pain in both the hip and the knee. Plus, the interior of my thigh is one giant, plum-colored bruise. Rest assured, those pictures will be posted later. I can't play ball, dance, stand for long periods of time, or walk without pain in my thigh, knee, hip, and back.

Sweet, sweet lovemaking, although painful, will not be denied. In the meantime, I've missed another game, and I'll miss tonight's as well. While I doubt there's any connection to my absence, given my overall lack of skill or fitness, the Magic Johnson's are now with Album) six games left to play.

In short, the Injured List sucks donkey cock. In the meantime, fevered work continues on the reopening of MoMA in Manhattan.

Work is a horrible, horrible thing, suitable only for the poor, the stupid, and the deluded. Unfortunately, at least one of the above applies in my case. Now here are the very cool things that keep me going: 1 Interpol's Antics hits stores today.

Of course, it's been on heavy rotation for months, thanks to the glorious internet, but post-production, packaging, and the sheer euphoria of commodity It's so great when freelance checks finally arrive! If nothing else, my desire to consume with such reckless abandon proves that I am a good American. It gave me chills. A video game trailer gave me chills. Sweet Jesus I am exactly the same person I was in high school, only fatter and slightly dumber thanks again, drug and alcohol abuse!

Russ Meyer, beloved pioneer of pulchritudinous nudity and kitten-with-a-whip cinematic belligerence, died at his home on Saturdayaged The utter fucking genius of this man cannot be overstated.

In addition to his abiding love of strong, violent women with great big natural breasts, Meyer brought a sharp wit and a truly liberated sexual vision to his films of which he made some 28 in total. Career highlights include the cult classics Faster Pussycat, Kill! Although his work is celebrated by both the film-critic and cult-film communities today, Meyer was vilified as a smut merchant for most of his carreer. He eventually slowed his cinematic productivity when the exploitation pictures were devoured by the hardcore porn and VCR booms of the late s.

Instead, he turned his attention to his rather accomplished photography Well now he's up where he belongs, floating on a billowy cloud of titties with a cocktail in his free hand. We salute you, sir, and your tireless work for the advancement of funny, lusty art.

Does just looking at The Carpenters make you want to yell, "fuck! Just me? I love The Carpenters and truly believe that Karen's was one of the greatest voices of the s, but their wholesome little faces make me wanna Hulk out and act like Jello Biafra.

Maybe it's just a knee-jerk reaction to how fucking good they are. Anyway, no idea where this is going. I just found this picture of them and felt compelled to bring them up. In fact, for an unexpected musical perspective on the Wonder Bread dynamic duo, check out the If I Were a Carpenter tribute album.

The Sonic Youth cover of "Superstar" is as they say in tired Boston satire wikkid retaahdid good. The Chicago Bears not only pulled out a win yesterday, they did it against hated midwestern rivals the Green Bay Packers. I love the Bears despite the fact that they have sucked steadily since I even love the "Super Bowl Shuffle.

Halloween isn't that far away, apple pie starts showing up on windowsills, and domestic violence reaches its frenzied peak. Despite earlier promises that all the Misshapes boostering was coming to an end, the New York Times article was too good to ignore.

In addition to being the most dreadfully behind-the-times publication imaginable Remember when they "discovered" the iPod's shuffle function? That being said, I hasten to add that all this "over" stuff is both premature and foolhardy.

I mean, it's not over until it's not fun anymore. As it was still a blast last time I went, it's still so hott right now. Remember when Electroclash was pronounced DOA about 15 minutes after it got started? Well the good part of that trend the music got totally fucked but the fashion is still going strong.

Let's stop right here. This paragraph just got really boring all of a sudden. In the words of Digital Underground, "Doowutchyalike. Tuesday, December 21, Listamia! So with drawing to a close, the whole country's got a fever for Album) listmakin'. According to the fourth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Water May Walk - Devendra Banhart - Niño Rojo (CD, excessive list making is a common compulsion associated with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

The excellent Stylus has done albums and singles. The NME list and several others are available at the Rocklist site.

Stereogum posted the really embarassing entries in Rolling Stone 's top 50 albums list. Jimmy Buffett is represented. I shit you not. Be prepared to throw up in your mouth a little. Finally, Bitchfo Pitchfork has posted their reissues and singles. Albums go up tomorrow. In the spirit of year-end stock-taking, the management would like to take a moment to consider notable moments in the cinema of

Startplatz - Tagtraum - Wir Gehen Um Zu Bleiben (CD), Feeding On Living Blood - Perc3ption - Reason And Faith (CD, Album), Earthquake Landslide Hurricane - Paul Nicholas - Paul Nicholas (Vinyl, LP, Album), Chapter 2 Sections 1-3 - H.G. Wells - The World Set Free (Version 2) (File, MP3), Whipe That Pussy - Various - The Compilation - Part 1 (CD), Bear Song (Alternate) - German Oak - Down In The Bunker (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP, LP, Album), Ophelia - The Band - Northern Lights - Southern Cross (Vinyl, LP, Album), Industrial Introduction - Throbbing Gristle - The Second Annual Report (Vinyl, LP, Album), Recluse - Unbroken - Life. Love. Regret. (Vinyl, LP, Album), Oh Lord My God - Bruce Anderson (3) - Dialogue (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mariano S - Mitic (CD)